Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sad Times

I know many of you feel as I do and hopefully I’m reiterating what’s truly a sad time in our country. The basis for this sadness is simply lack of trust, truth and honesty
 in those who are and have been in positions of power, albeit; government, wall street, news media, religions, corporations, courts, lawyers, social cause organizations. No longer can one take their word on face value. We no longer enjoy the type of people we felt as heroes growing up. It’s not we have become smarter, it’s because we have lost our faith, trust, hope and regard in almost every aspect of human behavior.
The real long term affect is how our youth, the future of our country, hear and see so many who distort the truth, lie, cheat and steal for political or monetary gain. The question becomes how can we blame our youth for their inappropriate actions when so many of the actions of the aforementioned are downright shameful.
Only one answer I can give, we have to get back to the basic principles of Christian behavior, our faith and trust in God. Try to find and elect men/women of principle over power. Those who will serve and care for our Country and Constitution over compromise, put accountability over profitability, reestablish local and State sovereignty over Federally governed laws and regulations therefore reducing the size of government and the problems/issues facing all Americans.

The real changes needed that would most impact our current situation and put forth a Conservative platform for government are:
1. Put everyone(including elected officials) under the same retirement program and remove the Social Security Fund from the general fund for other government programs.
2. Put term limits on any elected or appointed government position/office.
3. No federal funding for any company, organization or benefactor for social causes/needs/financial condition. These can get funds from charities, private donors, etc or in the case of banks & corporations they can go thru the court system or find other sources for funding.
4. Establish guidelines with proper rules, regulations, procedures and transparency of The Federal Reserve.
5. Require that any Act, Bill or legislation must be supported by the Constitution, Bill of Rights, amendments therein without any Supreme Court change as to interpretation.
6. Abolish the IRS and go to a more simplified form of tax. A flat tax or APT (applied payment transaction, where each transaction has a tax automatically included in a purchase)

I’m sure many of you can offer other suggestions, thoughts and ideas for improving our country and I know everyone welcomes direction in a positive manner.

God Bless!

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