Monday, June 29, 2009


We finally have a man taking a conservative stand
we can count on to send a message across our land

You too can find him on your TV on FoxNews you see
Fighting for our country, freedoms and our liberties

Giving Liberals a bit of unrest as he puts them to the test
Raised flags of lies deceit which we on Twitter reTweet

O’Reilly Limbaugh give it a go but we the people know
When it’s truth in reporting our man does no distorting

Our President doesn’t like to see this type of transparency
Obama flinches on his every word trying to say it’s absurd

If it’s Pelosi, Reid or Frank he’ll find whose chain they yank
If ACORN, an amendment or Bill they know he will tell

Amid all our conservative glee he puts it there for all to see
He’s truly more than a letter cause we know BECK is Better!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rose in our family garden, our Aunt Winnie

In tribute to our Aunt Winnie on her 90th birthday, we love, adore & salute this wonderful lady.
The Rose of Our Garden

One lady who stands out in our family
Is adored, beloved and sweet as can be
3 wonderful children she raised happily
the family calls Tex, Spike and Dixie
More than just a gift to our family tree
Our “yellow rose of Texas” for all to see

She came by marriage to our Uncle Claud
For that and much more we all applaud
The joining of hands this wonderful man
brought a lovely lady into the McIver clan

Together they lived traveled near and far
An Air Force pilot with a wife like a star
A twinkle in the eye of our Uncle she be
As she raised 3 children so wonderfully

In celebration each of us in our own way
felt such love and joy on her 90th birthday
Family, friends, cousins, nephews, nieces
sharing stories, memories in parts n' pieces
the life of a lady with a rose in her beauty
A Rose in our Garden we call Aunt Winnie!

With Love, Hug and a Kiss on the Cheek
Life is so much better each time we Meet!

Your nephews
Sonny, Mike, Jimmy

Monday, June 15, 2009

Laws of nature Laws of Man

Throughout the existence of mankind there have been certain laws/behaviors that people have lived by and within the boundaries of common decency, understanding