Thursday, March 15, 2012

Political Satire (or is it?)

2 American Families

As most fully realize as we again approach another year of Presidential election, there’s an air of hope, prayers on one side that somehow, someway America can restore its Constitutional values. Get back on track as the best nation in the world in which to live, raise your children and achieve whatever your dream and heart desires as you aspire to the challenges in front of you. Then there’s the other side, who could care less but will darn sure vote to keep the benefits government provides them with absolutely no regard for who, what and how this came about. These folks live, breathe, love how they can do so well without working or paying the price so critical to maintaining their lifestyle. A parody of and within America today exemplified by the following..
if ya enjoy the truth!!

Two married couples who happen to live in the same neighborhood in a midsize typical American city. For our purposes we shall name them accordingly. Allow me to introduce Pay and Pray Forya. Pay served 4 years in military service, purple heart recipient, hard working, tax paying, God loving citizen recently laid off from his job as a construction superintendent for over 15 years with the same company which is currently in bankruptcy. He does not want nor has he applied for any unemployment benefits as it is totally against everything he was raised to believe. Pray for years was a good mom, wife, homemaker raising the kids then had to go to work in the early 70’s to help add additional income and medical insurance to maintain and continue living in a style they were accustom, comfortable and putting their 2 kids thru college. They are not over extended in debt, have a substantial amount in savings, home paid for.

Now please meet Pee and Lean Onya (almost self explanatory) as they are the epitome of gimme gimme gimme just don’t ask me to work for it. Oh but they do work, they know every conceivable way to work the system in milking money and whatever else out of our government. Yet they drive nice cars, live in a safe comfortable neighborhood. Their home is loaded with every electronic gadget made, the latest televisions, cell phones, video games, you name it, they got it. The best part is they have 6 kids under the age of 12 and somehow receive $800 to $1200 per month per child in varying benefits. They are absolutely, totally and completely convinced the government owes them a living and from all appearances the government thinks so too!

Now ya got the jest of it so it may be continued or worse yet it may continue!

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