Thursday, June 28, 2012

America Returns to "Slavery"

America Returns to “Slavery”

Today any half sane American now knows or should realize they’re no longer living in the land of the “FREE”! Good American citizens have been systematically stripped of their rights and freedoms in and thru the actions of government. The so called “Great Society” has become a “sink hole” for tax paying middle class Americans to fund a government hell bent on their demise. No need to elaborate on the causes thru Party Politics, Wall Street and far too many internationally known corporations who are and have been self serving over the “common good” for Americans. You are now a “Slave” to government regardless of age, gender, race or religion government has and must sustain itself over any regard for “we the people”. We see it everyday in some form as our nation and its people have and are continually led down a path in destroying the very fabric on which it was founded. Leadership is no longer viable except for those in, around and thru pulling government strings to control the puppets we as a society have become. Today we see many going thru the motions to paint a picture in the perception of truth but the reality of truth is never easy to face even when it’s in the mirror of our own reflection! As of the latest rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court, this is now more fact than supposition!

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