Thursday, April 14, 2011

K.I.S.S to K.U.S.S, reality in Theory!


Keep It Simple Stupid (the age old KISS theory), what we as citizens would like to see in government has slowly but surely been recognized by a very large segment of patriotic Americans that government works under an entirely different theory, we can call it KUSS (Keep Us Simply Stupid)! How did this become a system of government so far removed from what our Founding Fathers envisioned in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution on which it stood in proudly waving the Flag of Freedom for “We the People” of the United States of America.

I submit it’s due to a quagmire of rules, regulations, laws, amendments and legislative, judicial and executive actions that are so complex and purposely complicated that even lawyers, not just politicians have lost touch with any and all forms of common sense. The intent no longer follows the simple rule of purpose, it has been replaced by those motivated by power, greed and control to such an extent it has now become a mess in mass confusion. The most recent display of this that most truly concerned patriotic Americans and even some State government leaders recognized is what’s referred to as ObamaCare. A law passed by a majority of legislators that in fact wasn’t even defined in any sense of being Constitutional. Every aspect of our lives today are directly impacted by actions of government and the only thing simple is “We the People” have allowed it. Today what we see is a government without limitations, without any sense of or in “Balance of Power”. The Constitution has become a joke to those that govern as the backbone of our society, middle class Americans have slowly but surely become 2nd class citizens. We can easily put the blame on the erosion of our educational system, corruption and greed of unions and so called social organizations, the power and greed of wall Street, bankers, major corporations, lobbyist, whose sole purpose was and has been self sustaining over the common good. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize every time government gets involved in whatever concern or issue some segment or group in our society has, when government takes control it will become a bigger problem for the majority. Government by design is incapable of solutions but those in, close to and around government are very adept at taking any issue, circumstance or event and using it to take away your rights and freedoms, not enhance them. That’s the nature of the beast we call government and their prey is you, everyone who pays and supports it from paying your taxes to every other form of taking your money to further their need and ability to control your life.

Today, you are witnessing every conceivable way those who thrive, survive and exist on government use whatever means necessary and within their power to coerce, lie, cheat, steal, threat and manipulate you, the citizens in our nation, into believing the Federal government has to continue in the seat of Washington D.C. The reality is simply the opposite, shut down the Federal government and it won’t be easy but this nation will survive far better by reuniting as a Constitutional Republic. Some feel this can’t be done, but anything can be done as long as it’s an initiative in and thru the power of “We the People”.

One simple reality: Politics, Governments and Media are solely dependent on you to sustain them, without YOU they are history! Every time you turn on your television, subscribe to a newspaper, magazine, listen to a radio broadcast, you are supporting media. Without you there are no sponsors, advertisers, no need for the ratings game. Same is true for politicians and government, without your support they simply cannot exist. The only way anything undergoes any significant change or direction is by and thru self sacrifice. Throughout the course of history, from those who believe God put his son on this earth to sacrifice his life for a better world, to the sacrifices made by the very men who founded this great Nation to those who have fought, died and served to protect our sovereign right to live, grow and raise our families in a free and open society, to the brave men who died at the Alamo. All served one common purpose and to get it, it took sacrifice like most can only imagine! The bottom line today is no different, until such time as we as a collective and unified body of American patriots can give up our luxuries and dependence on government, nothing will change our fate nor the fate of generations to come. That my friends is the SIMPLE TRUTH IN REALITY!! God blessed us and as a Nation we have given up on all he blessed within us and no one is more to blame than ourselves!!!

I strongly suggest you check out the following, read these carefully, if this is in fact true it is the light at the end of the tunnel that will take us back to as close to where we started as a Nation: There are 3 videos, some may encounter a problem that cuts the 1st one short on Internet Explorer, if so these can be seen using Mozilla FireFox.  The key points in these videos:  How to prepare for the inevitable collapse of "fiat" money, which is paper currency.  There are good, very wealthy people who absolutely know and understand the collapse of our U.S. dollar and the impact on our economic well being is coming and soon.  Therefore, not only as smart, informed business men, they too are preparing to restore and resurrect our Nation to the gold standard on which it was founded.  The collapse is inevitable and in many ways what may have appeared to be somewhat bad guys who in ways supported the really "bad" men/women at one time, now see it in an entirely different light and no longer will hopefully be a part or compliant in the changes that were motivated for the sole purpose of power and greed in the form of a "New World Order".

I do believe there are very good and patriotic souls who like so many have enjoyed the life and benefits of being an American, whether rich or poor and ultimately will bring forth once again all that is meaningful and purposeful in our mutual pursuit for freedom and justice for all!

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