Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11

On this the anniversary of one of the worst days and tradgedies our nation has suffered all Americans honor the victims, their families and the many gallant unsung heroes of firemen, policemen
and civilians who acted without regard for personal safety to help and save the lives of others.

Now 8 years have passed and in those 8 years we have heard theories of conspiracy on the part of our government by mostly liberal minded, self serving people who seem to want to destroy the very fabric of our values as a country. Just as so many have now elected a known Muslim to the highest office in our land. The real tradgedy is still with us today and will be until every God loving legal citizen in our country feels compelled to act and vote against those who continue to undermine our security, our financial ability to function by increasing the enormous debt we are putting on our future generations. I'm in no way happy with any of the political party empathizers or sympathizers, it's not about politics it's about truth, responsibility, accountability and trust in those we elect to represent us. It's about real transparency not the views of so called news organizations or those who use these to sway public opinion. It's not Liberal vs. Conservative or Moderate, it's about WE THE PEOPLE, our Constitution, Bill of Rights. It's about saving a nation where so many have given their lives, served and fought for the values we have believed since our founding fathers established our country and the freedoms we have all enjoyed as citizens.

Today many of us are questioning our leadership, who's right or wrong, who can take on the complexities and issues facing our nation with a strong sense of character and respect for duty, honor, commitment to the core values so necessary in times of turmoil and confusion.

I'm basically a fiscal and social conservative not by party affiliation but by my ability to research, comprehend and understand the person I choose to vote for and support in our local, State and Federal government elections. Sometimes and more often than not I find I vote more against than for those running for office because the best people in the areas of finance, law, capitalism, defense, social needs and understanding don't want or choose to subject themselves to political office. A few have made an attempt to run for President who certainly were good and recognized as men capable of running a business which entails excellence in selection of those serving as advisers/appointees/Cabinet and Departments within our government such as Ross Perot and Steve Forbes but they didn't fit the mold to gain the support of the Republican party. This spoke volumes about party affiliation and politics in our country and why we are at the mercy of career politicians who are far more self serving over their oath and vows made to seek, gain or stay in office. Compromise and being "politically correct" has led us to a nation of weakness in leadership in every branch of our government.

We will as a nation only survive when those we elect stop playing politics, stop supporting self serving interest over the interest of the people. stop getting retirement, health and other benefits not available to all citizens, stop passing legislation/bills with so many complexities and legalize the average citizen can't read and understand. If on the other hand they will start setting term limits, start auditing the Federal Reserve, start making every government department, office and branch accountable and responsible, start working toward a "fair tax" and abolishment of the IRS, start spending our tax dollars like it was their money not just ours, start obeying the very laws they take an oath to uphold, start recognizing the rights of our citizens not illegal aliens.

On a STATE level, we need those in office who fight to preserve State sovereignty and rights, recognize and serve the needs of those they represent over the compromises so often made to further their party and political career.

Toward this I thank God for blessing me to be born an American, able to raise my children under the flag of citizens in a country like no other in the world, the joy of success and the lessons of failure and the right to be all I can be with the freedoms inherent therein. God blessed this country and the will of God within the people will prevail as long as we stand fast in our love and respect for our Christian values.

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