Monday, November 9, 2009

HASAN is a terrorist

As American citizens and especially those who control the power of public expression i.e; Politicians, media(television news organizations, newspapers and so called celebrities)it has become increasingly apparent we as a nation have become far too tolerant of
 the real extremists. In a time when our country is under attack, such as we have been well before the events of 9/11 transpired, those in a position to do the most to protect us are erring on the side of caution and “political correctness” over decisive action that sends an immediate and absolute message to any organization or group supporting or a party to terrorism, corruption, illegal immigration and degradation of our flag, country or Christian heritage. These are all forms, ways and means of destroying our values, freedoms and the very foundation of our country.

A terrorist is a terrorist and has no rights under any treaty or convention ever written in times of war. The question of whether HASAN or any terrorist is mentally unstable, psychotic or acted without premeditation is as ridiculous as a pig in a punch bowl. Of course they are all the above are they wouldn’t do what they do to kill and injure anyone in the name of whatever cause or religious belief!

I, for one, am sick and tired of watching our country go to hell in a handbasket and our citizens, soldiers, children, grandchildren and the true handicapped, aged or ill folks get less than all these so called leftist, liberal whiners that can’t spell Job much less do one. These legislators who won’t even sacrifice their retirement and health benefits for those they want us to live with and pay for.

Sorry for getting somewhat off the subject but it’s high time we get to the real heart of the subject!!

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