Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Evolution of Government

Are our Presidential candidates elected due to popularity over legitimate doubt and concerns related to substance as opposed to rhetoric in support of their actions? Most of the so called “spin doctors” within media, party sympathizers and supporters to sway and influence popular opinion well recognize an incumbent office holder has a record of performance that is open to public review in terms of facts. These are actions or lack of actions taken during their tenure in office in which they should be held accountable to those they represent. Those being “we the people”, however when “we the people” become so swayed in our assessment and judgment relative to these actions by media or political party rather than our own efforts to objectively study and research the real facts in regard to the decisions and actions of said incumbent then an election is nothing more than a popularity contest based less on substance than it is image and perception. Obviously most Americans hopefully have jobs, responsibilities that more than occupy the time it would take to do so. This is where Mainstream Media thrives, lives and breathes as a very important and influential element in the election process. Today we also have “social networks” such as Twitter, FaceBook, numerous websites for bloggers as well as organizations to express their views to those with the ability to access the internet. We also have access to departments of government and actions therein thru public websites. This leads us to another question! Has the evolution of information disseminated to the general public changed the face of the election process since the days it was predominantly newspapers, radio commentators and reporters? A progression in and of forms of media to more personal interactions and information via computers and the internet. Today the majority of households have computers just as the majority of individuals have cell phones, Ipads and other means of interaction and communication. Has the process become any more or less distorted as our politically based “2 party” system within government? Has our obsession with entertainment overridden our ability to recognize the difference? Are we now incapable of trust to the extent of complacency, apathy or a resolve that we no longer can believe or have faith in anything much less politicians and our government? Is it really a fact that no nation with a “democratic” system of government has ever survived in recorded history? I submit to you it’s all relative to the priorities, care, concern, commitment, purpose and appreciation within and for the “values” in the formation and creation. When those values are compromised in such a way it leads to a divided belief, faith and trust it’s just a matter of time till it no longer exists in that form of governance! Therein lies the real question, what form of government are you willing to accept versus fight and defend?

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