Thursday, October 20, 2011


These are what I call CowboyLogic or expressions of what’s in my heart that my nimble single digit IQ appreciates so Saddle up and Let’s Ride!
Ya don't have to forget where ya came from unless it makes ya forget where yo're going!
Yo’re gittyup is only as good as yo’re gitalong!
If ya can’t smell the roses, j’est means ya ain’t got past the thorns!
A good memory is one difference tween a straight shooter and a liar, a liar best have one!
If ya live life in the fast lane ya best not look back!
The truth in yo’re life is in how folks remember ya!
God blessed everyone with a gift, what ya gain is in how ya give it!
A plane gotta have the right attitude to achieve lift and so do folks!
Experience is when ya get what ya weren’t after!
Being naked must mean yo’re honestly open minded!
The best things in life ain’t free, j’est freely given!
When a true friend kicks ya in the behind it’s to give ya a lift!
Politicians are sorta like cattle thieves, they'll put a brand on some'n they don't own!
It's ok to chew on some'n, long as ya know what to spit out & what to swallow!
A simple thought is better than a confused mind!
Pain’s a condition of mind over matter, if ya don’t mind it don’t matter!
Any word is only as good as ya understand it!
If ya gotta think too long and hard on some’n ya might as well sleep on it, not in it!
Sometimes a good morn’n can start with a good moan’n!
A lotta folks seem to think a good pastime is past the time to be good!
Drink or eat anything say’n Diet, first 3 letters says all ya need to know!
Any fella ride’n a northbound mule and look’n south must be a politican!
Our national debt has more Zeros than the Japanese had planes, tells us some'n!
For better or worse in marriage vows must refer to yo’re new in-laws!
A lotta marriages are a beeHave of honey do’s and honey don’ts!
Some women like to pillow talk j’est to keep ya from snore’n!
I wear boots cause of those that tell ya to walk a mile in their shoes!
Ya get a lot more outta life look'n up than look'n back!
Ya can’t make a thoroughbred out of a mule any more than ya can a jackass!
If ya gotta horse around make shor ya got enuff rope!
Most times a good saddle makes for a better ride!
If everybody felt the same thing there’d be only 1 size bed!
Women have a better sense of smell than men, Thank the good Lord!
If ya gotta cuss to make a point odds are most will miss it!
Even a good horse knows body language says some'n!

If ya can't take some'n in stride best not try to straddle or saddle it!
Never look past yo’re nose if ya ain’t got any scents!

Never let a politician know anything has a backdoor!
Reck’n we’ve had more Commander-in-Thiefs than Chiefs!

These days senseless are politicians run’n for orifices, it’s those in’em makes ya wonder who or what is drive’n their nuts!
Difference in a handout and a handful, one ya kindly give someone the other yo’re try’n to!
Folks learn more than a dozen lessons in life, remember’n a handful puts’em ahead of most!

Michael Martin Murphy sorta put a lot in his song and I j'est sorta ride along and Keep'em Come'n!