Monday, January 16, 2012

Love’n’Sex or Sex’n’Love

Mostly due to my more recent bout with cancer, I’ve had more than enough time for thought, reflections on any number of things we know as living. In the course of all this provocation of thought it came to mind the best part of and in living is what we share and give to others. It’s not in a material way but a sense of spirituality, passion, desire, motivation, concern and care that drives and empowers us to greater heights of happiness, love, joy and fulfillment. It’s the beauty in living as an earthly human being! Also I best tell ya up front I’ve been living without golf, sex or cigarettes for over 2 months and as if that ain’t enough it has this mind of mine work’n overtime on the backside of my boredom! However, as any situation we encounter in the course of living there is some light even if we have to wiggle thru a tunnel to find it. I’m blessed with the support of family and friends and my love for them is undeniable in terms of care, concern and the healing process. This however does not relieve any of my thoughts when it comes to SEX! I have and will always love, enjoy and find a way to have SEX!