Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Re: 2012


I’ve given a lot of thought to what’s really in, of and behind these two letters we consider as ReGARDING. Also in that line of thought and what’s currently on the horizon for our nation in 2012 which now looks even more bleak through any dose of political ReALITY. It’s high time to do some ReTHINKING and give serious consideration to why, what and how we can ReSTORE government under a Constitutional RePUBLIC empowered by “We the People”!

We as Patriotic, caring, God loving citizens can sit back and hope, pray that somehow, someway the elections of 2012 are going to right the ship known as the United States of America. If you truly in your heart believe that then you might as well keep your blinders on because any look into this massive mess of corruption, outright theft, deceit, lies, misrepresentation has you staring down a deep, dark abyss known as abuse of power of a few over the many! The handwriting is on the wall and we best wake up to one simple fact..Party Politics is alive and well as long as you give any form of support to either side of the “aisle” that doesn’t take away the power of the Federal government over YOU! ReAD my Lips: Not one presidential candidate can turn this country around, not through an act of Congress or any other form of Judicial, Legislative or Executive action because to survive they must perpetuate total and complete disdain for our Constitution! Everything we as a nation face today is and has been built on deception. It was never the intent, purpose and meaning of our Founding Fathers for a central government to destroy or take away your rights as a free citizen. Therefore everything known and passed as laws, mandates, executive, legislative and judicial actions are nothing more than a fraud under the guise of government!

We can ReSHUFFLE the deck and in the process ReSTORE and ReEMPOWER “We the People” but it takes ReMOVING completely any and all power from what we now know as Washington, D.C. and the Federal government therein.

We the People aren’t really in debt, the Federal government is because they chose to fraudulently establish the Federal Reserve and give them the power to print debt in the form of fiat currency. The truth is the Federal government owes themselves in order to sustain this fraud known as debt to the taxpayers through another fraud called the Internal Revenue Service. It’s all in how one fraud has perpetuated another in order for a few elected representatives (Presidents, Legislatures, Courts) to amass a mountain of so called debt to burden the backs of middle American taxpayers into submission and control. So much so that now far too many in our nation are totally dependent on government or at least far too afraid of government to stand up and defy it even exists.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s but one solution. Forget Washington, D.C., don’t support it, don’t even acknowledge it exists. Forget any form of Political Party and any partisanship thereto. You really want a Constitutional Republic, there’s one alive and well and all it takes is your support to ReSTORE it as the true and only RePUBLIC of TEXAS! It’s not as difficult as most want you to believe and all it takes is YOU!