Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Believe it or not!

This was my response to an email I received today from a very intelligent lady who I have the utmost respect.  She, as I, and others are aware of much that has transpired for a number of years and I thank her for sharing this for the good of our country and citizens who are truly concerned for where America is heading and how critical this upcoming election is in that regard!  After you read my response please take the time to read what was contained in her email and do visit her website, it's worth the time and effort!  Above all else don't let all this media hype, polls, etc. stop you from voting, it's the only way we have to hopefully change the direction and get our country back on track!
Bobbi: No question the elite(as you say globalist) have for years been programming the populace in and thru the use of television, movies, books(even school books), advertising with the ultimate goal of controlling population, food supply and demand, water sources and supply, minerals, fossil fuels, wind, solar, coal and so on. Any and all necessities to sustain, maintain and control human life and growth on earth. Many of our top minds in science, ecology, geology, medicine, etc. have been led to believe by those in power and position(both in public eye and behind the scenes) it is imperative to the survival of our planet and their absolute duty or mankind will cease to exist as we have known it.
What's particularly troubling is in many ways they are correct however it's a matter of greed and power versus working on real and possible solutions in a nation whose doctrine and consciousness is or "was" based and founded on a Constitution of, for and by "we the people" as a Republic. This is exactly why this man named Obama got elected to the surprise of so many of our citizens. He was and is the "key" to move this agenda along at an increased speed and the sad fact is far too many of those in our nation have no idea or clue amid those, many like us, who have either been unable to open the eyes of others until now and unfortunately I'm concerned that it's a bit late in the curve to straighten out the mess in any normally accepted and peaceful way!
All the best to you always,
This is the scary tactic/research from the 50s & 60s and what that youthful generation of Patriots/Conservatives bore in their psyche. They didn't know that they were another testing phase of Agenda 21 (document in the 60's yet facets born earlier) and/or One World Order that had been in the works since the dawn of their century. This affected many with deep respect (thrifty to ecologists), or mindless revolutionary attacks (think Castro to Bill Ayers), or to the greediest (globalists). Mom & I have discussed this experiment on several occasions. It played well back in the day and permeated Sci-fi books, movies, & TV shows. Currently we see it in play on the news with well framed camera angles during uprisings to 'reality shows' that are thrills for the globalists (emperors) and entertainment to the masses (attendees at the coliseum) via TV or internet. See it's basic human nature just different venues over thousands of years and various societies. Right now it's up to the level of SHRILL due to the indulgences of the globalists. However several sources have declared whether everyone on planet earth was put in either Florida or France (not comfortably of course and shoulder to shoulder 7 billion would fit) how much land is left on the planet for everything else like crops, wildlife, etc. So the globalists see it as their duty to better manage the resources including the number people while living like emperors.

Here is the full link to the main article as mom's search reveals

More detailed links to the man (Calhoun) and his experiements

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