Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TRUTH: America is history as we have known it

Within recent events/circumstances/actions taken and not taken by those in our Federal government, it is beyond any more doubt the United States of America as we have known, loved, fought and died for is history.  Rome is no longer burning, it is ashes left in the path of those who have systematically destroyed and undermined every value we have as citizens believed in and held close in our hearts and minds.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Glenn Beck's Departure from FoxNews

I don't know Robert Ringer who wrote this but I certainly agree with it in terms of the possibilities. 

Glenn Beck's Departure from Fox News - Part 1

By Robert Ringer:
Perhaps some have had reservations about the level of concern I have expressed about what is happening in the criminally corrupt and unconstitutional actions of those in control of our government in Washington . The attached article published by World Net Daily provides an interesting analysis of speculation over the outstanding job that Glenn Beck

Friday, August 13, 2010

What's "Common", the good, bad and the ugly

The only "climate" we need to change is government. Daryl Royal once said, "we need to stay with what brung us".

The men who fought and died to form and found this great nation had 4 things in "common". Common sense for the common good in the common word as written in the Constitution in their common love, respect and belief in the principles of and in being "one nation under God".

Today what we see, know and have come to recognize as government also has 4 things in common. Common greed(power, position, corruption) in their common need(party politics, self interest) and desire to strip the common folks(freedoms, liberties) of their common good and do it in the name of "progress".

Today and in recent memory, we have been GOREd, BUSHwhacked and now OBAMbArded. The only thing that changes are the names and faces as our nation becomes "history" in the "ashes" of mankind. "

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Common Sense Solutions for the Common Good over Political Rhetoric

Nothing is simple, especially when it comes to what most refer to as "federal" government. To properly address, solve any problem it first requires a basic foundation, premise, purpose for the "common good". Our foundation for government is the Constitution, Bill of Rights, albeit this is under attack and for the most part it's the Federal government attacking it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What do we remember about the 50’s and how it relates today

There are many interesting facts we all need to consider in regard to the 50’s over the situation we find ourselves in now. This is especially true in regard to our government.  Enjoy this in remembering before you continue just reading about the 50's - http://oldfortyfives.com/TakeMeBackToTheFifties.htm/

Positive Actions in “REGRESSION”

Positive Actions in “REGRESSION”
Today there are more people engaged in "what if", "what ain't" and "what is" with "bits and pieces" of "what was". A "virtual reality in complexity" with the lost art of simplicity. The "K I S S" has been replaced with layer upon layer of "LIP SERVICE".

enlightenment to a “real” truth

As we've seen with the Arizona immigration law's demise this week, the debate over a state's sovereignty is very much alive today. For quite a number of years many in Texas and elsewhere have questioned, studied, researched for a legally recognized and Constitutional basis in an effort