Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dog Days, Liberal Democrats, Rinos and Drug Addiction

Some of you probably know the term "dog days" and don't think of it as anything remotely being good. American citizens have also experienced "dog days" of Government for more years
 than most can or care to remember. We are the epitome of the tail wagging the dog when it comes to our government and "we the people". A dog wags his tail and it's indicative of happiness, joy or at the very least a positive expectation something good is happening. A dog also lifts his tail to do his business and get rid of waste. In short, a dog simply controls the actions of his tail and there is absolutely no disconnect in doing it.

How does this relate to us as Americans?

What we have as government is a real and severe case of the "tail wagging the dog" and no dog can survive for long unless it's fed from the other end. Think of the dog as our Nation, the tail as those who represent the feelings and actions of our nation and the people as those who feed the dog. When the tail becomes so big nothing being fed the dog can sustain any positive action or benefit to maintain his health the dog doesn't even have the ability to tuck his tail and run much less lift it to get rid of the waste. In time the result is a dead dog!

The dog's name is "America", a mixed breed born of "Liberty and Freedom". At one time a great dog, healthy, lean, happy, well fed, nourished with the freedoms to enjoy his place in the world. America had a purpose of real value and meaning to those who shared in feeding, loving and caring for it. At times attacking anything or anyone out to hurt or harm those loved and cared for. Always stood tall and vigilant in guarding or protecting them. America was a true watchdog of the world to and for other dogs who wanted and valued freedom.

How does this relate to Liberal minded Democrats and Rino Republicans?

In case anyone hasn't noticed these are the "tail" wagging America. Their interest is just as self serving as their ability and position to stretch and grow our tail without regard for the well being of America or those feeding it. They are more interested in ways and manners of grooming America in the appearance and perception a good tail makes for a good dog.
The reality is even a good tail on a pointer or retriever is only as good as those feeding the dog. There's an old adage and I think it's appropriate in it's application to this: "a lean and hungry dog hunts best". Even a show dog doesn't make a good hunter, guardian or protector by the looks or actions of it's tail. The fact is the bigger the tail the bigger the cause for more burrs and stickers needing grooming. This is why so many of those in this category say they love America but are really only motivated in the appearance and not the substance it takes to maintain it's overall well being. In short, the bigger the "tail" the bigger the "issues and problems".

How does all this relate to drug addiction?

America's survival is in direct proportion to how, what and who is feeding it. It's primary source of food is money. It's primary source of money is those who have it in a sufficient amount to maintain it's overall well being. Those that care for it do so because they value it's existence and the purpose it fills in their daily lives. Most of those are not interested in the size of the tail but in the health, meaning, performance and function in it's embodiment. Consequently far too many are tired of watching what they provide as food to be absorbed and used in the promotion, appearance, need and growth of it's "tail".

America has become addicted to money for nothing more than it's self gratification and need to perpetuate it's "tail". Just as any addict, those who are wagging it's "tail" can only continue in whatever it takes to convince, deceive, lie, cheat, steal, use and abuse those to keep feeding the habit.

Each and everyone of us have had, seen or experienced the actions of those with drug addictions. They will do anything to sustain their habit. They use and abuse the emotions, feelings, guilt or whatever else to get what they feel they must have from those who love, care and are most concerned for their well being. Eventually at some point in time it becomes a reality the only way to deal with an addict is thru "tough love".

Today and NOW, the only way to solve this addiction of our government is to stop feeding it your hard earned money! As painful as it may seem or be, it is the only solution to the reality and depth of the problem "we the people" are facing in our current crisis. No question those who are wagging our "tail" will use every means known to perpetuate their power and position to strike as much fear, doubt or whatever else to stop it. That's the nature and true color of the beast we call our government.

In conclusion I'll use another old adage which is very appropriate and true: "it's not the dog in the fight, it's the fight in the dog". It's time to show in actions, not just words, "we the people" love this dog we call "America" and United We Stand to stop "feeding" the "tail" that's been "wagging" the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

God bless AMERICA and God bless those who truly love and value everything we hold dear as citizens!

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