Monday, April 15, 2013

What's in Being a Friend

What’s in Being a Friend

People we Texans call Folks, some are funny, some are jokes

in life as love, ya take’em for what they’re worth in the pokes

Some ya can’t help but forget, others will never be forgotten

Don’t much matter whether they were mostly good or rotten

Might have come to know’em in yo’re hometown grow’n up

Meet some in your life sharing something like coffee in a cup

However ya came to know’em ain’t so much in what matters

It’s in ways they come to your mind in life’s spits & splatters

Regardless of how or why it mighta started in the beginning

they gave ya some’n of mean’n & value that’s never ending!

We all share a hanker’n for make’n and have’n good friends

Someone who listens & cares for ya thru life’s twists & bends

A special person ya can share laughter, joy, happiness at times

They are like warmth in your soul in how they make it shine

Times of sadness, frustration or illness they’ll be by your side

even if in some ways things ya sorta feel ya might wanna hide

but there’s this kind of unspoken bond that will never go away

transcend’n time & distance even if ya may not talk every day

What matters most is know’n they are with ya thru thick & thin

And that folks are the real facts of What’s in being a FRIEND!

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  1. Another from the heart special that you are so famous for writing!