Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catastrophic Times on this Memorial Day

Today we are witnessing more forms of catastrophe than one could imagine in their wildest dreams. Aside from those most call ‘acts of God” or “mother nature” with the earthquakes, hurricanes(typhoons), tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, floods, we are being subjected to far too many
 as a result of our own making and negligence. From governments to industry, the rewards of self interest in pursuits over and above any true concern or care for the common good is taking more than a king size bite out of not only “we the people” in our nation but people in all nations. Greed, corruption, lies, misdirection, over indulgence, instant gratification, blame, apathy and lack of good ole “common sense” are all contributing factors to the pains, turmoil, suffering, confusion and frustration we see and feel in all segments of our society. Real leadership in dealing with or solving problems and issues by those in positions of power have been replaced with blame, misguidance and abuse to the point that the simple but absolute word “trust” is almost as dead in meaning as a dinosaur in giving birth.

The question today isn’t in how do we enjoy life, it’s in what, who and how can we “trust” and "believe"? This question is one that appears to be as evasive as those we may feel should know the answer. Whether it’s those in government, health, financial, legal, media, religion, family or whatever aspect in your life, it’s a matter of can or could we “trust” or "believe" the person or source? The biggest catastrophe in our world is in what we’ve lost in “trust”. This one subjective but absolutely necessary ingredient is the most significant and important basis and foundation for life, love and the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment. Without it nothing can survive. Regardless of your faith, the key is in the “trust” you have in “belief”.

This Memorial Day as we give honor and rememberance to the many who gave all and those who have served our country. Without them we wouldn't have the freedoms we've so enjoyed as Americans. We also salute the men and women in our Armed Forces as they are a significant pillar in the strength, courage and honor of our "trust" and "belief".

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