Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Re: 2012


I’ve given a lot of thought to what’s really in, of and behind these two letters we consider as ReGARDING. Also in that line of thought and what’s currently on the horizon for our nation in 2012 which now looks even more bleak through any dose of political ReALITY. It’s high time to do some ReTHINKING and give serious consideration to why, what and how we can ReSTORE government under a Constitutional RePUBLIC empowered by “We the People”!

We as Patriotic, caring, God loving citizens can sit back and hope, pray that somehow, someway the elections of 2012 are going to right the ship known as the United States of America. If you truly in your heart believe that then you might as well keep your blinders on because any look into this massive mess of corruption, outright theft, deceit, lies, misrepresentation has you staring down a deep, dark abyss known as abuse of power of a few over the many! The handwriting is on the wall and we best wake up to one simple fact..Party Politics is alive and well as long as you give any form of support to either side of the “aisle” that doesn’t take away the power of the Federal government over YOU! ReAD my Lips: Not one presidential candidate can turn this country around, not through an act of Congress or any other form of Judicial, Legislative or Executive action because to survive they must perpetuate total and complete disdain for our Constitution! Everything we as a nation face today is and has been built on deception. It was never the intent, purpose and meaning of our Founding Fathers for a central government to destroy or take away your rights as a free citizen. Therefore everything known and passed as laws, mandates, executive, legislative and judicial actions are nothing more than a fraud under the guise of government!

We can ReSHUFFLE the deck and in the process ReSTORE and ReEMPOWER “We the People” but it takes ReMOVING completely any and all power from what we now know as Washington, D.C. and the Federal government therein.

We the People aren’t really in debt, the Federal government is because they chose to fraudulently establish the Federal Reserve and give them the power to print debt in the form of fiat currency. The truth is the Federal government owes themselves in order to sustain this fraud known as debt to the taxpayers through another fraud called the Internal Revenue Service. It’s all in how one fraud has perpetuated another in order for a few elected representatives (Presidents, Legislatures, Courts) to amass a mountain of so called debt to burden the backs of middle American taxpayers into submission and control. So much so that now far too many in our nation are totally dependent on government or at least far too afraid of government to stand up and defy it even exists.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s but one solution. Forget Washington, D.C., don’t support it, don’t even acknowledge it exists. Forget any form of Political Party and any partisanship thereto. You really want a Constitutional Republic, there’s one alive and well and all it takes is your support to ReSTORE it as the true and only RePUBLIC of TEXAS! It’s not as difficult as most want you to believe and all it takes is YOU!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Amid all the hoopla surrounding the state of our country, the hope and anticipation of so many God loving Patriotic souls we hear, know and call true Americans that the elections of 2012 will change the FACE of Government and not just the FACES within I submit to you this well written and researched article in the history of our government and why it is the REAL TRUTH in what and how the power of and in men in seats of power have slowly but surely destroyed the very fabric our nation was founded on!

I strongly suggest you read it thoroughly with an open mind.  The facts are as true as the mess we now know as Washington D.C.!


Thursday, October 20, 2011


These are what I call CowboyLogic or expressions of what’s in my heart that my nimble single digit IQ appreciates so Saddle up and Let’s Ride!
Ya don't have to forget where ya came from unless it makes ya forget where yo're going!
Yo’re gittyup is only as good as yo’re gitalong!
If ya can’t smell the roses, j’est means ya ain’t got past the thorns!
A good memory is one difference tween a straight shooter and a liar, a liar best have one!
If ya live life in the fast lane ya best not look back!
The truth in yo’re life is in how folks remember ya!
God blessed everyone with a gift, what ya gain is in how ya give it!
A plane gotta have the right attitude to achieve lift and so do folks!
Experience is when ya get what ya weren’t after!
Being naked must mean yo’re honestly open minded!
The best things in life ain’t free, j’est freely given!
When a true friend kicks ya in the behind it’s to give ya a lift!
Politicians are sorta like cattle thieves, they'll put a brand on some'n they don't own!
It's ok to chew on some'n, long as ya know what to spit out & what to swallow!
A simple thought is better than a confused mind!
Pain’s a condition of mind over matter, if ya don’t mind it don’t matter!
Any word is only as good as ya understand it!
If ya gotta think too long and hard on some’n ya might as well sleep on it, not in it!
Sometimes a good morn’n can start with a good moan’n!
A lotta folks seem to think a good pastime is past the time to be good!
Drink or eat anything say’n Diet, first 3 letters says all ya need to know!
Any fella ride’n a northbound mule and look’n south must be a politican!
Our national debt has more Zeros than the Japanese had planes, tells us some'n!
For better or worse in marriage vows must refer to yo’re new in-laws!
A lotta marriages are a beeHave of honey do’s and honey don’ts!
Some women like to pillow talk j’est to keep ya from snore’n!
I wear boots cause of those that tell ya to walk a mile in their shoes!
Ya get a lot more outta life look'n up than look'n back!
Ya can’t make a thoroughbred out of a mule any more than ya can a jackass!
If ya gotta horse around make shor ya got enuff rope!
Most times a good saddle makes for a better ride!
If everybody felt the same thing there’d be only 1 size bed!
Women have a better sense of smell than men, Thank the good Lord!
If ya gotta cuss to make a point odds are most will miss it!
Even a good horse knows body language says some'n!

If ya can't take some'n in stride best not try to straddle or saddle it!
Never look past yo’re nose if ya ain’t got any scents!

Never let a politician know anything has a backdoor!
Reck’n we’ve had more Commander-in-Thiefs than Chiefs!

These days senseless are politicians run’n for orifices, it’s those in’em makes ya wonder who or what is drive’n their nuts!
Difference in a handout and a handful, one ya kindly give someone the other yo’re try’n to!
Folks learn more than a dozen lessons in life, remember’n a handful puts’em ahead of most!

Michael Martin Murphy sorta put a lot in his song and I j'est sorta ride along and Keep'em Come'n! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVIUTloHDkM&list=PLEA94A33C7FED37BC&index=5

Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11 Remembered

9/11 Remembered
Who can’t forget that fateful day, images that never go away
So many who lost their life, so many heroic in their sacrifice
Senseless destruction in our eyes, tears no American could hide
Character of our nation put to test, R.I.P to those we now miss
Not easy to ever believe how men in power could ever conceive
a plan so heartless in any retaliation it simply defies imagination
World turned upside down, bring’n dust and ashes to the ground
Far too much left unspoken, void in so many hearts being broken
What happened to the Red White and Blue, a nation built on truth
Freedom justice for all is only now ashes in a government freefall
Party Power and Politics no inspiration, a mass of manipulation
We honor those who fought died don’t ask us to swallow our Pride
Real Americans have only one Proclamation, restore’n our Nation
for the common good with common sense, that is our best defense
From all the ashes we can rejoice, as Americans we have a choice
Come 2012 November, the world will know what we REMEMBER!
God Bless you and yours and God BLESS AMERICA

Thursday, September 1, 2011

TEXAS, ya gotta LOVE IT!

For a lot of you folks that may not have been to TEXAS and even those who have visited or even moved here, I'd be remiss if I didn't make you aware of our official State photographers website.  I think you'll see why when ya see the many photographs and the music along with it..hope ya enjoy it and as always..y'all come see us ya'hear!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Soak it Up!

I'm happy to say we finally got some much needed rain here in my part of Texas.  Still need some more but we're shor nuff thankful for any we can get.  Felt so good in fact I (which seems to happen and I for the life of me don't know why) got this feeling to write a sorta poetic type song.  Course I can't sing a lick so I just put down the words and any of you can add your own tune!

Weather’s been hot and it’s dry as a bone
sorta gets me want’n maybe to stay at home
Bout the only thing outside that’s get’n wet
is come’n outta me and we can call it sweat
Soak it Up
Maybe say’n Honey I’m gonna stay inside
shor don’t need any honey do today outside
I don’t feel like chores golf or take’n a ride
Hug’n hold’n squeeze’n is more in my stride
Soak it Up
Few hours of bliss start’n with a long slow kiss
share’n some passion at times we seem to miss
remember our first taste of love was like a thirst
got so excited make’n love we both coulda burst
Soak it Up
This feel’n in each other’s arms can’t be wrong
what’s in our hearts like a good country song
So come’ere sugah angel my darl’n honey cup
We gonna lay back down and really Soak it UP!

Monday, August 8, 2011

What was America!

There are a few old cowhands and cowboys still hang'n on in hopes and prayers somehow, someway can once again ride the range with the freedoms endowed by our founding fathers in form'n this great country. However like the great nations of American Indians, the corruption, power and greed in and thru our Nation's capitol have rip'd the heart out of everything so many died and fought for thru all these years to protect and defend it as a Constitutional Republic! God Bless what was AMERICA!

As you read this I invite ya to listen to this song

I believe those of you who have read what I‘ve written, listened to the songs I play on Twitter most mornings or the many emails shared with family, friends (some who I have met, know personally and many I have had the good fortune to meet and in some way come to know on this highway known as the internet) hopefully have surmised I have a deep faith in the good Lord, value friendship, try to keep an open mind but most importantly an open heart. I, not unlike many of you, joined with others who in some way appeared to be doing all they could to restore or resurrect everything good in being Americans. Accordingly, I’ve also watched and come to realize during the course of this nothing will change the face of government or those who profit and influence it. “We the people” have been hang’n on to the short end of a long rope known as government! I could go on and on in that aspect but I already have in a number of ways when you look back at what I’ve shared on here. I also have attempted, not just on here, in reach’n out to those who are in or close to government with some solutions that could and would work to get us out of this mess and at least head’n back in a positive, constructive and realistic direction. Obviously I wasn’t realistic in believing any of these people in government really cared, they don’t even when they try to appear they do. My mistake but not just mine, many have tried who carried the weight of far more influence in reaching the public eyes and ears. These were not just good people with opinions, they offered real, pragmatic solutions and some gave us the opportunity to support them. Such as Steve Forbes, Ross Perot and in some ways Ron Paul in the national spotlight.

By mistake I mean in the sense in many ways we are victims of our own desires, passions, concerns and interest. Each of us are in some ways in our own little world. Obviously some are more adept at reaching others whatever their motivation; albeit opinions, forming groups, sharing common interests, etc. What I find somewhat disdainful in ways is most of these need money in the form of donations or something to join’em but more importantly in so doing they require your name, address (at least email address), sometimes phone numbers, etc. Then it’s equally obvious as you start receiving emails from others you never heard of for the same reason..MONEY in selling or whatever way or purpose in giving your information to others! Now the fact is putting and sharing information on the internet takes time, not MONEY! To offset this, some of these groups say they are need’n it to support forms of legal action, support certain candidates, causes or maintain whatever it takes to keep get’n the message out. I don’t doubt there’s some sincerity in their respective purpose, however like politicians I get tired of hear‘n the same song and dance where I‘m pay‘n the price of admission. Now there are just as many of you who started a website, blog or whatever and either planned or succumbed to use it as a source of income in the process. I’m not talk’n about those who promote their own efforts in selling something they produced and developed in their way such as writers, artists, singers/songwriters or even those who help and support them as managers/friends in some form or other or those who work diligently to research, find and share information in a meaningful and viable way to help increase your awareness or understanding of some things the mainstream media are just simply not going to do or cover.

So much is happening in and around us in the world as we see it today it’s like the bad and the ugly are far and away outrunning the good. Emotions are running at an all time high and common sense tells ya some people will use’em and abuse’em. So, as in life it all comes down to CHOICES and what we ALLOW others to do to influence our ACTIONS! Therefore, this ole warhorse is say’n if it ain’t some’n positive with any form of becoming reality shuck it faster than a minnow can swim a dipper and that’s just what I’m doing!  If you're not awake already to the simple and absolute fact America ain’t what it used to be and how you survive it will be the next biggest test in the history of mankind on this earth then you’re sing’n Dixie as he died

Like I said at the start of this, this may well be another in the “last cowboy song”!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Heart of a Warrior

Today as we received word about the death of these fine young men of U.S. Navy SEAL team 6, my thoughts always go out to them, those they love, their friends, brothers'n'arms as they do whenever I hear about these young warriors.  As a veteran I salute, honor and bow my head in prayer that they'll forever be remembered.  In so doing and subsquent to my prayer today I wrote this poem.  I'll now share it and in some way hopefully it will ease some of the pain in the hearts of those they loved.  God rest their wonderful souls!

Heart of a Warrior
So far away from home in distant and often desolate lands
our young men fight for freedoms with blood stained hands
with heavy hearts embrace brothers who die in their arms
the reality of war in the action and way of so many harms
the call of duty, honor and country ring loudly in their ears
willingness to fight and die maturity far beyond their years

Shouldering the burden of any moment they too may fall
they fly the flag of freedom while standing tall at the wall
the depth of purpose as warriors they must and do sustain
for it is their bravery for those they love care for to remain
safe at home alive in the freedoms some take for granted
not realizing the seeds of war are only as good as planted

Like so many before them they know they have to fight
in the shadow of darkness or in the broadness of daylight
All at some time will say or ask What are we doing here?
yet they know they must not yield to any thoughts of fear
No conscious thoughts of heroism ever cross their mind
you do what you do and hope even pray it ain’t your time!

None return without the horror of memories and some scars
the hidden tears of doubts and fears are a true reality of wars
some ache in some way it’s like a fire that has to stay burned
engulfed with feel’n for war they have to find a way to return
others seem to cope with what they did and happy to survive
in time it becomes a distant drum in the beat I’m still alive!

Let’s pray for all our fine young men who have passed away
These brave souls rest in peace with God forever and a day
Always let’s never forget each name though carved in stone
will live forever in the hearts and minds of those left at home
hopefully you come to know their smiles were heaven sent
these wonderful short lives weren’t wasted at any expense!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Part 2 - This mess called our U.S. government in Perspective

Part 2 - This mess called our U.S. government in Perspective

Now as I stated previously, what is it about the New World Order that so many seem to buy into it and in doing so many actions we see thru and in our government must be a form of control for some reason beyond normal or acceptable circumstances for “we the people” to understand or comprehend.  We do know now it does appear this "debt crisis" and the actions of Congress to keep government funded at least past 2012 will be a reality.

Can or could there be a connection between something so drastic as to change the makeup of the entire world, not only economically but physically? Is there some form of inevitability that is requiring and in many ways demanding changes in governance be made to and within our society, not just as Americans but the entire social structure of our planet? The question then becomes, are all these people in, of and thru government whether in the public eye or behind the scenes as idiotic as they appear? Could there possibly be something so catastrophic that it’s not us they fear?

I have always believed to keep an open mind you must keep an open heart as well and in so doing you can achieve a balance of mind, body, heart and soul. In our world as we see and know it today that’s not an easy task. So many events, issues, circumstances, that can and do create an aura of uncertainty, doubt, confusion and to some degree chaos. Let’s dispense with any thoughts of who’s profiting or getting some form of self benefit and lay them aside for a moment and look at a much broader picture. That requires a different “Perspective” and in many ways provides a balance of mind and heart and refraining from being any form of Judgmental. To err is human, to understand and forgive is the word of God. As I also stated earlier, I do not give any credibility to the environmental concerns as expounded by Al Gore, et al in the sense they were presented. I do however, like most of you, absolutely care about our environment and the protection of our natural resources for the health and well being of our children and future generations.

Now if you’ll watch this video in it’s entirety we’ll continue to connect some dots in every possible way to maximize our efforts and minimize our confusion in the process.  Also bear in mind the IRAS(InfraRed Astronomical Satellite) was first launched in January, 1983 but it's real capability in this context was in all probability better understood and the information passed to and thru certain U.S. government agencies, Cabinet members and the President in 1992 that Planet X was a very real probability and concern.  Who was President in and prior to 1992, George H. W. Bush and the Presidential candidates that year were none other than Bill Clinton and Ross Perot.  Would it then be fair to assume a possible change of direction in the hearts and minds of proponents for a New World Order to a somewhat different agenda in the form of survival and control.  Subsequently a much stronger need to spend money, stimulate the economy while simultaneously pouring unknown amounts of money into construction and updating facilities such as shown in this video.  So pay attention as you watch this and absorb what may well be something so enormously dangerous it has changed the course of history and the actions of our government and leadership. 
Let’s assume the “aftermath” of this event is accurate and if you happened to notice in the video this Planet X - Nibiru is a form of 2nd Sun that will change the entire global makeup of our planet in a sort of flyby which will shift to some degree the axis of Earth. Belief in the aftermath therefore would explain a number of actions we are witnessing today and contained in the video, not just in government but elsewhere. Some of these can be followed by and thru this gentleman who has for some time now been monitoring global activities

His concentration began as primarily on HAARP(this is a government facility located in Alaska that's somewhat secretive as to it's purpose but you can easily research it and recognize a large number of antenna type structures that presumably can manipulate/stimulate weather patterns and be target specific in so doing) as it relates to these events and occurrences, however could HAARP also be a form of distraction or even a possible means in a form of counteraction to be used subsequent to the aftermath? Whatever the motivation and purpose HAARP's activities have been questioned by some governments such as Japan, China and Russia which would lead us to feel it’s not in any form a coordinated effort for survival in the aftermath of the flyby of Planet X - Nibiru between these countries.

Most importantly is how do each of us increase the awareness of those we love, care and are concerned for and in every way or means possible make any and every preparation possible to survive regardless of what or who is the cause. In short, where, how and what is our primary concern? Only you can answer that so let’s attempt to address certain priorities on the assumption and in the reality of all that’s currently effecting us in one form or another.

To do this let’s first look at what changes in land mass will or can occur thru and due to these eventualities whether in terms of one or a combination.

Obviously if you currently live or have relatives, friends, businesses, property within those areas that will no longer be land but water then you best consider and prepare to move and the sooner the better. That should be your highest priority!

My next blog will be directed primarily to Texans also toward awareness to prepare as best we can for these occurrences and some others currently effecting our daily lives in decisions amid all we are seeing, hearing and otherwise being provided for contemplation and consideration. In closing this segment, ask yourself these questions:

How much of this is contained in the word of God in both Old and New Testaments in some way?

Can I sit back, ignore the fact so much is changing in our world both economically and physically and hope it’s not going to effect me, my life, those I care for and it will all go away?

Are all these so called natural disasters, floods, droughts, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes just a cycle in the history of mankind?


Why is our government and political leadership so bound and determined to kick this can of insurmountable debt, spending and the many problems associated with it down the road to at least 2012 or beyond?

Can I afford to remain optimistic or complacent, happy that nothing short of death is going to change my mind or anything else I enjoy?

Can I afford to remain cautiously optimistic, somewhat in tune and test these so called realities?

Friday, July 29, 2011

This mess called our U.S. Government in Perspective

First and foremost before you start reading this, I’m not an economist, I do love our country and darn shor love Texas..now let’s get real folks, politicians got us into this!

This mess called our U.S. Government in Perspective

Why is America in the shape it’s in today and how’d we get here?

Far more Americans are involved in politics today than I can ever remember in the history of our nation. Just as many are still hopeful the 2012 elections will make a difference. Anyone can easily gauge the pulse of America on social networks(internet), some television networks and a host of talk show types who analyze and get more opinions than politicians have excuses. They should change the national anthem to “Blame anything and anyone, just not me”! Democrats blame Republicans, Republicans blame Democrats, Governors blame Washington D.C. and what’s far more disturbing is far too many people believe it! Look at this a moment and just what do you see?  http://www.wtfnoway.com/  A mountain of debt and I mean a MOUNTAIN! To those who blame this nut some call a President..Yes, he’s managed in less time than it takes to read the entire history of our nation to propel government spending into warp speed. However he is not the only one to blame, the real blame rests with us and these nuts we keep sending to Washington D.C. who so call represent us whether Democrat or Republican. So the answer is really fairly simple in how we as a nation got into this mess, Party Politics! It is and has been since the first time politicians invented or said the word Democrat or Republican. This created a division, the rich versus the poor, the haves versus the have-nots, the powerful versus the weak. A tag so well conceived literally millions of people not only bought into it but paid for it and are really paying the price now. During and in the course of this divide was the average middle American (thanks to government became a taxpayer thru a quasi-government agency formed and known as the IRS) who was the real target for both sides simply because that’s exactly who really paid the price. They are and have been the political prey, the animal caged in the zoo of politics. Hardworking, Patriotic Americans being cajoled, massaged, nurtured into one side or the other in order to maintain and support the political process and the machinery within.

A key in this machinery is and has been for a long time an entity known as the Federal Reserve(actually a consortium of banks and bankers who somehow managed to gain control of virtually every dollar printed and if that wasn’t enough they charge interest to print it, distribute it, control the supply of it to supposedly maintain some semblance of our U.S. economy and the viability thereof). This is reality, the smoke and mirrors of and within what we call our Federal government controlled by often unseen and unknown powers behind the curtain of this stage we call Washington D.C. I do believe many fine men and women have entered politics thru the years and in many ways unknowingly were manipulated, used and in one form or another either left or became a victim of their own aspirations to become a career politician. Regardless of their own personal convictions, ideals or integrity they must and will bend to the support of their respective political party or they won’t survive long enough to get a light in a Congressional toilet seat much less a committee appointment. This is the case for the newly elected, those who have served for a number of years can and do at times switch parties but that’s for political survival within their constituency for voter support. Also our political 2 party system is mired in candidates who have to have financial support from their respective party’s coffers or they take an enormous financial risk thru other means, either personal and/or supporter donations. That lends itself to another question, who in their right mind would seek an elected office if there weren’t some forms of financial benefit? Therefore to tie a ribbon around this, very few wealthy people become or even desire to be in the mainstream of the public eye politically unless it’s enormously beneficial toward some personal agenda. The bottomline, American politics is a dirty and nasty business of compromise, power and corruption portrayed by people who, in most cases, appear to be worthy of your support for whatever reason. Any naiveté or innocence on the part of a person new to politics and introduced as a candidate for public office is soon replaced by the reality of how the game is played if and when they are elected.

I have stated repeatedly, not only on this, to many who are heavily or currently involved in our State of Texas leadership that Texas has options many other States may or may not have but the time is now. Unfortunately most feel we don’t have the leadership currently who can and would take these actions or a strong, united group of people as voters who would demand it. Texas has vast resources but these are slowly but surely being undermined by actions of and thru the Federal government. That lends itself to the question of why so many either fear or are so tied and dependent on the United States government any action in this regard is like poison to a bed of fire ants. I do believe there is a deeper and more meaningful reason and it’s the heart and soul of governance. Governance is control, power over people in the decisions, laws, mandates, taxes, fees, every known and conceivable way to control your lives and your God given freedoms. Our current Texas governor, Rick Perry, whose words are strong even in his book FedUp is a prime example of politicians. Plenty of wonderful rhetoric but no real effective actions or solutions. He’s now a strong candidate in running for President of the United States in 2012 despite his promise to the people of Texas in his last election he wouldn’t. There’s an old adage in politicians, timing and opportunity is the backbone that wags the tail as long as it has some degree of digestibility in the minds of the voters.

Non-Texans can skip this segment unless you too have an interest and/or appreciation for why our State is considered vital to the U.S. economy and extremely vital to the powers behind the scenes. I, like many Texans, voted for Perry, Dewhurst, Abbott and Combs. All are true born and bred Texans. David Dewhurst our Lt. Governor holds what most know is the most powerful office in our State. Greg Abbott is our Texas Attorney General and Susan Combs, our Texas State Comptroller. They fly under the flag of Texas as Republicans, Conservatives and what most would feel as Patriotic Americans. Perry, due to the longevity of his being Governor, has amassed an unprecedented number of political appointments within our State. Virtually every State Department of Judicial and Executive branches are limbs tied to the Perry tree. Many actions within our State have been positive in appearance under and thru these mentioned, especially considering most Conservative Texans know and fully realize Austin, our State Capitol, is a hotbed of liberalism, liberalists or more specifically those who thrive politically on cause, issues and concerns. What has and continues to perplex me is simple. It’s not politics, it’s the health and well being of our children and the future generations of Texans. By the way, I did and have shared a plan for Texas that I strongly feel could have a positive effect on all Americans but it too can and will take time and certainly some sacrifice in order to change the course and restore any semblance of a Constitutional Republic as embraced by our founding fathers. I have only presented this to certain people within our State who I felt at the time truly had a real concern for saving Texas and ultimately all real Patriotic Americans. I was told it was too simple and subsequently embraced like lead in a hot air balloon! Now I know how Steve Forbes feels every time he’s suggested a simpler and easier form of taxing is a “fair” tax.

Therefore for reasons of sound debate and discussion I’ll move forward rather than backward in an attempt to sort out some possibilities that motivate certain actions in government and why some can and do buy into these visions of a New World Order or at least some drastic changes needed to control the world population. If you would please take the time to listen to this video, not that I’m in any way recommending you purchase the book but it does contain some valuable and informative information in the video itself in which will lead to further the next segment of my feelings as to this mess we’re all in as Americans.

Hopefully you listened to the video and I respect the opinions of the economists in this video and to a certain degree their prognostications. I also feel, as was presented, the real outstanding obligations including entitlements is closer to $75 trillion than the current figure of $14+trillion. Whatever the actual figure is the bubble will bust for the reasons stated. I’m also reasonably sure the current leadership in Washington D.C. will find a way to continue putting off the inevitable and thereby raise or acquiesce in some manner in an attempt to somewhat calm the nerves of Wall Street and the mainstream populace to keep the Federal government operational. The real question remains for how long and to what extent will “we the people” have to suffer thru rising costs for food, energy (electricity, gasoline, etc.), greatly reduced value of homes, real estate, lower wages, larger bites out of paychecks due to fees, taxes in various forms, rising interest rates, amid a very significant increase in unemployment. What is referred to in the video and probably to a greater degree in the book aptly named “AfterShock”.

Let’s lay aside any of the often referred to “Conspiracy” theories as a part and probable cause for some of these concerns and concentrate on the increase in world population, demand on our water/food supply and other valuable resources such as timber, oil & natural gas, certain precious metals and most importantly the world economic instability between countries related to their “fiat” currencies and respective debt. Personally I give very little real viability to “environmental” concerns as expounded on by Al Gore, et al.

For now let’s stop here and see how this “debt crisis” situation and the ongoing appearance of actions to scare the paints off anyone that truly believes the Federal government can or will shut down because they can’t come to any terms of agreement to keep printing money and/or spending it. Obama’s lie’n as usual and it’s not “we the people” that should be scared, it’s these idiots that got us into this mess to begin with!

Monday, July 4, 2011

AMERICA God Bless Her!

This ship we call America is take'n on water like there's no tomorrow. Leaks from Bow to Stern with a Captain that doesn't love her, doesn't know her aside from not know'n a bilge pump from a blast furnace! The old gal is 235 years old, been thru a lot, sailed many an ocean fly'n the flag of FREEDOM, Liberty and Justice for all. Many times outside forces of evil have tried to sink her yet she survived to fight another day because of the heart, will, commitment, duty and honor of the men/women who served her. Now it seems we are no more than deckhands with a tower full of nuts try'n to run her aground once and for all. What's most upset'n is how many folks sit'n on the shore watch'n and not either realize'n she's sink'n or just plain don't seem to care that she is. Those who have served her thru the years know it takes all hands to right a sink'n ship and somehow, someway we'll save the flag of freedom even if we have to fly it on a Life boat in stormy seas..God Bless America!

Happy Independence Day!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"HI" - Introduction and Chapter 1

This is the first in a series of posts I'm going to share with ya.  It's in many ways the story of my life but when I began writing this quite some time ago I also realized we all have had events, circumstances, feelings, emotions which in so many ways have had a profound effect on us.

This is about us, you and me; each and every one who is or ever been wrought with pain, confused in love, ripped wide open with feelings of guilt, anger, rage, jealousy, hate and doubt. These are feelings, emotions that stifle love, growth, happiness and fulfillment. Your life has purpose; meaning and the answers are within you. How, what and who you hear and feel in your heart and soul is the direction to your life’s purpose and meaning. You are as unique, special and important to those around you as to yourself. Those you love, adore, admire, respect, even those you feel hatred, anger, pain or doubt are all a part of us. The story goes on as we travel thru life, now as one. Come with me and let‘s see how and what we can make out of this wonderful thing we call living.

Enter and Inner
The true essence of life is love, but have you ever known unconditional love?
A primary truth to love is trust, yet do you trust yourself?
Love by nature is growth, growth in spirit, purpose, passion, desire and sharing,
Yet, have you felt the nurturing of love enabling you to grow, bloom and bask in the warmth of another?
True love is not about questions, yet how many times have you searched for an answer.
Mind, Body and Spirit
A mind is your brain, yet do you use it to find answers of the heart?
A body is the encasement of your mind, heart, yet how do you know your soul.
A Spirit is your soul, but do you know how to find it?

Favorite poemFour quartets by T. S. Eliot:
“Never cease your exploration and the end of all your exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time”

Favorite song: “Drinking from my Saucer” written by “Whispering” Bill Anderson and sung by Michael Combs.

Waves sweeping thru my heart
cleansing my mind, engulfing my soul in
the timeless ocean of my being gently
coming to rest on the shore of my life
Inner peace, wrought with pain, filled with joy
Am I of this world? Am I in this world?
Ah, yet this world knows ME.

Food for Thought before We Start: To enjoy life you need and should enjoy people and there are 2 significant steps. The first step is to love yourself for what you are, the second step is to not overrate the first. There is one unique difference between a smart person and a wise one. A wise person knows the strength in their humility!

Introduction is over, my name is Jimmy, now let’s get to work.

Chapter 1 - MIND and HEART - What is it?
In order to establish mutual understanding it is very important for you to know my feelings regarding mind and heart. MIND is a tool; a brain composed of what we learn as we grow and absorb information, knowledge. We also form in our mind logic, reasoning, rationalization in thoughts. This is where our MIND develops our power to THINK. Our MIND also develops ego, pride and many, many forms of conditioning as we grow and develop from childhood. This conditioning is a result of events, circumstances that become perception, feeling and in some ways illusion or disillusion of the MIND. The MIND creates FEELINGS. These feelings of the MIND can manifest themselves in doubt, jealousy, anger, confusion, and even hate. They are what we THINK. This can become what and how we FEEL. There is a distinction between FEELINGS and EMOTIONS, a point as we are growing where FEELINGS become OUR EMOTIONS. WE begin to EMOTE the FEELING in expression as words, facial and BODY LANGUAGE.

Now what is HEART? HEART is our BEING and INNER SELF. It is the window to our SOUL. Our heart is the key that opens the door to INNER PEACE, LOVE, and AWARENESS. Our HEART is pure in FEELING. Our HEART has no right or wrong, judgments, doubts, fears, ego. FEELINGS of our HEART are joy, happiness, contentment, trust, passion and desire, love, pain, sadness and sorrow. Our HEART is not subject to the same conditioning as our MIND, however, our HEART is vulnerable. FEELINGS of our HEART give us our greatest joy yet also give us our greatest sadness. Most of us have seen the world at one time or other through a child. A child’s HEART is pure, unbiased, unconditioned. LOVE in a child is unconditional. WE were all children and had the same FEELINGS in our HEART. What happened? Where did these FEELINGS in our HEART go?

During my early years I was fortunate to know and feel loved in an environment surrounded by people with warmth, caring. My heart felt nurtured, engulfed in feelings of a very positive nature. This occurred during WWII since I was born in March of 1942. My Father, like many, was in the Army and my Mother, Grandmothers and Grandfather were my first line of family contact and interaction. I was born in a clinic since the small town in Texas didn’t have a hospital and have always heard the Doctor who delivered me was paid in common hay. Anyway, I’m about as common as they come so it would fit the picture. My Grandfather was a county judge, which in Texas is a darn good place to sit on your tail and call it a bench. He had a farm; in some circles it might have been called a ranch. Whatever you called it, it was big. We had cattle, hogs, chickens, ginnies, dogs and acres in corn, cotton with plenty of hands to do the work. As a baby and young child I was raised by quite a few black folks and of course my Mom and Grandmothers. Something about black folks, they just know how to make you feel loved. They would sing and sing as they worked, sing from their heart. As I reflect on it, I believe this is where I developed a love of music, soul and probably where I got a lot of my rhythm and dancing. Course my Mom was a great dancer too and my Dad was so smooth on a dance floor he looked like he floated on a cloud.

We had a cotton picker used to come to my Grandfather’s place like so many of ‘em when it was pick’n time. Now there is a big difference between pickers and pullers of cotton in case ya didn’t know. To pick cotton meant you had to pull the cotton out of the boll and that was rough, hard on your fingers and hands as it was drag’n that sack on your knees as ya worked your way through rows and rows of cotton. Pickers got paid a bit more per pound but they shor nuff earned it by the time that sack reached a hundred pounds. Their fingers bleeding, knees so sore they can barely walk and an ache’n back that would make any chiropractor wanna go ouch! Anyhow, this one picker named Sam was a good’n and he’d always bring his lunch in an old syrup can and had this old beat up looking guitar. When they’d get a break from pick’n he’d sit down in the shade pull that guitar over his stomach and start strum’n and sing’n in a humm’n sorta way. That guitar would almost cry too as he moved his fingers over those strings and sing those blues. One day he left, some of the other folks said they heard he jumped a train and headed to Houston. Quite a few years later, I walked into a club in Houston and there he was sit’n in a chair on a stage strum’n that guitar and sing’n those blues like his soul was reach’n in your heart and tug’n at all there was inside of ya. His name on the marquee was “Lightning Hopkins”. I sat down, listened to ole Sam and a tear came to my eyes, knowing all this man's heart had felt and how much was in his soul just to get to that stage in his life. He touched my HEART and I felt his PAIN and knew the depth of his SOUL with LOVE.

To be continued..

Thursday, April 14, 2011

K.I.S.S to K.U.S.S, reality in Theory!


Keep It Simple Stupid (the age old KISS theory), what we as citizens would like to see in government has slowly but surely been recognized by a very large segment of patriotic Americans that government works under an entirely different theory, we can call it KUSS (Keep Us Simply Stupid)! How did this become a system of government so far removed from what our Founding Fathers envisioned in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution on which it stood in proudly waving the Flag of Freedom for “We the People” of the United States of America.

I submit it’s due to a quagmire of rules, regulations, laws, amendments and legislative, judicial and executive actions that are so complex and purposely complicated that even lawyers,

Monday, April 4, 2011

Obama's roommate speaks out!

Folks, I happen to believe what you'll read below is true about Obama's roommate and what he's say'n even if he isn't.  Just remember, this didn't start with Obama but his actions have opened the eyes and awakened many citizens in our Country.  However, just as many seem to feel or think some so called Conservatives who have and are either serve'n our nation are just as guilty of promoting big gov't as a Corporate Enterprise bent on taking away your rights, freedoms along with your tax dollars to continue to exist.  This too is true, GOP/Political/MediaMainStream Pundits are alive and well living,

Thursday, March 31, 2011

What it means to be a TEXAN!

I don't think anyone could have said it better than Bum.  So, although it's belated in get'n it out since Texas Independence Day has passed for this year, this is the heart and soul of every natural born Texan and today as our State is facing great challenges in staying true to the Constitutional Republic for which we stand I hope every politician as well as every one who has come to Texas will share this, stand tall in the saddle and let's stay true to our heritage.  There's no other place like it and it's up to us to fight  

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

TEXAS, is it in the WALK or the TALK?

Today we Texans heard our Governor Perry deliver his State of the State address in our State Capitol.  There is no doubt our Governor is talk'n the TALK in take'n it to the many abuses of power being mandated out of Washington D.C. in an effort to undermine and destroy Texas along with other States.  However I, for one, have more than a few questions when it comes down to other so called Conservative Texans,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day of RAGE!

Folks, maybe you haven't heard about this Day of Rage that's supposedly gonna take place on March 2nd here in the good ole USofA.  Now most of you are witness'n what's happen'n in Egypt now and all the rebellion going on within the masses to change their leadership in government.  There are a number of thoughts, opinions, etc. as to what, who and how this is now take'n place and the potential dangers for Israel as it's the only non Muslim country in the region.  Also, many rightfully question the actions of some in our State department and

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Calling All TEXANS!

This is the most critical time in our lives and once again, just as our forefathers did, show the world the heart, spirit and fight in what we are and will always be as TEXANS!  It's time to step up and let's get busy in letting every elected official in our State government know exactly what we want them to do for us.  We need you, every Texan who recognizes how critical it is in stopping this onslaught of Federal government programs, mandates and so called laws that run absolutely against any form of a Constitutional Republic.  I'm asking each group, organization and the leadership therein to join in this action and together we can and will once again live and be the heart and spirit in all we are as TEXANS!

This process begins in your local community and then to a delegation of voices to formally and officially address our elected officials in Austin.  The first step is to join us by going to this website http://tccfs.yolasite.com/

God bless you and yours and God bless TEXAS!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A MISS in the KISS

I wrote another poem this morning, thought I'd share it in the dawning,  light of a new day, my heart in how it comes your way:

A Miss in the KISS
Somehow, someway within us, we’ve all shared this feeling
Missing some’n when ya get again, it sorta feels like stealing

Can be as beautiful as a smile, a touch, even a fleeting glance
What makes it special in our heart, it’s a prelude to romance

A feeling, a thought, something alive, you just can’t shake
Regardless of what your doing, within your heart it’s awake

In your heart there’s this awesome feeling, like some power
Embracing you, a feeling inside, every second in each hour

A throbbing deep inside your heart, something you’re missing
Telling you what you really miss, you would find in KISSing

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Call to ACTION!

I assure you any factual information contained herein is as accurate and up to date as possible.

The following is a forthcoming reality and the only solution that I can possibly see to save Texas has to start now (in that, I've mentioned several options in prior commentary so I'll refrain from repetition in that respect).

When I talk about The End of America, I don't mean the end of our political union (although I won't rule that out as I am somewhat hopeful our Texas political leadership is and will begin to act in cutting the ties to Federal government, establish our own

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Heart of a Cowboy!

Different strokes, different folks, some are inspire'n, some are lie'n
some make ya smile, some make ya frown, a sorta merry'go'round

Stoop'n to a devilish level, in how some shovel, don't seem bright
Not much learn'n in any form of yearn'n to get, feel, know, enlight

Association in way of MANipulation, a road to nowhere in any sense
Might as well keep dig'n a hole, deeper it gets the higher the fence

Some will straddle, some will rattle, some may even shake the posts
Just could be a sign some see as chase'n, try'n to rope some ghosts

Don't mean folks can't have some forms of human imperfection
Mostly means their lost and find it rides the wind of misdirection!

Some folks often wonder just what makes an ole cowhand tick
All an ole cowhand wonders is in how to get rid of ‘em quick

Oft times an ole cowhand’s sorta slip’ry even when he ain’t wet
Yet most ladies seem to enjoy some’n bout’em they can't forget

In so many ways and most days he’s somewhat like the wind
He’s darn good at watch’n the herd, don’t try to fence him in

He’s apt to say with a big smile, he loves to have a lot of space
being close is good, hold’n him down puts a frown in his pace

He takes pride in his word, don’t say much he don’t believe
Won’t make a promise to anyone that’s ever meant to deceive

To most city folks, he’s slow in his walk, his talk unconventional
What they don’t know, beneath that slow he’s also unconditional

He’s not about fortune, fame, does a good job cause he’s proud
He understands what kind of man he is with no need to be loud

He’s the heart and soul in a lot of what’s old in terms of man
He’ll always say yes ma’am, sir to any age person in this land

Outta respect, noth’n else or more, what he was taught to say
Not a reflection in anything to anyone, it’s just simply his way

He rides, pokes, ropes, he always has a drawl in say'n the lines
But the gals love it even when his hands can feel gnarly as vines

His taste is rare, heart has care, his saddle always has good soap
But one thangs fer shor, his love is pure with or without the rope

So any of you ladies wanna a good ride he’ll give ya a real lift
Just in grab’n the hand of an ole cowhand it can be quite a gift

Open’n his eyes may not be wise cause owls only hoot at night
But a kind word when lightly spurred most likely could be right

Don’t get scared when he says come’ere I wanna see ya naked
That’s his way of flat’ry and got noth’n to do with being wicked

Has a gleam in his eye, might even sigh take’n in yo’re charms
He’ll smile pick’n ya up, let’n ya down so ya can lay in his arms

Can speak softly in his drawl, love ya deeply, then ride ya hard
Come morn’n he might say, gotta git darl’n to be with my pard

If he don’t come back, ain’t cause ya weren’t good in the hay
He just can’t exactly say a lot in when he’ll be back yo’re way

Just rest assure’d ya had what it took to make for a time of love
He’ll ride away, look back to say, thank ya to the Lord above

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year to ALL!

Happy New Year to All:

May your blessings be many, your troubles be few
as forever we wave our flag of Red, White and Blue

May you ride like the wind on the saddle of Love
in all we've been given from the good Lord above

May you help those who are living in hunger, strife
That they too may come to have know a better life

May you have happiness, laughter, joy each day
embracing those in love and care your special way

May you walk tall and straight, your words be true
so others can trust, embrace, share in all you do

May your pursuits be unlimited, knowing no bounds
respectful, honorable in what and who it surrounds

So as we close year 2010, open our hearts to 2011
Thankful and blessed by so much many have given

I pass along to you my friend in my poetic prayer
that you and yours have all the best this New Year!

My Family to Yours,