Saturday, December 15, 2012

What is really confronting us?

As we read and hear about the concerns within our nation regarding a “fiscal cliff”, isn’t this more a reflection in and of the “pitfalls” in our history?

What we see today in sad, evil and almost incomprehensible actions and events unfolding almost daily is far more revealing in what’s become a nation composed of people in our society who have lost sight of any thoughts/regard as to “moral”, “respectful” and/or “ethical” behavior. A pattern of violence/hate so horrific it has become the “landscape” in a world gone completely over any sense of sanity. Senseless acts committed against the innocent and unprotected have become more and more commonplace as opposed to occasional. Why and how can all these be happening are questions many ask and seek the answer.

Violence, hatred, evil are nothing new to mankind, throughout history many before us have witnessed it. In many ways thru books and written accounts some who were violent became legendary. This in and of itself promotes violence even when it is made to appear as actions to fight some form of oppression. In many cases it may well have been the only alternative as we recognized it as a “worthy” form of revolution. These type of accounts most can accept with some degree of understanding and comprehension as to the cause and/or basis for the actions. Regardless of the cause, many innocent people have always been injured or killed. As we’ve also known and seen random actions of violence by an individual, group or organization so engulfed in hatred they believed it was justified. These, by most, hopefully are or would be considered as unacceptable for any reason.

So is not the real question as to when, what or why some forms of violence are acceptable within the context of a “war” or in some cases a “civil uprising” or form of revolution? The real truth, this earth has and will always have evil individuals and/or forces. In the process of scientific evolution as a result of revolution in whatever form there will always be those who promote, prosper and thrive on its very existence. There will also be those who are so distraught, deranged or self absorbed mentally, they are “lost” souls with no regard for life. What has grown, developed and in the process increased “public” awareness is in the forms of communication and interaction. From movies to television to video games our society is inundated with far more perpetration of violence than the love, care and concern of others. This intermixed with an increasing population globally exposed in its capability and capacity is greater than ever before in the history of mankind.

Consequently the apathetic and complacent will not survive nor will the innocent cease to suffer as long as greed, corruption and evil are the predominant forces over the populace. Homes become hangouts, parents/children become victims in their own lack of self esteem, bad news sells over good news, lies/perception/distortion are allowed to run rampant and unchecked, good is chastised, the bad sensationalized.

The “cliff” is as “physical” and “mental” in reality as it is “fiscal”!

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