Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Calling All TEXANS!

This is the most critical time in our lives and once again, just as our forefathers did, show the world the heart, spirit and fight in what we are and will always be as TEXANS!  It's time to step up and let's get busy in letting every elected official in our State government know exactly what we want them to do for us.  We need you, every Texan who recognizes how critical it is in stopping this onslaught of Federal government programs, mandates and so called laws that run absolutely against any form of a Constitutional Republic.  I'm asking each group, organization and the leadership therein to join in this action and together we can and will once again live and be the heart and spirit in all we are as TEXANS!

This process begins in your local community and then to a delegation of voices to formally and officially address our elected officials in Austin.  The first step is to join us by going to this website

God bless you and yours and God bless TEXAS!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A MISS in the KISS

I wrote another poem this morning, thought I'd share it in the dawning,  light of a new day, my heart in how it comes your way:

A Miss in the KISS
Somehow, someway within us, we’ve all shared this feeling
Missing some’n when ya get again, it sorta feels like stealing

Can be as beautiful as a smile, a touch, even a fleeting glance
What makes it special in our heart, it’s a prelude to romance

A feeling, a thought, something alive, you just can’t shake
Regardless of what your doing, within your heart it’s awake

In your heart there’s this awesome feeling, like some power
Embracing you, a feeling inside, every second in each hour

A throbbing deep inside your heart, something you’re missing
Telling you what you really miss, you would find in KISSing

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Call to ACTION!

I assure you any factual information contained herein is as accurate and up to date as possible.

The following is a forthcoming reality and the only solution that I can possibly see to save Texas has to start now (in that, I've mentioned several options in prior commentary so I'll refrain from repetition in that respect).

When I talk about The End of America, I don't mean the end of our political union (although I won't rule that out as I am somewhat hopeful our Texas political leadership is and will begin to act in cutting the ties to Federal government, establish our own

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Heart of a Cowboy!

Different strokes, different folks, some are inspire'n, some are lie'n
some make ya smile, some make ya frown, a sorta merry'go'round

Stoop'n to a devilish level, in how some shovel, don't seem bright
Not much learn'n in any form of yearn'n to get, feel, know, enlight

Association in way of MANipulation, a road to nowhere in any sense
Might as well keep dig'n a hole, deeper it gets the higher the fence

Some will straddle, some will rattle, some may even shake the posts
Just could be a sign some see as chase'n, try'n to rope some ghosts

Don't mean folks can't have some forms of human imperfection
Mostly means their lost and find it rides the wind of misdirection!

Some folks often wonder just what makes an ole cowhand tick
All an ole cowhand wonders is in how to get rid of ‘em quick

Oft times an ole cowhand’s sorta slip’ry even when he ain’t wet
Yet most ladies seem to enjoy some’n bout’em they can't forget

In so many ways and most days he’s somewhat like the wind
He’s darn good at watch’n the herd, don’t try to fence him in

He’s apt to say with a big smile, he loves to have a lot of space
being close is good, hold’n him down puts a frown in his pace

He takes pride in his word, don’t say much he don’t believe
Won’t make a promise to anyone that’s ever meant to deceive

To most city folks, he’s slow in his walk, his talk unconventional
What they don’t know, beneath that slow he’s also unconditional

He’s not about fortune, fame, does a good job cause he’s proud
He understands what kind of man he is with no need to be loud

He’s the heart and soul in a lot of what’s old in terms of man
He’ll always say yes ma’am, sir to any age person in this land

Outta respect, noth’n else or more, what he was taught to say
Not a reflection in anything to anyone, it’s just simply his way

He rides, pokes, ropes, he always has a drawl in say'n the lines
But the gals love it even when his hands can feel gnarly as vines

His taste is rare, heart has care, his saddle always has good soap
But one thangs fer shor, his love is pure with or without the rope

So any of you ladies wanna a good ride he’ll give ya a real lift
Just in grab’n the hand of an ole cowhand it can be quite a gift

Open’n his eyes may not be wise cause owls only hoot at night
But a kind word when lightly spurred most likely could be right

Don’t get scared when he says come’ere I wanna see ya naked
That’s his way of flat’ry and got noth’n to do with being wicked

Has a gleam in his eye, might even sigh take’n in yo’re charms
He’ll smile pick’n ya up, let’n ya down so ya can lay in his arms

Can speak softly in his drawl, love ya deeply, then ride ya hard
Come morn’n he might say, gotta git darl’n to be with my pard

If he don’t come back, ain’t cause ya weren’t good in the hay
He just can’t exactly say a lot in when he’ll be back yo’re way

Just rest assure’d ya had what it took to make for a time of love
He’ll ride away, look back to say, thank ya to the Lord above

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year to ALL!

Happy New Year to All:

May your blessings be many, your troubles be few
as forever we wave our flag of Red, White and Blue

May you ride like the wind on the saddle of Love
in all we've been given from the good Lord above

May you help those who are living in hunger, strife
That they too may come to have know a better life

May you have happiness, laughter, joy each day
embracing those in love and care your special way

May you walk tall and straight, your words be true
so others can trust, embrace, share in all you do

May your pursuits be unlimited, knowing no bounds
respectful, honorable in what and who it surrounds

So as we close year 2010, open our hearts to 2011
Thankful and blessed by so much many have given

I pass along to you my friend in my poetic prayer
that you and yours have all the best this New Year!

My Family to Yours,