Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The “Big” Test for Americans

If it’s possible I’d like to see every American answer these questions so please share it with others and let’s see if we as “Americans” can do as much to gauge the commitment, determination, will and judgment of We the People in the reality and need to “wakeup” it’s time for actions not just rhetorical political party time in 2012. THIS TRULY IS THE “BIG” TEST at a most crucial time in our nation. So please take the time to answer, YES or NO to each question and the references to government are aimed at Federal not State or local.

Do you understand the role and reasons for and of government? (this is really a key ? So think of it in every question you answer relative to government today)

Have you read, studied and understand the Constitution as the formation and foundation for the United States of America as originally written by our Founding Fathers and the Bill of Rights, Amendments thereto?

Do you believe government has become too big to control?

Do you believe Balance of Power (Judicial, Legislative, Executive branches) is necessary in government?

Do you understand the reason and purpose of the Electoral College in the outcome and determination of Presidential elections?

Do you believe the 2 major Political Parties (Democrat, Republican) are a true representation of We the People?

Do you believe these 2 Political Parties are necessary?

Do you believe the size of government increases due to the needs/desires/issues of We the People?

Do you believe those in government use the needs/desires/issues of We the People to further their own agendas?

Do you believe Main Stream Media does more to sway/influence/direct public and political opinion?

Do you believe a minority cause has a stronger voice in government than the majority of We the People being represented?

Do you believe in equal rights for all U.S. citizens regardless of race, color, gender?

Do you believe illegal aliens are by their very presence in the U.S. illegal?

Do you believe in allowing those from another country to become U.S. citizens?

Do you believe what’s referred to as the “Tea Party” had a strong influence on the elections of 2010?

Do you believe the “Tea Party” is truly a stronger indication of the will within We the People than the 2 major Political Parties?

Do you believe you are in some way/shape/form dependent on government for more than National Defense? (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, WorkmensComp, Employment, Benefits such as Food, Housing, etc.)

Do you believe you can live without any support from government but government can not exist without your support?

Do you believe government should be at least as accountable as you?

Do you believe those who represent you in government or work for government should have the same benefits (retirement, medical, etc.) as you?

Do you believe those elected to represent you in and as government should have term limits?

Do you believe those appointed in the Judicial and Executive branches/departments should serve a limited term in office?

Do you believe Presidential Executive Orders should be approved by Congress prior to implementation?

Do you believe there’s a need to set a limited and specified amount of money candidates can spend in seeking public office?

Do you believe the laws of supply and demand function far better without government control and intervention?

Do you believe free market enterprise and competition are stronger and more reliable forces than government?

Do you believe government has proven without a doubt they can not run or manage any business or quasi-government entity with any degree of competency?

Do you believe the Department of Defense should be run by those in the military under their oath to uphold and protect the Constitution and the Union for which it stands?

Do you believe those in military or government who are now civilians or no longer working for government should not be allowed to work as lobbyists for any company/industry that is a government contractor?

By answering yes to most or all of these questions you are a voice of concern for the direction our nation has taken. Your next decision is in how and what actions can you take to stop this onslaught of government. Only you can answer that.

By answering no to most or all of these questions you are either uninformed, misinformed, don’t care to be informed or so dependent on government you feel you have no other choice but take what benefits there are until such time as government can no longer serve your needs.

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