Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11 Remembered

9/11 Remembered
Who can’t forget that fateful day, images that never go away
So many who lost their life, so many heroic in their sacrifice
Senseless destruction in our eyes, tears no American could hide
Character of our nation put to test, R.I.P to those we now miss
Not easy to ever believe how men in power could ever conceive
a plan so heartless in any retaliation it simply defies imagination
World turned upside down, bring’n dust and ashes to the ground
Far too much left unspoken, void in so many hearts being broken
What happened to the Red White and Blue, a nation built on truth
Freedom justice for all is only now ashes in a government freefall
Party Power and Politics no inspiration, a mass of manipulation
We honor those who fought died don’t ask us to swallow our Pride
Real Americans have only one Proclamation, restore’n our Nation
for the common good with common sense, that is our best defense
From all the ashes we can rejoice, as Americans we have a choice
Come 2012 November, the world will know what we REMEMBER!
God Bless you and yours and God BLESS AMERICA

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