Monday, January 16, 2012

Love’n’Sex or Sex’n’Love

Mostly due to my more recent bout with cancer, I’ve had more than enough time for thought, reflections on any number of things we know as living. In the course of all this provocation of thought it came to mind the best part of and in living is what we share and give to others. It’s not in a material way but a sense of spirituality, passion, desire, motivation, concern and care that drives and empowers us to greater heights of happiness, love, joy and fulfillment. It’s the beauty in living as an earthly human being! Also I best tell ya up front I’ve been living without golf, sex or cigarettes for over 2 months and as if that ain’t enough it has this mind of mine work’n overtime on the backside of my boredom! However, as any situation we encounter in the course of living there is some light even if we have to wiggle thru a tunnel to find it. I’m blessed with the support of family and friends and my love for them is undeniable in terms of care, concern and the healing process. This however does not relieve any of my thoughts when it comes to SEX! I have and will always love, enjoy and find a way to have SEX!
Golf I miss, just as I miss most things that I enjoy doing outdoors take’n in the sunshine and even the rain. Fortunately for me I’m not the inhibited type so I’ll almost try or do anything that doesn’t harm or hurt someone else with the exclusion of alcohol or drugs (some pain, antibiotic, inflammatory medications at present). Now with all this said and if you are at least curious enough to stay with me here, let’s get down to the meat(no pun intended) of the matter at hand! Aside from the fact I’m tired of politics, politicians, main stream media and everything else in our country that has “bad” news attached!

What’s the real question?

Regardless of your sex, man or woman, to begin with ask yourself this question. During the course of my life have I found love looking for sex or sex looking for love? Hopefully however you’ve found it, it has been more satisfying than not! Also I’m not one to use the term typical or average as it relates to another simply because I haven’t a clue what it is or even means when it comes to relationships. I do however feel we all can identify with certain aspects in our lives with others and it is with this intent I’ll continue.

Sex may well be the most powerful desire within our being or at least if it’s not I don’t know what is! Some may have had bad experiences at an early or beginning stage in the course of sex which somewhat derailed their desire but by in large even they still have to think about it in one form or another. As for me, at the age of about 9 or 10, this young lady somehow managed to engage me in my first encounter with sex. She was in her teens but as I’ve thought about it thru the years, she was incredibly loving, passionate and caring in our lovemaking. Now that was absolutely fortunate for me as she could have ruined my sex life forever! She instilled a passion, drive, understanding and appreciation for all that’s wonderful and beautiful in making love! You not only love and enjoy the romance, ya love the ride! As some of you may have surmised, I’m a born romantically inclined sex maniac with a zest for life, love and the simple joys in being alive! I’ve never felt the good Lord put us on this earth just to sit on it and fully understood what he was doing with men and women in the form of an apple in the garden of Eden. Sex is an adventure in love and other times love is an adventure in sex. However it is, it’s the driving force we seek and find in a simple glance, a look of love, a spark of passion in the eyes, words, heart and soul of another. The glow that sparks the fire of passion to lead us to the afterglow we call, know and feel as LOVE. I’ve always felt there’s a difference in what we say or call “love” and being “in love“. Whatever it is, it is what you make, fondle, handle, care for and hopefully grow in it.

Where am I going with all this?

It has always been my feel’n to be open and honest with others you have to be open and honest within yourself. Therefore some may find what I’m about to say as completely nuts, off the wall of acceptable intercourse, a cowboy who landed on the wrong side of head first or realize I’m still in the real world but with a somewhat different twist of the wrist. How I can go a court’n in a manner of speak’n without real physical contact. My somewhat poetically romantic nature takes the next step in ways to satisfy my desires for the opposite sex while physically recover‘n from surgery. Sensuality is now not only at my fingertips, it’s in’em! Now before ya get all bent out of shape I’d prefer ya probably just bend over if you’re a woman, if not you get the picture so you can stop here!!

I have never ever professed to be a Saint or even remotely close to one which I’m sure any number of lovely ladies in my life would totally agree with. I am not and never have been completely monogamous at least in terms of what I may feel even when I didn’t actually do anything other than think about it with some lady or ladies during the course of my marriages. So rather than sit here bored to death recovering I decided to find a way to relieve my exasperations in frustrations by engage’n in various forms of erotic pleasure whether it’s flirt’n in social media, exotic emails or whatever else turns me on till I’m back up and run’n at full speed. In short, this gives a whole new mean’n to “reach out and touch someBODY”!! In my case, I am the man behind the Twitter music I love and enjoy share’n and the dance will always be an added gift tween us. Now on that thought I give ya this to read, ponder as part of this MASSAGE!

The Ride

Eased outta bed at 6..after watch’n ya sleep’n in my arms like an angel..listen’n to your soft I slowly slid my arm from under your head..quietly got dressed..noticed your body squirm a bit..a sigh from your lips..want’n to feel me against ya..

Strolled into the kitchen..put the coffee on..head out the back door to the barn..grab a bucket of the gate to Chance’s stall..tell’n that rascal morn’n..rub’n his nose..pour’n oats in his feeder..brush’n him as he’s chomp’n…tell’n him he’s gotta be extra good today..we got a lovely lady gonna straddle our saddle..she can be as fiesty as you can go easy boy..ya shor ain’t gonna spoil the joy in this ride..we’ll be back in a bit to saddle ya ya can get a good whiff in the scent and sense of her you behave..ya’hear..we’ll do the misbehave’n..

Head back to the house..sun ain’t out..sorta cloudy look’ it might rain some..still a might of chill in the air..look in on ya..still sleep’n..ya can’t imagine how pretty ya are lay’n there..ya tossed the covers around lovely leg exposed..I’m tempted to kiss yo’re toes too..start lick’n ya from foot to…down boy..darnit..not now..head back to the kitchen..thoughts of ya lay’n there dance’n in both my heads..turn on the burner..grab my favorright skillet..some of my all time tastiest sausage..turn on the oven..toss in some of the best biscuits you’ll ever see rise..burners hot now..ready to cook..put in the sausage..see the coffee’s ready..let it sit for now..look out the window..bit of sun light now..more thoughts of you..mmMM..gotta look in on ya again..darn if I ain’t talk’n to myself..don’t let anything burn just cause ya wanna jump in that bed and start ravish’n her sexy self in kisses..feel’n ya in my heart..all ya mean to me..warmth..tenderness..passion..your ya look in my eyes..*whew*..all the love..any man would die in yo’re sweet arms to feel and know…

Then I hear yo’re sweet voice call’n..just the way ya say it is as invite’n as any music to my ears I’ve ever heard..Yep Darl’n..I’m right here ah cook’ there in a yo’re morn’n get up things..towels and whatcha need is in the bathroom ready for ya..just stay naked..ya can get dressed after breakfast..robe is lay’n on the chair for ya..then I set the table..pour ya some orange juice..cup of coffee..biscuits sausage are ready..toss on some eggs..whoop’d up the best cream gravy you‘ll ever put tween yo‘re luscious all ready and hot to go in just a few..think’n to myself..she not only inspires my heart..mind..body..damn if she don’t inspire my cook’n..look out the window..alright sun’s shine’ breakfast is ready..Darl’n yo’re indecency show’n so I can come in..hug ya..squeeze ya and kiss ya now..hear yo’re sweet sexy voice say‘n..Come’ere sweet heart in the Wild ways of Texas..I’m still naked but ready to RIDE!!..Darl’n..I’m ah come’n..swoop ya up in my arms..kiss’n ya..carry’n ya..sat’n ya in the chair at the breakfast table..sit down beside ya..take’n yo’re hand in mine..say close your eyes..I close mine..Lord, thank ya for the love of this lady..for the joy we us in all we bear..2 hearts in love..with your help from above..may all those we love each day..see us thru your their own love’n way..a love like ours has no embrace of feel’n from within..the heart you gave us to all others in our heart we show..a love without thank you Lord once our Amen..

As we sit, eat, talk..morn’n light shine’n bright..ya know Darl’n..what we have is special..some’n flow’n in my heart..if this ain’t some’n amaze’ beautiful as it is the love I feel for ya..I don’t say or do things I don’t mean..that just ain’t inside me..I’ll take the lead but yo’re the reason in every loving feel’n within I’m take’n ya for a some ways it’ll make ya feel different in yo’re you’ll feel it deep’s what our love is all we share it inside and out..some’n I want ya to know..

Finish’d eat’n..all is good..pull back yo’re chair..look’n at ya stand’n there..our eyes embrace..lift’n ya’n ya against the wall..kiss’n your neck..slip the robe off yo’re shoulders..kiss’n your breasts as I hold ya..a taste of what’s to come..toss ya up on my shoulders..pat’n your bottom in a playful way..hold’n your legs so ya don’t fall..carry’n ya to the bedroom down the hall..then hear ya say..

Jimmy the way ya bend my ear..playful..tease’n..taunt’n ..wake’n every part of all my desires in want’n to..feel ya deep inside..anticipate’n the ride..I long for each put me down so I can dress..this is one ride I don’t wanna miss..

I stand’n ya dress..sit down put’n on my spurs..jingle jangle in your ears..say to ya..have no fears..Chance takes spur’n in different I use’em as he swings and sways..nudges when I want him to gallop or need this morn’n for a I stand up..stomp the floor..say come’on Darl’n we’re out the door..Chance is wait’n in the barn..ya watch me grab the saddle by the horn..put’n the saddle blanket..then the saddle on his back..slip the bridle over his neck..bit in his mouth as he sorta tosses his head..hand’n you the reins to hold..girt’n saddle straps so they don’t slip..while we’s astraddle’n him on this trip..nudge’n his belly just a tad..makes him snort some but that ain’t bad..just makes him sorta exhale tight‘n his belly..sometimes try’n to swat me with his tail..but helps make sure the saddle’s good and tight before we hit the we are ready to ride..take the reins from yo’re sweet hand..pick ya up put’n ya on the saddle..hold on to the saddle horn Darl’n..slip my boot in the stirrup and up I get..ya feel me sit..right behind ya..put’n my arms around ya..hands in mine hold’n the reins..say’n ok Darl’n here we go..tell’n Chance to take it slow..I make sure yo’re hats on tight..before I nudge him to move any faster..let’n ya get a feel and comfort in the saddle..whisper in your ear..I gotcha so have no arms around ya good and don’t ya worry just enjoy the feel’n the muscle and power tween your legs..when I spur Chance a bit harder increase’n his stride..I want ya to feel deep inside..when we really I give’em his head..spur him again..we’re off chase’n the wind…

I hear ya say..I’ve never felt this way..breeze in my face..the safety and warmth of your embrace..feel’n the strength of muscles as Chance runs..wonderful vibrations like hums..makes me wet between my legs..can we do this every day..the way he’s run’n.. feels so good..your arms around me..that hum’n I’m feel’n make’n me so a long deep kiss I don’t wanna stop..OH YES..YESSSSS..this is more than amaze’n..HOLD ME..HOLD ME..I swear I’m..

Ya hear me whisper Darl’n..Darl’n..let it go..all ya feel inside..why I wanted to take ya on this RIDE..all the passion I hear in yo’re moans..then yo’re screams..Oh YESSS..YESSSSSS..YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!

You explode in my arms..completely spent..every bone in your body now relaxed..I’ve gotcha..hold’n ya lips in yo’re ear..say’n Darl’n I LOVE ya know..somethings ya feel best outta control..ya just had an incredible climax..and ya did..ride’n on a horse named CHANCE!

Ok’s time to Whoa I can put this lady on the ground..ease ole Chance to a stop..

my arm around I swing my leg the saddle..touch’n the ground..pat’n ole Chance’s shoulder and neck to settle him down..

Darl’n just throw your leg I can let you down..slip into my arms..hands on your waist..ease’n ya down..of course I gotta kiss ya..take’n yo’re hat off..put’n it on the saddle horn..brush’n yo’re hair off yo’re I hold ya there..softly kiss’n yo’re eyes..nose..those soft..sweet..tasty lips..

Step’n back..tip’n my hat..for the joy of that ride..Ole Chance and I just wanna say..Darl’n we’re shor nuff happy ya came our way!

Darl’n..a love’n lady to a cowboy is what puts a big ole Smile in his stride and his style..makes us wanna go that extra mile..feel’n the glow in her charms..hold’n her lovingly in yo’re arms..ain’t no better way to enhance..a good ride and the way ya dance..why I named my horse’s what makes the best in romance..there ain’t no need for guarantee‘n..all the love..passion is in the squeeze’n..we know there may not be a tomorrow..yet it ain’t no reason for any sorrow..share’n moments..times..we’ll never forget..some’n in yo’re heart ya never regret..lives inside ya with every breath..even the last before death..the smile on yo’re face..know’n ya and yo’re’s some’n in the taste..never can be erased..ain’t all just tongue’n’cheek..the next ride darl’n..we’ll head for the creek!

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