Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year or is IT?

Happy New Year
Or is IT?
As we say goodbye to 2010, most are happy it’s come to an end
The Congress was worse than ever, sorry Bills their endeavor
The national debt still roaring, actually it’s more like soaring
The Tea Party really came to life, amid all the anger and strife
Obama, Pelosi and Reid, spending our money at record speed
China on top of world domination, to most that’s Obamanation
Silver, copper, platinum, gold, folks desire’n to have and hold
Conspiracy theories are a target, seems gov’t is the real culprit
Corruption, power and greed, New World Order planted the seed
Constitution look’n like a ghost, folks hope’n it’s not soon toast
Unemployment is higher than a kite, not much future in sight
No jobs, no future, no money, what was steak looks like baloney
Some are thinking the only solution just might be a revolution
In so many ways sorta sad, once a great nation can turn so bad
Guns and ammo the call of the day, locked and loaded as we say
So as we say hello to 2011, most are praying to God in heaven
Some thought vote’n would change the face of a gov’t in disgrace
All it did is speed up the will of those nuts sit’n on top Capitol hill
What’s the answer to all this mess, America being put to the test
How so few control lives of many, fat & happy get’n darn skinny
Texas with a governor FedUP, most us wonder’n where he’ll flop
Other States are so broke, look’n like bicycles without any spokes
Far too much wheel’n and deal’n, most of it is nothing but steal’n
What are we gonna tell our chile’n, if we all sit back and be will’n
allowing our great nation to die, eat’n the last of Mom’s apple pie
We need folks with true grit, who’ll give gov’t a eye full of spit
Say enough is enough, best stop now or we’re gonna show ya how
The spirit we hold dear is alive & free, we don’t give up our liberty
Men fought and died defend’n our flag, a lesson to any scalliwag
To those fine folks in our military, you too must be awful weary
of a Commander’n’Chief with no love of our Nation in his belief
one thing is very clear, United We Stand can mean a good YEAR!

Monday, December 27, 2010

When Truth Remains Unacceptable!

Most of us, as Americans who truly are concerned about the state of our country, have heard and seen in any number of ways by and thru people with no reason or motive to lie in regard to events so catastrophic, evil and corrupt we simply cannot accept them as truth.  To do so is hitting at the very heart and soul of what we want to believe, know and feel in being an American.  Everything so many have fought, died and sacrificed to preserve makes it not only unacceptable but down right ludicrous for us to fathom the nation we love can be guided by such evil men and women in such a manner as to hide or keep us from acting or pretending we aren't that nation.  The truth is we are that nation of people being led by a misguided missle of power, greed, devastation, evil and corruption in, by and thru the hands of a few we just cannot believe or ever accept would or could ever be or do such harm to its citizens.

I have appealed and stated so many times we must WAKE UP TO TRUTH, ACCEPT IT and WHEN WE EVER DO WE WILL BE WHAT WE ARE with all the good common decency of our FOUNDING FATHERS.  Therefore, once again, I ask you to view this video, open your mind and your heart to the reality of TRUTH and albeit it's somewhat lengthy please take the time to listen to it in its entirety as it may well be soon when you will no longer just hear it, YOU WILL BE COMPLACENT and COMPLICIT in LIVING and ALLOWING IT to continue!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Passing like stars in the night, some dim, some bright
feel’n your warm caress, kiss’n my soul in tender bliss
no promises in our heart, yet knowing we’ll never part
feel’n the heavens in our love, sent to us from up above
alive, rare without care, adrift in the love, joy we share
words of love on our lips, the soft touch of our fingertips

Some you love, feel their passion, energy and strength
An endless uplifting wave, no time, no space, no length
wild, free, hot, out of control, limbs a raging forest of fire
heat of passion caught up in the moment, endless desire

You’ll never ever be alone, hearts engaged in love’n waves
love and life, feel’n, care’n, share’n, unconditional always
No chains, no barriers, no limits, no boundaries to behold
faint hearted attempts to surround our mind, body or soul

These are the moments we always remember and cherish
A burning ember of love always glowing, never to perish
dawning of a new day brings another sunrise in our smile
each moment a stride we take in making it all worthwhile

Monday, December 13, 2010


It is a fact, the planet we live on as earth is becoming overpopulated, abused, used and the invaluable resources to sustain human life are slowly but surely diminishing. From the water to our food supply, energy sources for electricity, power to sustain all the needs of so many on our planet who have enjoyed the luxuries of living, not just surviving. Throughout the course of history, many cultures/societies have flourished as nations and its citizens simply watched as their world crumbled around them. Some fought, died to preserve their heritage, their way of life just as the American Indians did when our forefathers came to America. Those who preferred to control and use them in time were successful and it was motivated, directed and orchestrated by men and women who desired power and greed over any real concern for the people. The unfortunate fact is simply, any mass of humanity is only as capable as those who lead it. From the greatest minds to the lowest laborer, they are only as good in doing their part as those who lead them in doing theirs. That’s the real Truth! Good, honest, effective, efficient, purposeful and meaningful leadership is, without question, the most invaluable and priceless commodity on our planet. However, the forces of evil never really want or will allow any forces for good unless such forces are a tool to their own selfish desire, goal or agenda. So the ultimate question remains in where, how and who can anyone trust worthy of leadership and not give in to the beast of power, greed and corruption? Then the next question, can they really lead us against all the forces of evil? Each of you in some form, manner or fashion are hoping, wishing or praying that someone(a true, committed and capable leader) exists on this planet and preferably as a citizen of our blessed country we call the United States of America.

Therefore folks, what is the real TRUTH today? Can any entity truly pay off a debt so large it’s total Gross National Product is far lower than any feasible economic change or recovery to even sustain much less pay off? The Outstanding Public Debt as of 13 Dec 2010 at 04:26:07 PM GMT is: $13,862,105,648,505.25! The estimated population of the United States is 309,652,886
so each citizen's share of this debt is $44,766.60.

One considered as a respected economic mind sent an alarm signal regarding this in the following:
Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said he's not "overly concerned" about the recent weakness in the U.S. dollar, Bloomberg News reported Greenspan is concerned about the long-term costs to the United States associated with its rising national debt.
"There are equations in which certain relationships become progressively explosive," such as if a spiral starts in which increasing interest payments increase the deficit and debt, leading to another increase in interest payments, and so on, the Bloomberg News reported as a Fiscal Analysis: Policy makers in Washington should heed Greenspan's words. Even with recent weakness, the dollar has basically returned to its level before the financial crisis; moreover, the dollar's value is partially a function of the large U.S. budget deficit and national debt. On the latter, presently, interest rates are relatively low, with the United States still benefiting from a flight-to-safety into U.S. Treasuries, which has lowered long-term interest rates below what they would have been in normal times (the rate the U.S. government pays on its bonds is certainly lower than the rate lenders would charge other nations, if they had a similar per capita national debt).  However, the period of relatively low interest rates will not last forever. As the global recovery accelerates, institutional investors will rotate out of safe Treasuries and into higher risk/higher return investments, and long-term interest rates will likely rise -- increasing the U.S.'s borrowing costs. The specter of rising rates is one major reason why, after a deficit-cutting health care reform package is passed, Congress must turn its attention to cutting the budget deficit -- including further spending cuts and a tax increase. If Congress acts courageously, the budget can be balanced by fiscal year 2016, assuming a normal GDP growth rate in the U.S."

So the key words in what Greenspan and others are saying is in the statement "assuming a normal GDP growth rate in the U.S." as to what’s considered normal in our current U.S. government and economy.  If anything in the world today is remotely resembling normal then you can toss this into the trash can of garbage overload.  Also, you can only tax so much and even then you have to discount who is actually paying taxes against how many are receiving and benefiting from the taxes being paid.  An estimated 40% of Americans don't pay any “income tax” but do pay in other ways such as sales, fees for services, etc.

Now who is really benefiting in all this maze of mass destruction thru greed, power and corruption, it's who some call or refer to as the “elite”.  These perpetrators of propaganda with a self and close association for their own interests and what does TRUTH really mean to them except in how it’s directly effecting you and yours unless you’re fortunate to be included in the list.

A good place to look since so many of you are probably saying, No Way, not the Bushes, can’t be, they are so conservative, caring, loving, warm, friendly and every bit a Patriot.  So why South America?  Is it coincidence or interesting since that’s exactly where so many went as Nazi’s during the days of Hitler’s regime.  So as you peruse the links at the end of this, just ask yourself can this really be happening?  I happen to know it is!
Wait, didn’t even “60 Minutes” do a segment on the Brazilian economy yesterday, Dec. 12, 2010 and in it mention many economists now feel Brazil, Russia, India and China will dominate the world economy? *mm* I recall something about a so called “BRIC” agreement in the last link.  Can all of these people, companies, organizations be a part of something so bizarre?

I can literally go on and on with connection after connection from China, Russia, India, Brazil and so many names of people prominent in our government in some way who have helped shape the mess we are in as Americans. From Presidents to Senators, Congressmen/women, Heads of Departments from Judicial to Legislative, Military to Treasury, Ambassadors to Cabinet members, all complicit in undermining our Nation, our Constitution to destroy the “spirit” of and within every God loving, caring and concerned citizen of what was the greatest country ever known to give each of us real Freedom in being an American. So what is real TRUTH? Do you truly believe it’s Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee or someone more involved on the national front of and in the Federal government?

I submit to you, if there is such a person, it’s far more likely to be someone much closer to you in terms of government. Someone that respects our Constitution, knows it, follows it, lives by it and the laws of God. That someone can’t just use it as rhetoric, politically motivated to be as engaging as possible in pursuit of being in the good graces of some political party. I think most folks have had their fill of politicians that look good, sound good but don’t take the actions necessary to back up their words. We have one in our Governor Perry who’s now running around selling his book, FedUP! He’s like a Sarah Palin and more than a few others doing what they can to capitalize on their fame to make some form of fortune. Now I don’t ever fault anyone for making an honest living but in this day and age what or who’s honest any more? That is especially true in those in the public eye.  If Governor Perry and all the rest of our so called Texas politicians really wanted to kick butt when it comes to the Federal government, they’d be hard pressed not to recognize we have a lot more options than they have stated but it’s high time to stop talking and move on’em. I’ve elaborated on my opinions before on here so I’ll refrain from any further reference thereto except I believe we are still the Republic of Texas just as our forefathers left it to us. The key word is REPUBLIC too, not democracy or some other form or attempt to make folks feel they actually have a say in government. I know the Bushes aren’t Texans, they are about as Texan as Adolph Hitler..PERIOD! At least, Perry, Dewhurst, Abbot are Texans so it’s about time to shape up and let’s get busy in whatever manner to tell the Federal government to shove it up their own orifice and get busy with all we are blessed by the good Lord with as Texans, Texians and true Patriotic Americans!  That is, of course, if they aren't also under the puppet strings of the "Elite".

All you good folks in whatever State you’re in are more than welcome to tell your electorate to call ours and say OK, now let’s grab the ball and run with it so we can really do something for all these folks we say we represent! Then join hands in a real reformation for a government of, for and by “we the people”. I’ve said it in every conceivable way my small brain of human understanding can possibly put it and that’s the REAL TRUTH!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Poetic Pause!

Heavenly Life
I am a man, this I be, sometimes lost, sometimes free
Life isn’t living without a care, is it not why we share
Like others, I have limits, don’t always count the minutes
wasting time sometimes in vain yet it helps keep me sane
Looking back is to no avail, that is for a wishing well
But memories of those I love fill my senses for God above
Age is a process I have come to know, the reason why I grow
To many I should have regrets but isn’t life the way to test
Why love unconditional is rare but best if I just say I’m blessed
Now I sit in the twilight of my years, no doubt, no fears
Knowing God above will look upon all I’ve reaped and sewn
As if he touches my soul saying words of praise for my days
On earth will be done when he says to me, my Son
Come now with me and you will find eternal peace of mind
A soul will never weary be as long as he takes a path with me
Your life led you to many trails just as I don’t count the nails
Pain isn’t because life is easy tho at times you act so breezy
Others might see what’s inside but from me you can’t hide
feelings you have with love come from me for do you not see
The boy in you is the man in me so live my Son and you will be
Never lost, always free, heart and soul a part of ME
Never to die but lie in my arms high in love of heaven above

Monday, December 6, 2010

Conspiracies, fact or fiction!

Conspiracies, fact or fiction
I know most of you have at some point in time seen or heard any number of conspiracy type theories. So before I start any elaboration as to the basis or truth within some of these, I'm only going to relate what I've known and seen first hand, upclose and personal.

It started with my introduction to a gentleman many would certainly regard as well informed, knowledgeable and held office in some of the most powerful seats of government. He was a former United States Secretary of the Navy and Secretary of the Treasury under Dwight D. Eisenhower. He had many friends and associates thruout the world. His name was Robert B. Anderson. You can read about him at this link .   so I don't have to elaborate on his personal accomplishments or what is known publicly.  As you read further I believe you will also have a better understanding and appreciation for the power and force of certain people in their control of our government.
What I do want to tell you and anyone with an open mind is Mr. Anderson was a true patriot. He loved this country, served it with honor and distinction. Also, his career did come to a sad ending but it's not as it appears or is perceived in the public archives. I met Mr. Anderson thru an introduction by a business associate of mine named Jim Shuler. Shuler and I had various dealings in the oil & gas industry and we shared offices in Houston although his home was in San Francisco. On a trip Shuler and I made to New York City in the late 70's, I first met Mr. Anderson in his New York office. Being we were both Texans we immediately enjoyed some discussion related to some other well known Texans and others in both business and politics in which we had personal experiences. Suffice it to say, we struck up a very good friendship. Subsequent to that first meeting, we had numerous phone conversations for a number of years and I saw him 2 more times in New York and once in Geneva, Switzerland where he was chairing a very private and unpublicized meeting of the top world bankers to address a need to help the South American countries avoid defaulting on World Bank loans. As a result, and in some ways to show you how respected his opinions were on the stage of world economies, currencies and how intertwined they were for the psychological thread of value in perception, within days immediately following this meeting these countries did in fact receive what they needed to thwart an economic and currency collapse in their respective countries.

During the course of knowing Mr. Anderson I was also invited by Shuler to spend a few days as a guest at the Bohemian Grove north of San Francisco on the Russian River situated among the most beautiful setting of redwoods you would ever behold. I've never encountered a place where so many powerful and influential men gathered as the few days I spent in this highly elite compound. The list of members is far too long to detail but suffice it to say, it was not only U.S. Presidents, both past and future, but almost every major CEO of large corporations in our country and a few from other parts of the world. There were also well known entertainers, Hollywood actors, singers, songwriters, playwrights, producers and directors. There were no reporters and it was actually very entertaining in making acquaintances, sharing stories along with playing dominoes with a number of the members and other guests at the encampment where I stayed called Edgewood. I did not see any rituals or other forms of activities I've heard of since so I can't comment on any of that with any degree of first hand knowledge. I never joined the Bohemian Club and not because it wasn't somewhat tempting but simply because I've never been one to join clubs or organizations similar in structure.

The last time I was with Mr. Anderson he called me and asked if I had time to meet him and he would fly into Houston if I could pick him up at the airport. I said I'd be happy to and asked how long he would be staying and if he needed any accomodations which I'd be happy to arrange. He said no, I merely want to spend some time with you and then proceeded to say he'd call me back when he confirmed the airline, flight number and time of his arrival. When Mr. Anderson called back with his flight information, he said he had about 5 hours before he had to fly back to New York and I asked him if it was ok with him if we went to meet a local bank president who was a friend of my brother and I and it would take us about an hour to get there so we could talk as we went. He said that's fine and I'd be happy to meet him.

Subsequently I picked him up at the airport and noticed he looked very tired, almost to the point of fatique, so I did inquire as to his health and he said he was a bit tired but he wanted to make me aware of something he felt I needed to know and had a request of me which he would greatly appreciate my help and not something he had wanted to discuss by phone. He then proceeded to tell me about this group of very powerful men and women who met periodically to discuss and make decisions in regard to the future of every soul on this planet. He said basically the following:

I originally became a part of this group when I was Secretary of Treasury and introduced to what they presented as a plan that would become a new world order wherein there would be no more wars, famines, illegal drug traffickers and people would live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives. It would be as close to eutopia as the world could ever be. As I learned more and became aware that much in what was being planned would in fact require agendas to reduce the number of people so others could live and enjoy their time on earth is when I began to realize these people were forces for evil in the manner they would conduct or orchestrate these acts. It was less about the good for mankind than the perpetuation of the elite and controlling the lives of those who would labor under the guise and direction of one world government. As I began to look more closely into past events it became abundantly clear this group would go to any end or means to achieve their goal. Then he paused, asked did I understand and grasp the gravity in what he had said? I simply said in some ways, yes and in some ways I have visions of Hitler and Mien Kampf in the sense of an arien race where everyone has their place yet it is without the individual freedoms and liberties we believe in as Americans. He said, exactly and that is why I gave them notice two weeks ago I no longer wanted to be a part of it.

At this point he said, I only had what money was in my pocket when I called you yesterday and asked you to meet me. Within a week of giving them notice, my bank accounts and assets have been frozen and I feel this is only the beginning. It is also why I need a favor from you and I want you to know that I may not ever be able to repay it. Something is up, I know there will be no way to dispute it if it is to discredit me and they are certainly capable of doing just that. I asked him why he felt this and he said it's the nature of the beast and the beast is far more powerful than any one man. I then asked what do you need that I can help and he said I need $10,000 as I have literally no money and spent most of what I had for the plane ticket to come see you and get back to New York. I said, you sure that's all you need, and he said yes because of two reasons. First, I can't repay you or at least I'm very sure it will be difficult to do so I only want what I need for a few things and nothing more. Also, should anyone ever question you it's a loan but hopefully since it's cash that won't happen and unless you have it on you, you are required to fill out a form to get any amount of cash from your bank that exceeds $9,999. I told him I understood and had no problem in helping him as any friend would help another.

We met my brother and the local banker and I complied with his request while they visited as it was the first time my brother had actually met him. After about 30 minutes, we left and as I was driving him back to the airport we stopped and grabbed a bite to eat. He seemed a bit more relaxed but one thing I never saw him do once in the times I was with him was drink anything alcholic. I'm not sure if that's because I don't drink or what but I didn't learn till later and that was in reading it, he had an alcohol problem. When we finished eating and we were back on the road he then said, I don't know what is really in store for me in terms of how I'm being attacked except what has been done to financially disable me but I want you to know I have never acted in any manner that would discredit my country, my family, my friends or anyone I've associated with in and during my political and business career. I was watching, listening to this man, sensing his pain, anguish but no sense of anger. We arrived at the airport with more than sufficient time for him to check in so I parked and walked in with him. In the last words and time I saw him he said, there are few people you can really trust and I want to thank you as a friend and in ways I've put a burden on your shoulders but I know you can and will handle it in the best interest of our country. I told him it has always been an honor to be his friend and a friend I'll always be so rest assured whatever happens I appreciate your trust and confidence. We shook hands and then I hugged him and as he walked away I was saying a prayer that God help him too.

A few months later 2 FBI men showed up at my office in Houston and they questioned me about Mr. Anderson. In the course of it they asked, had I ever received or given any money to him? I asked why they were even asking the question and they said we can't discuss the reasons but it would be helpful for you to answer the question. I told them, yes I had loaned Mr. Anderson some money in the last month or so when he flew down to visit with me and no I had never received any money from him. They asked the nature of the loan and the amount. I said it was simply he needed it, I had it to loan him and it was $10,000. They asked have you ever done any business with Mr. Anderson related to any foreign or domestic bank transactions? I said no, other than the loan to him and that wasn't business, that was as a friend with no strings attached. That ended that discussion, they thanked me and left. I tried to call Mr. Anderson but all of his phone numbers I had were no longer working. It was some time later I learned and read he had been indicted for some foreign banking operation which involved drug laundering and some other forms of embezzlement.

I knew the man, there's no way he would act in that manner regardless of who said it. This is when I first really started to understand all he had wanted to tell me. Since that time I have watched as so many events have transpired and as I learned much in what possibilities and probabilities were evidence of other forms of conspiracy within governments, both foreign and domestic. Today as I watch others like Jesse Ventura, Glenn Beck doing all they can in their own way to open the minds of so many Americans who doubt or refuse to accept there are very evil and corrupt forces working in and thru the shadow of governments and those who govern. For these reasons I want to try and clear the record for my friend, Bob Anderson, and in so doing let those who truly love, honor, respect and hold dear the very foundation of our individual freedom and liberty to realize the only fear is fear itself and that's not a fear that I'll ever give into regardless of the power of those who want you to accept or believe it.

Therefore as you listen to Jesse Ventura in his show and others on conspiracies, keep an open mind. If a man like Mr. Anderson can be ruined and discredited, is it not just as understandable events that led up to the death of JFK and others are any less despicable and ruthless in the manner of how, what and why these evil forces are more dangerous than anything on this earth?  We are a nation led thru our consent to being governed and the day when we no longer allow or consent to being governed is the day our nation will arise and begin to restore the real values as outlined in our Constitution but it will take the majority of Americans to make it happen.  That majority simply has to say and act to those that are governing us, we will not pay or consent to any governance henceforth until all have effectively resigned and we no longer need a 2 party system to make it function properly and within the framework of our founding fathers.  No law enforcement or military action under the control and influence of Washington, D.C. can thwart a resolution of even 50 million citizens much less the entire Nation.