Monday, July 4, 2011

AMERICA God Bless Her!

This ship we call America is take'n on water like there's no tomorrow. Leaks from Bow to Stern with a Captain that doesn't love her, doesn't know her aside from not know'n a bilge pump from a blast furnace! The old gal is 235 years old, been thru a lot, sailed many an ocean fly'n the flag of FREEDOM, Liberty and Justice for all. Many times outside forces of evil have tried to sink her yet she survived to fight another day because of the heart, will, commitment, duty and honor of the men/women who served her. Now it seems we are no more than deckhands with a tower full of nuts try'n to run her aground once and for all. What's most upset'n is how many folks sit'n on the shore watch'n and not either realize'n she's sink'n or just plain don't seem to care that she is. Those who have served her thru the years know it takes all hands to right a sink'n ship and somehow, someway we'll save the flag of freedom even if we have to fly it on a Life boat in stormy seas..God Bless America!

Happy Independence Day!

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