Friday, July 29, 2011

This mess called our U.S. Government in Perspective

First and foremost before you start reading this, I’m not an economist, I do love our country and darn shor love let’s get real folks, politicians got us into this!

This mess called our U.S. Government in Perspective

Why is America in the shape it’s in today and how’d we get here?

Far more Americans are involved in politics today than I can ever remember in the history of our nation. Just as many are still hopeful the 2012 elections will make a difference. Anyone can easily gauge the pulse of America on social networks(internet), some television networks and a host of talk show types who analyze and get more opinions than politicians have excuses. They should change the national anthem to “Blame anything and anyone, just not me”! Democrats blame Republicans, Republicans blame Democrats, Governors blame Washington D.C. and what’s far more disturbing is far too many people believe it! Look at this a moment and just what do you see?  A mountain of debt and I mean a MOUNTAIN! To those who blame this nut some call a President..Yes, he’s managed in less time than it takes to read the entire history of our nation to propel government spending into warp speed. However he is not the only one to blame, the real blame rests with us and these nuts we keep sending to Washington D.C. who so call represent us whether Democrat or Republican. So the answer is really fairly simple in how we as a nation got into this mess, Party Politics! It is and has been since the first time politicians invented or said the word Democrat or Republican. This created a division, the rich versus the poor, the haves versus the have-nots, the powerful versus the weak. A tag so well conceived literally millions of people not only bought into it but paid for it and are really paying the price now. During and in the course of this divide was the average middle American (thanks to government became a taxpayer thru a quasi-government agency formed and known as the IRS) who was the real target for both sides simply because that’s exactly who really paid the price. They are and have been the political prey, the animal caged in the zoo of politics. Hardworking, Patriotic Americans being cajoled, massaged, nurtured into one side or the other in order to maintain and support the political process and the machinery within.

A key in this machinery is and has been for a long time an entity known as the Federal Reserve(actually a consortium of banks and bankers who somehow managed to gain control of virtually every dollar printed and if that wasn’t enough they charge interest to print it, distribute it, control the supply of it to supposedly maintain some semblance of our U.S. economy and the viability thereof). This is reality, the smoke and mirrors of and within what we call our Federal government controlled by often unseen and unknown powers behind the curtain of this stage we call Washington D.C. I do believe many fine men and women have entered politics thru the years and in many ways unknowingly were manipulated, used and in one form or another either left or became a victim of their own aspirations to become a career politician. Regardless of their own personal convictions, ideals or integrity they must and will bend to the support of their respective political party or they won’t survive long enough to get a light in a Congressional toilet seat much less a committee appointment. This is the case for the newly elected, those who have served for a number of years can and do at times switch parties but that’s for political survival within their constituency for voter support. Also our political 2 party system is mired in candidates who have to have financial support from their respective party’s coffers or they take an enormous financial risk thru other means, either personal and/or supporter donations. That lends itself to another question, who in their right mind would seek an elected office if there weren’t some forms of financial benefit? Therefore to tie a ribbon around this, very few wealthy people become or even desire to be in the mainstream of the public eye politically unless it’s enormously beneficial toward some personal agenda. The bottomline, American politics is a dirty and nasty business of compromise, power and corruption portrayed by people who, in most cases, appear to be worthy of your support for whatever reason. Any naiveté or innocence on the part of a person new to politics and introduced as a candidate for public office is soon replaced by the reality of how the game is played if and when they are elected.

I have stated repeatedly, not only on this, to many who are heavily or currently involved in our State of Texas leadership that Texas has options many other States may or may not have but the time is now. Unfortunately most feel we don’t have the leadership currently who can and would take these actions or a strong, united group of people as voters who would demand it. Texas has vast resources but these are slowly but surely being undermined by actions of and thru the Federal government. That lends itself to the question of why so many either fear or are so tied and dependent on the United States government any action in this regard is like poison to a bed of fire ants. I do believe there is a deeper and more meaningful reason and it’s the heart and soul of governance. Governance is control, power over people in the decisions, laws, mandates, taxes, fees, every known and conceivable way to control your lives and your God given freedoms. Our current Texas governor, Rick Perry, whose words are strong even in his book FedUp is a prime example of politicians. Plenty of wonderful rhetoric but no real effective actions or solutions. He’s now a strong candidate in running for President of the United States in 2012 despite his promise to the people of Texas in his last election he wouldn’t. There’s an old adage in politicians, timing and opportunity is the backbone that wags the tail as long as it has some degree of digestibility in the minds of the voters.

Non-Texans can skip this segment unless you too have an interest and/or appreciation for why our State is considered vital to the U.S. economy and extremely vital to the powers behind the scenes. I, like many Texans, voted for Perry, Dewhurst, Abbott and Combs. All are true born and bred Texans. David Dewhurst our Lt. Governor holds what most know is the most powerful office in our State. Greg Abbott is our Texas Attorney General and Susan Combs, our Texas State Comptroller. They fly under the flag of Texas as Republicans, Conservatives and what most would feel as Patriotic Americans. Perry, due to the longevity of his being Governor, has amassed an unprecedented number of political appointments within our State. Virtually every State Department of Judicial and Executive branches are limbs tied to the Perry tree. Many actions within our State have been positive in appearance under and thru these mentioned, especially considering most Conservative Texans know and fully realize Austin, our State Capitol, is a hotbed of liberalism, liberalists or more specifically those who thrive politically on cause, issues and concerns. What has and continues to perplex me is simple. It’s not politics, it’s the health and well being of our children and the future generations of Texans. By the way, I did and have shared a plan for Texas that I strongly feel could have a positive effect on all Americans but it too can and will take time and certainly some sacrifice in order to change the course and restore any semblance of a Constitutional Republic as embraced by our founding fathers. I have only presented this to certain people within our State who I felt at the time truly had a real concern for saving Texas and ultimately all real Patriotic Americans. I was told it was too simple and subsequently embraced like lead in a hot air balloon! Now I know how Steve Forbes feels every time he’s suggested a simpler and easier form of taxing is a “fair” tax.

Therefore for reasons of sound debate and discussion I’ll move forward rather than backward in an attempt to sort out some possibilities that motivate certain actions in government and why some can and do buy into these visions of a New World Order or at least some drastic changes needed to control the world population. If you would please take the time to listen to this video, not that I’m in any way recommending you purchase the book but it does contain some valuable and informative information in the video itself in which will lead to further the next segment of my feelings as to this mess we’re all in as Americans.

Hopefully you listened to the video and I respect the opinions of the economists in this video and to a certain degree their prognostications. I also feel, as was presented, the real outstanding obligations including entitlements is closer to $75 trillion than the current figure of $14+trillion. Whatever the actual figure is the bubble will bust for the reasons stated. I’m also reasonably sure the current leadership in Washington D.C. will find a way to continue putting off the inevitable and thereby raise or acquiesce in some manner in an attempt to somewhat calm the nerves of Wall Street and the mainstream populace to keep the Federal government operational. The real question remains for how long and to what extent will “we the people” have to suffer thru rising costs for food, energy (electricity, gasoline, etc.), greatly reduced value of homes, real estate, lower wages, larger bites out of paychecks due to fees, taxes in various forms, rising interest rates, amid a very significant increase in unemployment. What is referred to in the video and probably to a greater degree in the book aptly named “AfterShock”.

Let’s lay aside any of the often referred to “Conspiracy” theories as a part and probable cause for some of these concerns and concentrate on the increase in world population, demand on our water/food supply and other valuable resources such as timber, oil & natural gas, certain precious metals and most importantly the world economic instability between countries related to their “fiat” currencies and respective debt. Personally I give very little real viability to “environmental” concerns as expounded on by Al Gore, et al.

For now let’s stop here and see how this “debt crisis” situation and the ongoing appearance of actions to scare the paints off anyone that truly believes the Federal government can or will shut down because they can’t come to any terms of agreement to keep printing money and/or spending it. Obama’s lie’n as usual and it’s not “we the people” that should be scared, it’s these idiots that got us into this mess to begin with!

Monday, July 4, 2011

AMERICA God Bless Her!

This ship we call America is take'n on water like there's no tomorrow. Leaks from Bow to Stern with a Captain that doesn't love her, doesn't know her aside from not know'n a bilge pump from a blast furnace! The old gal is 235 years old, been thru a lot, sailed many an ocean fly'n the flag of FREEDOM, Liberty and Justice for all. Many times outside forces of evil have tried to sink her yet she survived to fight another day because of the heart, will, commitment, duty and honor of the men/women who served her. Now it seems we are no more than deckhands with a tower full of nuts try'n to run her aground once and for all. What's most upset'n is how many folks sit'n on the shore watch'n and not either realize'n she's sink'n or just plain don't seem to care that she is. Those who have served her thru the years know it takes all hands to right a sink'n ship and somehow, someway we'll save the flag of freedom even if we have to fly it on a Life boat in stormy seas..God Bless America!

Happy Independence Day!