Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year or is IT?

Happy New Year
Or is IT?
As we say goodbye to 2010, most are happy it’s come to an end
The Congress was worse than ever, sorry Bills their endeavor
The national debt still roaring, actually it’s more like soaring
The Tea Party really came to life, amid all the anger and strife
Obama, Pelosi and Reid, spending our money at record speed
China on top of world domination, to most that’s Obamanation
Silver, copper, platinum, gold, folks desire’n to have and hold
Conspiracy theories are a target, seems gov’t is the real culprit
Corruption, power and greed, New World Order planted the seed
Constitution look’n like a ghost, folks hope’n it’s not soon toast
Unemployment is higher than a kite, not much future in sight
No jobs, no future, no money, what was steak looks like baloney
Some are thinking the only solution just might be a revolution
In so many ways sorta sad, once a great nation can turn so bad
Guns and ammo the call of the day, locked and loaded as we say
So as we say hello to 2011, most are praying to God in heaven
Some thought vote’n would change the face of a gov’t in disgrace
All it did is speed up the will of those nuts sit’n on top Capitol hill
What’s the answer to all this mess, America being put to the test
How so few control lives of many, fat & happy get’n darn skinny
Texas with a governor FedUP, most us wonder’n where he’ll flop
Other States are so broke, look’n like bicycles without any spokes
Far too much wheel’n and deal’n, most of it is nothing but steal’n
What are we gonna tell our chile’n, if we all sit back and be will’n
allowing our great nation to die, eat’n the last of Mom’s apple pie
We need folks with true grit, who’ll give gov’t a eye full of spit
Say enough is enough, best stop now or we’re gonna show ya how
The spirit we hold dear is alive & free, we don’t give up our liberty
Men fought and died defend’n our flag, a lesson to any scalliwag
To those fine folks in our military, you too must be awful weary
of a Commander’n’Chief with no love of our Nation in his belief
one thing is very clear, United We Stand can mean a good YEAR!

Monday, December 27, 2010

When Truth Remains Unacceptable!

Most of us, as Americans who truly are concerned about the state of our country, have heard and seen in any number of ways by and thru people with no reason or motive to lie in regard to events so catastrophic, evil and corrupt we simply cannot accept them as truth.  To do so is hitting at the very heart and soul of what we want to believe, know and feel in being an American.  Everything so many have fought, died and sacrificed to preserve makes it not only unacceptable but down right ludicrous for us to fathom the nation we love can be guided by such evil men and women in such a manner as to hide or keep us from acting or pretending we aren't that nation.  The truth is we are that nation of people being led by a misguided missle of power, greed, devastation, evil and corruption in, by and thru the hands of a few we just cannot believe or ever accept would or could ever be or do such harm to its citizens.

I have appealed and stated so many times we must WAKE UP TO TRUTH, ACCEPT IT and WHEN WE EVER DO WE WILL BE WHAT WE ARE with all the good common decency of our FOUNDING FATHERS.  Therefore, once again, I ask you to view this video, open your mind and your heart to the reality of TRUTH and albeit it's somewhat lengthy please take the time to listen to it in its entirety as it may well be soon when you will no longer just hear it, YOU WILL BE COMPLACENT and COMPLICIT in LIVING and ALLOWING IT to continue!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Passing like stars in the night, some dim, some bright
feel’n your warm caress, kiss’n my soul in tender bliss
no promises in our heart, yet knowing we’ll never part
feel’n the heavens in our love, sent to us from up above
alive, rare without care, adrift in the love, joy we share
words of love on our lips, the soft touch of our fingertips

Some you love, feel their passion, energy and strength
An endless uplifting wave, no time, no space, no length
wild, free, hot, out of control, limbs a raging forest of fire
heat of passion caught up in the moment, endless desire

You’ll never ever be alone, hearts engaged in love’n waves
love and life, feel’n, care’n, share’n, unconditional always
No chains, no barriers, no limits, no boundaries to behold
faint hearted attempts to surround our mind, body or soul

These are the moments we always remember and cherish
A burning ember of love always glowing, never to perish
dawning of a new day brings another sunrise in our smile
each moment a stride we take in making it all worthwhile

Monday, December 13, 2010


It is a fact, the planet we live on as earth is becoming overpopulated, abused, used and the invaluable resources to sustain human life are slowly but surely diminishing. From the water to our food supply, energy sources for electricity, power to sustain all the needs of so many on our planet who have enjoyed the luxuries of living, not just surviving. Throughout the course of history, many cultures/societies have flourished as nations and its citizens simply watched as their world crumbled around them. Some fought, died to preserve their heritage, their way of life just as the American Indians did when our forefathers came to America. Those who preferred to control and use them in time were successful and it was motivated, directed and orchestrated by men and women who desired power and greed over any real concern for the people. The unfortunate fact is simply, any mass of humanity is only as capable as those who lead it. From the greatest minds to the lowest laborer, they are only as good in doing their part as those who lead them in doing theirs. That’s the real Truth! Good, honest, effective, efficient, purposeful and meaningful leadership is, without question, the most invaluable and priceless commodity on our planet. However, the forces of evil never really want or will allow any forces for good unless such forces are a tool to their own selfish desire, goal or agenda. So the ultimate question remains in where, how and who can anyone trust worthy of leadership and not give in to the beast of power, greed and corruption? Then the next question, can they really lead us against all the forces of evil? Each of you in some form, manner or fashion are hoping, wishing or praying that someone(a true, committed and capable leader) exists on this planet and preferably as a citizen of our blessed country we call the United States of America.

Therefore folks, what is the real TRUTH today? Can any entity truly pay off a debt so large it’s total Gross National Product is far lower than any feasible economic change or recovery to even sustain much less pay off? The Outstanding Public Debt as of 13 Dec 2010 at 04:26:07 PM GMT is: $13,862,105,648,505.25! The estimated population of the United States is 309,652,886
so each citizen's share of this debt is $44,766.60.

One considered as a respected economic mind sent an alarm signal regarding this in the following:
Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said he's not "overly concerned" about the recent weakness in the U.S. dollar, Bloomberg News reported Greenspan is concerned about the long-term costs to the United States associated with its rising national debt.
"There are equations in which certain relationships become progressively explosive," such as if a spiral starts in which increasing interest payments increase the deficit and debt, leading to another increase in interest payments, and so on, the Bloomberg News reported as a Fiscal Analysis: Policy makers in Washington should heed Greenspan's words. Even with recent weakness, the dollar has basically returned to its level before the financial crisis; moreover, the dollar's value is partially a function of the large U.S. budget deficit and national debt. On the latter, presently, interest rates are relatively low, with the United States still benefiting from a flight-to-safety into U.S. Treasuries, which has lowered long-term interest rates below what they would have been in normal times (the rate the U.S. government pays on its bonds is certainly lower than the rate lenders would charge other nations, if they had a similar per capita national debt).  However, the period of relatively low interest rates will not last forever. As the global recovery accelerates, institutional investors will rotate out of safe Treasuries and into higher risk/higher return investments, and long-term interest rates will likely rise -- increasing the U.S.'s borrowing costs. The specter of rising rates is one major reason why, after a deficit-cutting health care reform package is passed, Congress must turn its attention to cutting the budget deficit -- including further spending cuts and a tax increase. If Congress acts courageously, the budget can be balanced by fiscal year 2016, assuming a normal GDP growth rate in the U.S."

So the key words in what Greenspan and others are saying is in the statement "assuming a normal GDP growth rate in the U.S." as to what’s considered normal in our current U.S. government and economy.  If anything in the world today is remotely resembling normal then you can toss this into the trash can of garbage overload.  Also, you can only tax so much and even then you have to discount who is actually paying taxes against how many are receiving and benefiting from the taxes being paid.  An estimated 40% of Americans don't pay any “income tax” but do pay in other ways such as sales, fees for services, etc.

Now who is really benefiting in all this maze of mass destruction thru greed, power and corruption, it's who some call or refer to as the “elite”.  These perpetrators of propaganda with a self and close association for their own interests and what does TRUTH really mean to them except in how it’s directly effecting you and yours unless you’re fortunate to be included in the list.

A good place to look since so many of you are probably saying, No Way, not the Bushes, can’t be, they are so conservative, caring, loving, warm, friendly and every bit a Patriot.  So why South America?  Is it coincidence or interesting since that’s exactly where so many went as Nazi’s during the days of Hitler’s regime.  So as you peruse the links at the end of this, just ask yourself can this really be happening?  I happen to know it is!
Wait, didn’t even “60 Minutes” do a segment on the Brazilian economy yesterday, Dec. 12, 2010 and in it mention many economists now feel Brazil, Russia, India and China will dominate the world economy? *mm* I recall something about a so called “BRIC” agreement in the last link.  Can all of these people, companies, organizations be a part of something so bizarre?

I can literally go on and on with connection after connection from China, Russia, India, Brazil and so many names of people prominent in our government in some way who have helped shape the mess we are in as Americans. From Presidents to Senators, Congressmen/women, Heads of Departments from Judicial to Legislative, Military to Treasury, Ambassadors to Cabinet members, all complicit in undermining our Nation, our Constitution to destroy the “spirit” of and within every God loving, caring and concerned citizen of what was the greatest country ever known to give each of us real Freedom in being an American. So what is real TRUTH? Do you truly believe it’s Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee or someone more involved on the national front of and in the Federal government?

I submit to you, if there is such a person, it’s far more likely to be someone much closer to you in terms of government. Someone that respects our Constitution, knows it, follows it, lives by it and the laws of God. That someone can’t just use it as rhetoric, politically motivated to be as engaging as possible in pursuit of being in the good graces of some political party. I think most folks have had their fill of politicians that look good, sound good but don’t take the actions necessary to back up their words. We have one in our Governor Perry who’s now running around selling his book, FedUP! He’s like a Sarah Palin and more than a few others doing what they can to capitalize on their fame to make some form of fortune. Now I don’t ever fault anyone for making an honest living but in this day and age what or who’s honest any more? That is especially true in those in the public eye.  If Governor Perry and all the rest of our so called Texas politicians really wanted to kick butt when it comes to the Federal government, they’d be hard pressed not to recognize we have a lot more options than they have stated but it’s high time to stop talking and move on’em. I’ve elaborated on my opinions before on here so I’ll refrain from any further reference thereto except I believe we are still the Republic of Texas just as our forefathers left it to us. The key word is REPUBLIC too, not democracy or some other form or attempt to make folks feel they actually have a say in government. I know the Bushes aren’t Texans, they are about as Texan as Adolph Hitler..PERIOD! At least, Perry, Dewhurst, Abbot are Texans so it’s about time to shape up and let’s get busy in whatever manner to tell the Federal government to shove it up their own orifice and get busy with all we are blessed by the good Lord with as Texans, Texians and true Patriotic Americans!  That is, of course, if they aren't also under the puppet strings of the "Elite".

All you good folks in whatever State you’re in are more than welcome to tell your electorate to call ours and say OK, now let’s grab the ball and run with it so we can really do something for all these folks we say we represent! Then join hands in a real reformation for a government of, for and by “we the people”. I’ve said it in every conceivable way my small brain of human understanding can possibly put it and that’s the REAL TRUTH!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Poetic Pause!

Heavenly Life
I am a man, this I be, sometimes lost, sometimes free
Life isn’t living without a care, is it not why we share
Like others, I have limits, don’t always count the minutes
wasting time sometimes in vain yet it helps keep me sane
Looking back is to no avail, that is for a wishing well
But memories of those I love fill my senses for God above
Age is a process I have come to know, the reason why I grow
To many I should have regrets but isn’t life the way to test
Why love unconditional is rare but best if I just say I’m blessed
Now I sit in the twilight of my years, no doubt, no fears
Knowing God above will look upon all I’ve reaped and sewn
As if he touches my soul saying words of praise for my days
On earth will be done when he says to me, my Son
Come now with me and you will find eternal peace of mind
A soul will never weary be as long as he takes a path with me
Your life led you to many trails just as I don’t count the nails
Pain isn’t because life is easy tho at times you act so breezy
Others might see what’s inside but from me you can’t hide
feelings you have with love come from me for do you not see
The boy in you is the man in me so live my Son and you will be
Never lost, always free, heart and soul a part of ME
Never to die but lie in my arms high in love of heaven above

Monday, December 6, 2010

Conspiracies, fact or fiction!

Conspiracies, fact or fiction
I know most of you have at some point in time seen or heard any number of conspiracy type theories. So before I start any elaboration as to the basis or truth within some of these, I'm only going to relate what I've known and seen first hand, upclose and personal.

It started with my introduction to a gentleman many would certainly regard as well informed, knowledgeable and held office in some of the most powerful seats of government. He was a former United States Secretary of the Navy and Secretary of the Treasury under Dwight D. Eisenhower. He had many friends and associates thruout the world. His name was Robert B. Anderson. You can read about him at this link .   so I don't have to elaborate on his personal accomplishments or what is known publicly.  As you read further I believe you will also have a better understanding and appreciation for the power and force of certain people in their control of our government.
What I do want to tell you and anyone with an open mind is Mr. Anderson was a true patriot. He loved this country, served it with honor and distinction. Also, his career did come to a sad ending but it's not as it appears or is perceived in the public archives. I met Mr. Anderson thru an introduction by a business associate of mine named Jim Shuler. Shuler and I had various dealings in the oil & gas industry and we shared offices in Houston although his home was in San Francisco. On a trip Shuler and I made to New York City in the late 70's, I first met Mr. Anderson in his New York office. Being we were both Texans we immediately enjoyed some discussion related to some other well known Texans and others in both business and politics in which we had personal experiences. Suffice it to say, we struck up a very good friendship. Subsequent to that first meeting, we had numerous phone conversations for a number of years and I saw him 2 more times in New York and once in Geneva, Switzerland where he was chairing a very private and unpublicized meeting of the top world bankers to address a need to help the South American countries avoid defaulting on World Bank loans. As a result, and in some ways to show you how respected his opinions were on the stage of world economies, currencies and how intertwined they were for the psychological thread of value in perception, within days immediately following this meeting these countries did in fact receive what they needed to thwart an economic and currency collapse in their respective countries.

During the course of knowing Mr. Anderson I was also invited by Shuler to spend a few days as a guest at the Bohemian Grove north of San Francisco on the Russian River situated among the most beautiful setting of redwoods you would ever behold. I've never encountered a place where so many powerful and influential men gathered as the few days I spent in this highly elite compound. The list of members is far too long to detail but suffice it to say, it was not only U.S. Presidents, both past and future, but almost every major CEO of large corporations in our country and a few from other parts of the world. There were also well known entertainers, Hollywood actors, singers, songwriters, playwrights, producers and directors. There were no reporters and it was actually very entertaining in making acquaintances, sharing stories along with playing dominoes with a number of the members and other guests at the encampment where I stayed called Edgewood. I did not see any rituals or other forms of activities I've heard of since so I can't comment on any of that with any degree of first hand knowledge. I never joined the Bohemian Club and not because it wasn't somewhat tempting but simply because I've never been one to join clubs or organizations similar in structure.

The last time I was with Mr. Anderson he called me and asked if I had time to meet him and he would fly into Houston if I could pick him up at the airport. I said I'd be happy to and asked how long he would be staying and if he needed any accomodations which I'd be happy to arrange. He said no, I merely want to spend some time with you and then proceeded to say he'd call me back when he confirmed the airline, flight number and time of his arrival. When Mr. Anderson called back with his flight information, he said he had about 5 hours before he had to fly back to New York and I asked him if it was ok with him if we went to meet a local bank president who was a friend of my brother and I and it would take us about an hour to get there so we could talk as we went. He said that's fine and I'd be happy to meet him.

Subsequently I picked him up at the airport and noticed he looked very tired, almost to the point of fatique, so I did inquire as to his health and he said he was a bit tired but he wanted to make me aware of something he felt I needed to know and had a request of me which he would greatly appreciate my help and not something he had wanted to discuss by phone. He then proceeded to tell me about this group of very powerful men and women who met periodically to discuss and make decisions in regard to the future of every soul on this planet. He said basically the following:

I originally became a part of this group when I was Secretary of Treasury and introduced to what they presented as a plan that would become a new world order wherein there would be no more wars, famines, illegal drug traffickers and people would live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives. It would be as close to eutopia as the world could ever be. As I learned more and became aware that much in what was being planned would in fact require agendas to reduce the number of people so others could live and enjoy their time on earth is when I began to realize these people were forces for evil in the manner they would conduct or orchestrate these acts. It was less about the good for mankind than the perpetuation of the elite and controlling the lives of those who would labor under the guise and direction of one world government. As I began to look more closely into past events it became abundantly clear this group would go to any end or means to achieve their goal. Then he paused, asked did I understand and grasp the gravity in what he had said? I simply said in some ways, yes and in some ways I have visions of Hitler and Mien Kampf in the sense of an arien race where everyone has their place yet it is without the individual freedoms and liberties we believe in as Americans. He said, exactly and that is why I gave them notice two weeks ago I no longer wanted to be a part of it.

At this point he said, I only had what money was in my pocket when I called you yesterday and asked you to meet me. Within a week of giving them notice, my bank accounts and assets have been frozen and I feel this is only the beginning. It is also why I need a favor from you and I want you to know that I may not ever be able to repay it. Something is up, I know there will be no way to dispute it if it is to discredit me and they are certainly capable of doing just that. I asked him why he felt this and he said it's the nature of the beast and the beast is far more powerful than any one man. I then asked what do you need that I can help and he said I need $10,000 as I have literally no money and spent most of what I had for the plane ticket to come see you and get back to New York. I said, you sure that's all you need, and he said yes because of two reasons. First, I can't repay you or at least I'm very sure it will be difficult to do so I only want what I need for a few things and nothing more. Also, should anyone ever question you it's a loan but hopefully since it's cash that won't happen and unless you have it on you, you are required to fill out a form to get any amount of cash from your bank that exceeds $9,999. I told him I understood and had no problem in helping him as any friend would help another.

We met my brother and the local banker and I complied with his request while they visited as it was the first time my brother had actually met him. After about 30 minutes, we left and as I was driving him back to the airport we stopped and grabbed a bite to eat. He seemed a bit more relaxed but one thing I never saw him do once in the times I was with him was drink anything alcholic. I'm not sure if that's because I don't drink or what but I didn't learn till later and that was in reading it, he had an alcohol problem. When we finished eating and we were back on the road he then said, I don't know what is really in store for me in terms of how I'm being attacked except what has been done to financially disable me but I want you to know I have never acted in any manner that would discredit my country, my family, my friends or anyone I've associated with in and during my political and business career. I was watching, listening to this man, sensing his pain, anguish but no sense of anger. We arrived at the airport with more than sufficient time for him to check in so I parked and walked in with him. In the last words and time I saw him he said, there are few people you can really trust and I want to thank you as a friend and in ways I've put a burden on your shoulders but I know you can and will handle it in the best interest of our country. I told him it has always been an honor to be his friend and a friend I'll always be so rest assured whatever happens I appreciate your trust and confidence. We shook hands and then I hugged him and as he walked away I was saying a prayer that God help him too.

A few months later 2 FBI men showed up at my office in Houston and they questioned me about Mr. Anderson. In the course of it they asked, had I ever received or given any money to him? I asked why they were even asking the question and they said we can't discuss the reasons but it would be helpful for you to answer the question. I told them, yes I had loaned Mr. Anderson some money in the last month or so when he flew down to visit with me and no I had never received any money from him. They asked the nature of the loan and the amount. I said it was simply he needed it, I had it to loan him and it was $10,000. They asked have you ever done any business with Mr. Anderson related to any foreign or domestic bank transactions? I said no, other than the loan to him and that wasn't business, that was as a friend with no strings attached. That ended that discussion, they thanked me and left. I tried to call Mr. Anderson but all of his phone numbers I had were no longer working. It was some time later I learned and read he had been indicted for some foreign banking operation which involved drug laundering and some other forms of embezzlement.

I knew the man, there's no way he would act in that manner regardless of who said it. This is when I first really started to understand all he had wanted to tell me. Since that time I have watched as so many events have transpired and as I learned much in what possibilities and probabilities were evidence of other forms of conspiracy within governments, both foreign and domestic. Today as I watch others like Jesse Ventura, Glenn Beck doing all they can in their own way to open the minds of so many Americans who doubt or refuse to accept there are very evil and corrupt forces working in and thru the shadow of governments and those who govern. For these reasons I want to try and clear the record for my friend, Bob Anderson, and in so doing let those who truly love, honor, respect and hold dear the very foundation of our individual freedom and liberty to realize the only fear is fear itself and that's not a fear that I'll ever give into regardless of the power of those who want you to accept or believe it.

Therefore as you listen to Jesse Ventura in his show and others on conspiracies, keep an open mind. If a man like Mr. Anderson can be ruined and discredited, is it not just as understandable events that led up to the death of JFK and others are any less despicable and ruthless in the manner of how, what and why these evil forces are more dangerous than anything on this earth?  We are a nation led thru our consent to being governed and the day when we no longer allow or consent to being governed is the day our nation will arise and begin to restore the real values as outlined in our Constitution but it will take the majority of Americans to make it happen.  That majority simply has to say and act to those that are governing us, we will not pay or consent to any governance henceforth until all have effectively resigned and we no longer need a 2 party system to make it function properly and within the framework of our founding fathers.  No law enforcement or military action under the control and influence of Washington, D.C. can thwart a resolution of even 50 million citizens much less the entire Nation.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FREEDOM RINGS only when we answer the BELL!

What can I, and others, possibly do that we haven't already tried to WAKE UP AMERICANS?  FAR TOO MANY, who are real patriots, love this country, believe within every ounce of their being WANT TO do whatever we can to TAKE IT BACK, still CANNOT ACCEPT OUR GOVERNMENT IS KILLING US.  Those in government aren't the answer, WE ARE THE ANSWER!  The answer is as simple as it is complex in the fears, doubts and sacrifice it will take each of us to do TO STOP GOVERNMENT in its tracks,  STOP FEEDING IT!  All it takes is YOU and there are over 50 MILLION YOUs in our US as a Nation who are sick, tired and FED UP WITH what we know, see in and as GOVERNMENT!


Now, many feel if you stop paying taxes, complying with all the rules whether it's a drivers license, social security, medicare/medicaid or any other form of government dependence and mandate, they will eat you alive.  Of course they will if they can but can they really eat over 25 MILLION PEOPLE if all did just that..NO WAY!  Sure your employer deducts this from your paycheck but what if every employee said to whoever employs you..STOP OR WE QUIT!  Do you honestly believe they can just up and do that?  What's more important is the larger or bigger the company, the harder it is for them to do that!

FOLKS, PEOPLE ARE POWER and DON'T YOU FORGET IT!  There's no way any company, government, organization, group or anything else can function without PEOPLE!  As soon as they get that message LOUD and CLEAR then real CHANGE will follow!

Tell your bosses, your neighbors, your friends, your children, yourself and ask can I do this, can we do this without any doubt, fear or compromise even in the face of every conceivable way they may attempt to fight it?  That's why it may take some real sacrifice in the time it takes for these corrupt, evil, power hungry people as politicians, heads of corporations, seats in government to realize they can't do anything without YOU!  DO NOT LEAVE IT UP TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVES IN GOVERNMENT, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM, YOU ARE THE SOLUTION!!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Life, Death and Expectations

This is an exerpt in a book I wrote called "Hi" and on this day of November 14, 1974 my son Whitney passed away.  His spirit will always live within all of us he touched in his young, short life on earth.

HEART and Love
Is it love or expectation?
How many times in life have we FELT or seen someone who is in LOVE? We all want LOVE, to love someone, be loved, share love. Love is the strongest of human desire Our HEART wants LOVE just as our body needs food, water to grow. In LOVE, we find passion, meaning, purpose, fulfillment, joy and happiness in our life. We search for love because we know and FEEL in our HEART, we have to find it. Since we are human, this search for love is as interesting and perplexing as it is rewarding, fulfilling, even painful. More songs, books, stories are written and sung about LOVE than any other subject on earth.

As children, love in our heart is pure, unconditional, no parameters, no right or wrong, just LOVE. Each of us can remember the feelings we had in our heart as kids. The joy and happiness we felt each moment was new, fresh. If you don’t remember just look at a child, feel their heart, watch them see, touch, hear, enjoy everything and everyone. Their senses and awareness opens our eyes to so much we take for granted as adults. Children trust their parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, teachers, coaches, even other children and adults at time when they are very vulnerable. They are developing in MIND, BODY and HEART. During this period in our life is when we begin to form PERCEPTION. Just as our MIND develops logic, reason, our HEART is feeling, sensing what is around us. A child feels happiness, love, joy, sadness, and pain with an insatiable appetite to learn. What, how and who influences us as a child becomes our PERCEPTION. This growth in perception affects how we FEEL LOVE. As our MIND learns words, this ability opens our HEART and FEELINGS to ideas, expressions, concepts, which become our perception. We are learning and developing our MIND, however our FEELINGS of LOVE are through the perception of others. This process in learning, growing, sensing, feeling, even thinking is the basis and foundation for our EXPECTATIONS. We now have EXPECTATIONS. Our EXPECTATIONS can take as many forms as our PERCEPTION. As we PERCEIVE we EXPECT. Our EXPECTATION of others develops through our PERCEPTION. This gives individuality, uniqueness to each of us. How we PERCEIVE and what we EXPECT can be as different in YOU as it is the same in another. The old adage “walk a mile in my shoes” can never be true because we all have our individual and unique PERCEPTION and EXPECTATION.

At the age of 32, I lost a son. He became ill very quickly, unexpectedly and I, as usual, was not at home. However, even though he was almost reaching the age of 3, we spent a lot of time together. I would take him with me nearly everywhere I would go when I was home. This sweet, loving, warm, caring young child was such a joy, happiness in my life. Through his eyes I saw so much that I had forgotten to notice or feel. He put me back in touch with so much each moment we shared seemed to enrich and fill me with love for all around me. This child was beautiful in every sense of the word. I would take him to business meetings, the golf course, getting our haircut, all the things we do daily in our lives, and often we would just drive around. We would stop to watch ducks in a pond, he would see a cloud float by and make me stop and look, notice other children playing in a park or at a mall and we would stop so he could play and join in the fun. He would take my hand, tug on it, say come on Daddy spin this or push me higher in a swing and I would. Regardless of where we went, he always had this raggedy ole blanket with him. He carried his “blankie” everywhere, dragging it along in his little hand, occasionally it would slip and he would reach down and grab it before he took another step. He slept with it, ate with it, chewed on it, tossed it, stepped on it, I mean that “blankie” was a mess! A couple of times I saw him let another child touch it, not hold it, just touch it. If they tried to take it he would hold it tighter than ever, nobody was gonna take his “blankie”. He wouldn’t even let his Mom or the maid wash it. Nope, that was his. I had a daughter who at the time of his death was at the age of 6, just 3 days prior to her 7th birthday. My daughter was precious in a precocious sort of way. She still is too. She went with us sometimes, but not often, she preferred to be and do Mommy things. She wore Mommy’s makeup, shoes, and dresses, the things little girls love to do as kids to look like adults or their Mom. My son and I did the man things or what I perceived as such. We played ball, hit golf balls, wrestled, drove fast up and down hills that made our stomach and head almost queasy. We did all the stuff women and more specifically Mom’s hate to know about. We’d spit, go wee-wee wherever the urge hit us. Yep, we were kids my son and I, just as happy as we could be enjoying our moments, sharing our love, a boy and a Dad filled with pride and love. Then I received a call very early in the morning at the ranch, where I was at the time, from a close family friend. He said my son was in the hospital and I needed to get there as quickly as possible. I asked him what happened. He said my son was in a coma, something that occurred during the night and the doctors were not sure of the cause. A deep sinking feeling came over me and I said Lord I ask you, please don’t let this happen, allow my son to live. Immediately I got on the phone to catch a plane as quickly as possible. I called my friend back and asked him if someone could meet me at the airport. I asked him to please stay very close to my wife and make sure my daughter is in good hands and told him it was her birthday in a couple of days so tell her I’m on my way. As I traveled to be with those I loved my feelings, emotions, thoughts ranged from a deep pain to protecting and making sure my daughter, wife and son were all going to be ok. Somehow, someway, I would get God to understand this just isn’t the time for him to take my son from this earth. I prayed, looked up toward the heavens, told God you have kept me on this earth and I know you, know your power, know your strength, know your love, so please, please help me, help us, make my son well, I ask you in the name of your son, amen. When I arrived, my friend met me and as we drove to the hospital, my friend had difficulty in saying anything. He had hugged me as we met. I said thanks for being here, being close for those I love and being my friend. I was now going to be the strength to get us all back to where we were, a family, all together, safe, protected. I was preparing to handle whatever we had to face. When we arrived at the hospital, I first went to my wife, put my arms around her, her face wrought with pain, anguish, I held her tightly and said I’m here. She said something and I somehow knew, felt, this was going to take all the strength I had within me. She said, what did I do wrong? I hugged her tighter, said you did nothing wrong and asked my friend to stay with her while I spoke to the doctor and went in to see our son. The doctor was our neighbor so he was standing close by when I turned to him and asked him to step away with me so he could tell me exactly my son’s condition. He told me my son was on life support, no apparent brain waves, apparently his brain had been without oxygen too long before the EMS technicians got to him. He told me he already had 5 specialists in neurology, nose, throat, allergy and anything related to what could have caused my son’s esophagus to close during the night. I asked him if he had any prognosis as to what condition my son is in and if he could come out of this coma and have any possibility of being able to function? He looked me in the eye and said in his medical opinion and that of all the specialists your son can only live as long as we keep him on life support. I looked deep in his eyes, I knew this man, this Doctor, knew he also knows my son as he had once lived next door to us, felt his pain, felt his sorrow, saw the tears in his eyes, somehow feeling how he wanted so much to save my son and couldn’t do it. I put my arms around him, said thanks for all you have tried to do and I know you did all that is possible on this earth. He then said it had to be some type of viral infection, unable to identify or classify in any form known medically. I told him I want to see my son I understand all you have told me now I just have to be with my son. He said we have only kept him on life support so you could get here and the decision is now yours. After you see him let me know what you wish me to do. I said, I will I need time with my son. I saw my son, sat beside him on the hospital bed, his face peaceful, calm. I took his hand; tears in my eyes as I rubbed his forehead, leaned down, kissed it and whispered I love you so much. I sat there telling my son all I felt and knew. I said God loves you too, my son, and you will be so happy, safe, warm and live in our heart as an angel in heaven. I kissed him for the last time on this earth.

Rest in Peace my Son, my heart and soul lives in the spirit of your embrace.

Friday, November 12, 2010

DADly Dumb!

Just a reminder to my kids as to why I wrote this a few years ago and so ya know I ALWAYS LOVE YA!

DADly Dumb
My greatest joy in this world has to be you, my boys and girls
To know in my own way, the love I found on your birth days
In my heart to forever feel, a more truer love than you fulfill
A Grand’er Father, this I be, through your Mothers love I see
Why every precious moment in someway touches me each day
So special in your own way, joy and tears, your wonder years
Trying my best to help you grow, not always in what I know
For what you feel deep inside is most important in your stride
each step on life’s highway to lift and guide you along the way
I often pray you find amusing why I can be so darn confusing
And just as often why I say, “you kids are raising me every day”
In your heart be understanding of the times I’m so demanding
Emotions I don’t show yet some how, some way you will know
I was not always there at times, this you know in your mind
most important in your heart is how you feel what I support
Times of crisis when I show the love I have to give so you know
a perfect father cannot be said, but the Father I am is your DAD!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's November 3rd, now What?

I've refrained from write'n till after the elections for a number of reasons as more attention was being given to elections and I, like so many others, wanted to see what changes might take place in terms of faces and the face of government.  Now that elections are over..I'm going to give my thoughts, feelings and what I sense in true reality amid a number of yet to unfold situations and circumstances.  In doing so, I'll address the United States then the State of Texas:

First, on a national and Federal government level.  Although many States went Red in terms of the U.S. House of Representatives, Governors and some local elections by not unseating Harry Reid and in not taking control of the U.S. Senate, we still have a major problem in any way to undo all the damage this administration has wrought on the United States of America.  Any talk of compromise now is totally diametrical to stop'n the madness and dysfunction in what would have to be very real and significant changes in the system and course of government.  What I do sense is a lot of "wanna be's" stuck in the middle of "it's our way or no way" in terms of the GOP/RNC old line power of persuasion for party over all else.

What is of a greater concern is what we don't yet know in events, actions of a lame duck of legislators in terms of this administration under a President with total disregard for the United States or any citizen therein and hell bent on breaking any ability of substance for the United States to function with any real economic viability.  What we do know and have witnessed is they will NOT in any shape, form or fashion in play by the rules and within the bounds of our Constitution.  Anyway ya slice, dice or cut it, the United States is broke and politics and politicians are the reason the system is broken.  It's either all out war with absolutely no compromise or it's just a temporary appearing bandaide on a wound that is bleeding the heart out of what was once a great nation.

By all out war, I mean dissolve the Federal Reserve, Internal Revenue Service and every other costly and dysfunctional department within government, not just overturning Obamacare or attempts at balancing a budget that's so out of control in spending it takes hardline cutting, not balancing.  Amid all this, every corrupt act from election fraud to those still in office needs to be addressed and get'em out of government asap.  Go on offense and attack every action this administration has taken from Supreme Court appointments, Czars, China, Russia, Iran, Brazil or any other country who has somehow managed to grab our money, assets or whatever else and send every "illegal alien" back to where they came from ..NOW!!  Immediately attack the Department of Justice and kick Eric Holder so far out of office he can't find the United States much less spell it!  Tell Robert Gates to grab the reins, clean house of top brass who are incompetent and costing us more in their own selfish greed and politics over doing their jobs!  Get our military men and women who stand the wall in harms way the respect, help and leadership they need to accomplish something meaningful and purposeful for military reasons to protect our Nation over political power playing or bring'em home!  The very first order of business is go meet that nitwit of a so called President and tell him to sit down, shut up and he ain't traveling outside of the White House at our expense and if we can't impeach ya we're darn shor gonna make your life as miserable as you've made ours!!  Then quickly introduce some legislation to put in term limits, put every legislator, government employee on the same terms and benefits all Americans are on, make any legislation or amendment absolutely in compliance with the U.S. Constitution as it was originally written and not the interpretation of some so called Judge who has no idea what it means in terms of intent.

In now listening to this nitwit of a President speak after the elections, his BS is just the same ole, same ole, he couldn't tell the truth in terms of knowledge, leadership, compromise, negotiation or transparency.  Anyone that buys his BS again is only blinded by their own need for government to sustain their life, survival or existence.  Appears he isn't changing just politicizing.  So for now I'll stop as it looks like all out war and what and where the fight is will unfold within the next few weeks and the picture ain't gonna be pretty but it's going to be chaotic in more ways than I even care to imagine much less assume.

I'll address Texas, Texians and Texans within a few days, so stay tuned!  God bless us, we're certainly needing it!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

There is no “We” in government!

Folks, there’s some’n “We” in and as Americans really need to understand, appreciate, recognize, which in so many ways every day in some way via media, social networks and other forms reach out to touch, influence and control us, and that is reality. The only real “We” is the “those, they and them” that are pulling the strings in, around and thru anything you and I see and think we know as government. The only thing “We” are is a nation of folks who have been bamboozled, bombarded, busted and bastardized into think’n and believe’n we make a difference!

Now what is it “We” really are or at least those of us who have served, loved, fought and valued what it means to be an American?  “We” are the spirit of America, the last dying breath of life left in the hearts, souls and minds in every thing we held and hold dear from our Constitution to the flag for which it stands as one nation under God. You and every God loving American are the only real “Stars” left as government has slowly but surely taken the "Stripes" out of “We the people” thru political party nonsense under the guise of "Red" and "Blue" and left our nation look’n like a ghost in "White"!

The one point I believe we can all agree, nothing is ever constant. Change and changes are facts in life. Obviously faces change and in the process can change the face in regard to the interest people, media, etc., to enjoy it. Government is business, whether you are part of it or just watch it.

Two important keys are performance and personalities which is the fuel that drives and motivates interest. I also believe we can agree competition is the spirit within, whether it's life, love, business, jobs or any other worthwhile enterprise. If everything in our lives were solely based on competition then we'd have a level playing field in which to compete, enjoy and reap the rewards in however it benefits us. That's one reason so many enjoy sports simply because those who compete are playing on the same field.

This unfortunately ain't the case in the world of reality in other things that can and do effect our lives in the never ending pursuit of happiness. What we see, hear and may think we know is often a distortion of reality thru the power of perception and image.
The Republic of Texas is shining bright in the sunlight of "truth"!
Note: The picture ya thought was real has just been digitized in the sanitizing and I ain't talk'n avatars!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


We've all had or known lawyers.  Some are even friends or relatives but I can absolutely tell ya, any lawyer in politics or does a lot of PI (personal injury litigation) is as dangerous as a shark in a bloodlet'n.  This recently came to my attention and if it ain't the truth it's at least the "JAWS" in a lot we've come to know as lawyers in government:

The Lawyers' Party By Bruce Walker

The Democratic Party has become the Lawyers' Party .  Barack Obama is a lawyer.  Michelle Obama is a lawyer.  Hillary Clinton is a lawyer.  Bill Clinton is a lawyer.  John Edwards is a lawyer.  Elizabeth Edwards is a lawyer.  Every Democrat nominee since 1984 went to law school (although Gore did not graduate).
Every Democrat vice presidential nominee since 1976, except for Lloyd Bentsen, went to law school. Look at leaders of the Democrat Party in Congress: Harry Reid is a lawyer.  Nancy Pelosi is a lawyer.

The Republican Party is different.
President Bush is a businessman. Vice President Cheney is a businessman. The leaders of the Republican Revolution:
Newt Gingrich was a history professor.  Tom Delay was an exterminator.  Dick Armey was an economist.  House Minority Leader Boehner was a plastic manufacturer.  The former Senate Majority Leader Bill First is a heart surgeon.  Who was the last Republican president who was a lawyer?  Gerald Ford, who left office 31 years ago and who barely won the Republican nomination as a sitting president, running against Ronald Reagan in 1976.
The Republican Party is made up of real people doing real work, who are often the targets of lawyers.

The Democrat Party is made up of lawyers.  Democrats mock and scorn men who create wealth, like Bush and Cheney, or who heal the sick, like First, or who immerse themselves in history, like Gingrich.
The Lawyers' Party sees these sorts of people, who provide goods and services that people want, as the enemies of America . And, so we have seen the procession of official enemies, in the eyes of the Lawyers' Party, grow..
The United States has 5% of the world's population and 66% of the world's lawyers!  Tort (Legal) reform legislation has been introduced in congress several times in the last several years to limit punitive damages in ridiculous lawsuits such as "spilling hot coffee on yourself and suing the establishment that sold it to you" and also to limit punitive damages in huge medical malpractice lawsuits.  This legislation has continually been blocked from even being voted on by the Democrat Party.  When you see that 97% of the political contributions from the American Trial Lawyers Association goes to the Democrat Party, then you realize who is responsible for our medical and product costs being so high!

So, what's the message in all this? Pretty simple, don't ever elect a lawyer in government!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our "Nation of Sheep"

What, in so many ways, amazes me in America is how so few have led so many in digging the proverbial hole to China.  Is it so surprising China is burying America in its own dirt and our own government gave'em the shovel to do it?

I'm not the only one who knows, sees, understands the depth in the reality either.  Americans are simply a "Nation of Sheep" who once had a government they believed to be a good shepherd guided by their belief in God, a Constitution and representing the values ingrained in a society built on individual freedoms.  Therefore, since old enough to vote, good Americans have unknowingly followed, allowed and elected a small group in Washington, D.C. to become the Wolves in Sheeps clothing.  These wolves have slowly but surely eaten the flesh and taken the lifes blood out of what was once the wool in the fabric of America.  That was the middle class American who supplied the wool in paying taxes, hard work, obeying the laws and believing the United States of America would remain the most dynamic, powerful force in the world because their right to vote could and would make a difference to always correct the course of government and governance.

What we see today is a segment in our country who are good people, believe they are good patriots and doing all they know how to once again restore America in "awakening" and recognizing if they can vote these "wolves" out of office America will survive even on its knees in any form of economic or real viability to support it.  These are the good "Sheep" still looking for a "Ram" of hope and change known as elections.  Like so many, I too, wish this was true but it's simply hanging onto a dream of what once was can be again in terms of the United States of America.  So they listen to Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin or whoever else they can relate to that shares this dream.  They organize into "Tea Parties", "Conservatives for America", "American Defenders" or whatever else spending their time, energy and money in donating to the cause for the depth of their concern.  In conjunction with these organizations, these good Americans are also doing all they can to support candidates with donations, public support or whatever way they can feel they are a real part in some way or form of significance.  At the same time many of these good folks not only moan, groan, gripe and complain about a variety of issues, problems or actions they see, know, feel as something or someone that is a major cause for concern in the what, how or who in the actions of government but they are just as often divided in what or who can solve or change it.  They watch the GOP/RNC then many of'em wonder what the heck are they doing so they are what they feel as the "independent" sheep in the herd of true patriots in Conservatism.

To any of these folks, I simply say you may be awake but you're still nothing more than a good sheep in one herd among other herds looking for the same good shepherd while you're all running around in circles under the guidance of different sheep dogs!

While these well intended good sheep are doing what they feel is the "fair and right" thing to do, another segment within our country is happily just going along in life as usual in a breeze of casual "who cares?".  These are more into what they enjoy and have fun in doing over getting involved or even knowing government exists much less care about who or what is the big deal with all this government/political stuff.  This is the generation of "immediate gratification" and lives in the joy of the moment with no idea Rome is burning!

Then we have the good "religious" sheep, those beautiful souls who have the faith, trust in the good Lord as the Shepherd who will take them to the "promised land".  I happen to be one of those souls too.  However I also believe the good Lord gave us the mind, body and soul to have faith and trust in him to provide a "life raft" to solutions when we are drowning in a sea of chaos and confusion.  Some say I'm an idealist, some feel I'm unrealistic and the truth is in ways we all are and I'm certainly no different than any of you.  I believe we are all in the "hands" of God within our imperfections.  I do know and believe the "laws" of  God are far more meaningful and fulfilling than any so called "laws" of mankind.

This is why I feel so strongly God in his infinite wisdom over mankind blessed Texans and in so doing blessed all God loving Americans with and thru a path back to the highway of life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness on earth in the form of the Republic of Texas as a sanctuary for all his people.  Nothing in life is easy but the decision you can make today to become or in becoming a citizen in the Republic of Texas is and always will be under and thru the grace of God!

Friday, October 1, 2010

PKD, awareness and how it effects those I love!

PKD is the term used for Polycistic Kidney Disease and I'd very much appreciate you taking the time to check out my oldest daughter and my youngest granddaughter in this link as they both suffer from this dreaded disease.  My first wife and her mother both passed away at an early age due to PKD and any generous donation or help you can do is vitally needed to find a cure.  We are hopeful and prayerful a cure will be found as it effects so many others throughout our country.

God Bless YOU, from our family to yours,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Real solutions in actions, not just words!

Listen very carefully and heed the words of this very astute and knowledgable man in his video presentation.  To my fellow Texans, we have an option other States don't have and that's the reformation of the "Republic of Texas".  He does explain to everyone in other States what actions they can and should take.  He's not talking politics, he's talking government as it should be and that's exactly what the Republic of Texas is as soon as you decide to join and support it as the true government for Texans.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Has being a "good citizen" perpetuated a fraud?

Has being a “good citizen” perpetuated a fraud?
I’m going to address this question within the root of and in why each of us have felt we are “good citizens” when we are good Americans who have been taught to believe in our system of government within and on the Constitution in which it stands. Most still believe it as “one nation under God”, “who hold these truths to be self evident” with “liberty and justice for all”. Therefore we, or some, as “good citizens” have and are serving our country in many ways within the love, concern, respect we hold and value in our hearts and minds for and as Americans.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm a Texian, are YOU?

Regarding the actions of government under this or previous administrations, one fact is certainly apparent and that's the Federal government is broke, the system is broken.

When the likes of Hillary Clinton, Alan Greenspan, Henry Kissinger are now publicly stating it in some form or other and realizing they played a role, it says about all anyone needs to know in so far as the U.S. economy and its financial well being.  All the moaning, groaning, complaining and blaming does not change the simple fact the United States government can NOT and is NOT capable of sustaining or even maintaining the ability to operate and function without a viable economic base to support it.  When any individual or entity has debts at 90% of their Gross National Product (in terms of what we would refer to as an individuals productive value), it can NOT survive.  It simply has to have an acceptable and real value base in the form of money(currency) and the printing press of the Federal Reserve is now without value to support its ability to keep printing U.S. currency.  As Bernanke(head of the Federal Reserve) recently stated in his latest speech, "we are in uncharted waters" and although he did make a valiant effort in the tone of his speech to ease the anxiety of Wall Street and financial world markets there was no substance to truly and realistically support it.  It's simply smoke and mirrors in the shadows of what we once called government.  Consequently gold prices are at an all time high and going up, not down, because so many recognize the U.S. dollar is in the tank and sinking faster than the Titanic.  As anyone can plainly see the center and seat of our government we know as Washington D.C. has failed and with the upcoming November elections many Americans are hoping it will change but the reality is the faces in government may change but the face of government can and will NOT because it's broke.

As Texans, fortunately we do have an option because of 2 reasons.  Many, especially those who live off of or are currently in our State government, will argue or attempt to discredit it to make you believe or question its validity but the facts don't support their basis.  The fact is the Republic of Texas is and never has been a part of the United States, it was annexed, not by "treaty" under "international law", therefore it is still alive and well as and in its "sovereignty" as a Nation, not a State.  All that's needed now is for every citizen of Texas to declare it by joining it and then it does once again have the recognition and authority as the government of and for Texas.  Any government is empowered by the people who join, support and recognize it and in so doing those who govern will act in accordance to the will, commitment, purpose for "we the people" under God for the "common good".

The second reason is we do have a viable economy with the resources/assets within our own border and as soon as we restore our status as the Republic, the sooner we will once again be out from under the indebtedness the United States government has created.  We don't owe them, they owe us.  Why do we needlessly wallow in the corruption and abuse of a government that has in every way possible brought about its own demise and much of that was due to a "two party" system that was more concerned with their respective party than the people they supposedly represent.  We can do this and as soon as all of us, including those who are currently in our State government join in, we can and will once again have a government we can be proud of and worth supporting for us, our children, families and friends we call Texans.

One more point, this is to each of you in whatever State your residing.  How can any thing the Republic of Texas can or does effect me, my family, friends in my State?  To you I offer this, as soon as the Republic of Texas is recognized as the acting government it will profoundly effect each State within the United States.  Therefore how each respective State chooses to act in accordance with their "sovereignty" in and as part of the United States is a matter of how they declare it under their rights within the 10th Amendment.  What we all wish to avoid is any form of armed revolution against any citizens or government in the United States.  We all love and value what the United States has been and meant to our lives, our forefathers, our military men/women who have and are serving our country as well as those in law enforcement or in other forms of serving and protecting our citizens.  This action is not one aimed at destroying peace, it is one aimed at restoring peace and in the process at some point in time restoring the respect, care, concern, honor and integrity of government under God united in common purpose in serving the "common good".

God blessed Texas and God blesses us as Texans when we are Texians at a time every patriotic soul in America needs us to act.

If you have any questions or need me to answer any concerns you may have simply email me at and put in the subject line Republic of Texas.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mind, Body and Soul

My question today is within my feelings as I watch each of us somehow pursue happiness. Is it not in some form or manner in how, what and why we become absorbed with or in others who may or may not influence our actions but do attract our attention. So the question becomes: Has mind, body and soul been reduced in & of the "art of seduction" or "enlightened in the "pursuit of truth"?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Governments are "corporations"

In studying, researching the foundations for governance and governments, many were and are “corporations”. These “corporations” may or may not have established “rules” as guidelines to be followed by those who govern. In the case of our United States government this is what we know as our Constitution. Therefore, the Constitution is only worth, recognized and empowered by those in the seat of government, not by “we the people” as we are in so many ways programmed to believe.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The reality of "Truth" in "Trust"

Trust is the foundation to any relationship.  Can anyone "believe" what, how or who they don't or can't trust?  A "reality" in todays times is in the confusion within the maze of information, people and the "basic question" of - can one "trust" what they want to "believe".  "Trust" is in ones "heart", the "mind" embraces it but often can get lost in the maze of confusion in what's the reality of "truth".  Without "trust" all else becomes irrelevant, no foundation in any relationship can survive without it!

God said I'm the "truth and the light", what he gave us is the "switch" to know who, what & how to find it!  Trust isn't formed in ones words as a "given", it's "earned" in the "actions" that stand behind the words!  Good leadership rests in the "reality of truth", good "following" rests in the same reality!  As so often the case in politics, it's not what you see, it's what you don't see, main stream media is not in the business of searching for truth! 

Therefore it's incumbent on each of us to search as deeply and in every way possible into the "real truth" behind the words of those in positions of power within our governing bodies.  In some ways, each of us have done that to some extent in any and every relationship especially those who have a direct impact on our lives.  This is our responsibility to our children, their future so it's no less serious than any concern for their health and well being.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A real Call to "Duty", "Honor" and "Country"

Folks and especially those who love this Nation, have and are serving our country in the military:

We've come to know our country is no where close to the Republic it once was in our hearts and minds.  Many have stated, including me, for quite a number of years the Globalist, Socialist, Marxist have all targeted the very foundation of our nation to destroy it's economic viability, the spirit of our people and the Constitution on which it has stood for generations.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TRUTH: America is history as we have known it

Within recent events/circumstances/actions taken and not taken by those in our Federal government, it is beyond any more doubt the United States of America as we have known, loved, fought and died for is history.  Rome is no longer burning, it is ashes left in the path of those who have systematically destroyed and undermined every value we have as citizens believed in and held close in our hearts and minds.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Glenn Beck's Departure from FoxNews

I don't know Robert Ringer who wrote this but I certainly agree with it in terms of the possibilities. 

Glenn Beck's Departure from Fox News - Part 1

By Robert Ringer:
Perhaps some have had reservations about the level of concern I have expressed about what is happening in the criminally corrupt and unconstitutional actions of those in control of our government in Washington . The attached article published by World Net Daily provides an interesting analysis of speculation over the outstanding job that Glenn Beck

Friday, August 13, 2010

What's "Common", the good, bad and the ugly

The only "climate" we need to change is government. Daryl Royal once said, "we need to stay with what brung us".

The men who fought and died to form and found this great nation had 4 things in "common". Common sense for the common good in the common word as written in the Constitution in their common love, respect and belief in the principles of and in being "one nation under God".

Today what we see, know and have come to recognize as government also has 4 things in common. Common greed(power, position, corruption) in their common need(party politics, self interest) and desire to strip the common folks(freedoms, liberties) of their common good and do it in the name of "progress".

Today and in recent memory, we have been GOREd, BUSHwhacked and now OBAMbArded. The only thing that changes are the names and faces as our nation becomes "history" in the "ashes" of mankind. "

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Common Sense Solutions for the Common Good over Political Rhetoric

Nothing is simple, especially when it comes to what most refer to as "federal" government. To properly address, solve any problem it first requires a basic foundation, premise, purpose for the "common good". Our foundation for government is the Constitution, Bill of Rights, albeit this is under attack and for the most part it's the Federal government attacking it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What do we remember about the 50’s and how it relates today

There are many interesting facts we all need to consider in regard to the 50’s over the situation we find ourselves in now. This is especially true in regard to our government.  Enjoy this in remembering before you continue just reading about the 50's -

Positive Actions in “REGRESSION”

Positive Actions in “REGRESSION”
Today there are more people engaged in "what if", "what ain't" and "what is" with "bits and pieces" of "what was". A "virtual reality in complexity" with the lost art of simplicity. The "K I S S" has been replaced with layer upon layer of "LIP SERVICE".

enlightenment to a “real” truth

As we've seen with the Arizona immigration law's demise this week, the debate over a state's sovereignty is very much alive today. For quite a number of years many in Texas and elsewhere have questioned, studied, researched for a legally recognized and Constitutional basis in an effort

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The "ole course" of Saint Andrews

Amid all the less than desirable problems/issues we are dealing with in our daily lives, once again the British Open will be played this week in Scotland. Ah, the joys of golf and why I love it!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Current situation today in review of events in the past

I know there are many of you who probably feel I'm as "off base" or nuts as the world we are dealing with in our daily lives. Whatever you feel, I'm past concerned and what I state herein is evidence of why I feel and sense it so strongly. I am always open to any one who doesn't feel as I do and look for any good reasons not to be as concerned as I am.

There are numerous events that certainly make a case there's far more on the agenda that's very much indicative the current administration is out to completely

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catastrophic Times on this Memorial Day

Today we are witnessing more forms of catastrophe than one could imagine in their wildest dreams. Aside from those most call ‘acts of God” or “mother nature” with the earthquakes, hurricanes(typhoons), tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, floods, we are being subjected to far too many

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What we have is a 2 faced liar, not a President

This is a recent quote from who we call our President. Well he's certainly no Commander-in-Chief and obviously has as much contempt as he does ignorance when it comes to our military men and women who put their lives on the line in service to our country. One can only hope

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dog Days, Liberal Democrats, Rinos and Drug Addiction

Some of you probably know the term "dog days" and don't think of it as anything remotely being good. American citizens have also experienced "dog days" of Government for more years

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Fox in our Hen House, China

The following article should awaken even the most doubtful of Americans in regard to the Chinese and their plan. I'll be adding to this other facts, thoughts in this regard in

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Fuggers, Rothchilds, The Feds and The Concentration of Power

The Fuggers, Rothschilds, The Feds and The Concentration of Power
By Ron Ewart Tuesday, January 26, 2010
“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild, 1790
Strange how history continues to repeat itself and generations of people, cultures, nations and politicians never seem learn from it. Only the names

Friday, January 29, 2010

Power of Progressives

Most know a renewed label has been used as a form of perception in regard to political ideology and it’s known as “PROGRESSIVES”. Throughout the history of our Nation Progressives have maintained a consistent message and platform toward a planned purpose and goal. This plan is simply for

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Lone Ranger

Since many have asked why I chose the "Lone Ranger" as an avatar I'll address it.
First and foremost our Great State of Texas is known as the "Lone Star State". In many ways now, due to the overall economic climate, Texas is one of the few States so far able

OHbummer CZARS

Name, CZAR Name, Position and brief Summary
Richard Holbrooke, Afghanistan Czar, Ultra liberal anti gun former Gov. of New Mexico Pro Abortion and legal drug use. Dissolve the 2nd Amendment

Ed Montgomery, Auto recovery Czar, Black radical anti business activist Affirmative Action and Job Preference for blacks. Univ of Maryland Business School Dean teaches

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Possible Scenario for a BIO "Terrorist" Attack

Disturbing thoughts as we view what's the true motivation behind many actions and events taking place in our Country. In an effort to connect some dots I will submit the following to you:

On December 30, 2009, There was an executive order signed by Obama, outlining how