Sunday, August 2, 2009


one of my poems to all those who I love and care for in love and friendship:
Amid the whispers so abounding often I find it quite astounding
my inner thoughts are far more pure
to give peace, rest and assure
actions are like behavioral patterns just as rings around Saturn

Is it not I’m from Mars finding peace, rest, beauty among the stars
Reflections of moments so rare, time we share ease my mind
awakening my senses so profound with each breath comes a sound

Another whisper deep inside knowing, caring our love will abide
so much a part of my being, always knowing, caring, seeing
why we never doubt or fear the past, love is always in our grasp

The future we never know, the love in our hearts is how we grow
in happiness, sadness, joy and frustration, the wonder of sensation
times of bliss and elation, a kinder, sweeter, more tender adoration

Though life on earth is bittersweet, truth stands tall as we meet
each new day as the morning bringing rays of hope in our moaning
sunshine on a tender kiss to those we caress, love, know and miss

Least not we get lost in all the confusion, it often is merely illusion
Ego will never grow, humble thyself with inner strength to know
what we search for we will find in our heart, not in our mind!


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