Tuesday, February 8, 2011

TEXAS, is it in the WALK or the TALK?

Today we Texans heard our Governor Perry deliver his State of the State address in our State Capitol.  There is no doubt our Governor is talk'n the TALK in take'n it to the many abuses of power being mandated out of Washington D.C. in an effort to undermine and destroy Texas along with other States.  However I, for one, have more than a few questions when it comes down to other so called Conservative Texans,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day of RAGE!

Folks, maybe you haven't heard about this Day of Rage that's supposedly gonna take place on March 2nd here in the good ole USofA.  Now most of you are witness'n what's happen'n in Egypt now and all the rebellion going on within the masses to change their leadership in government.  There are a number of thoughts, opinions, etc. as to what, who and how this is now take'n place and the potential dangers for Israel as it's the only non Muslim country in the region.  Also, many rightfully question the actions of some in our State department and