Monday, June 14, 2010

Current situation today in review of events in the past

I know there are many of you who probably feel I'm as "off base" or nuts as the world we are dealing with in our daily lives. Whatever you feel, I'm past concerned and what I state herein is evidence of why I feel and sense it so strongly. I am always open to any one who doesn't feel as I do and look for any good reasons not to be as concerned as I am.

There are numerous events that certainly make a case there's far more on the agenda that's very much indicative the current administration is out to completely
destroy our economy. Every legislative or executive action has in some way been aimed at the largest and historically most profitable industries in our country to put them under complete control of the Federal government. Far too many for me to elaborate on in specific detail. However this Cap and Trade Bill is just another of those actions as was the "so called" HealthCare legislation. The irony, if it is such, is George W. Bush opened the door post 9/11 in using "executive orders" in ways and means no other Presidents in history had used without legislative approval which is the corner post for the way this President now operates. This coupled with the ability to appoint anyone he chooses in what's been referred to as "Czars" to effectively work behind the scenes in getting the necessary approval for appointments that do require legislative approval. From Eric Holder to Tim Geithner any attempts to challenge the legality or Constitutionality on openly questionable circumstances or events are being blocked by government.

Therefore I absolutely feel due to the actions of many southern and southwestern State governments in challenging the Federal government there's a concentrated effort being made to undermine the strength of their economy which includes the oil industry. The handling and events surrounding this BP blowout is wrought with questions even to the extent of the timing of it's occurrence. This is beyond a disaster.

The depth, means and ways of those who have for years been determined to undermine our Nations foundation to effectively establish One World Government, in my believe and some others, is very real.

Currently and reviewing events in recent past I submit the following as to the situation now existing:
Current President - Elected primarily because of the actions of the prior administration, lack of support for any truly patriotic and conservative candidate by the Republican party (including those considered conservatives within it) for President as far back as Ross Perot. Close associations with George Soros, well known for undermining many governments in countries thru the years and making a fortune in the process. Soros provided the seed money for what became organizations capable of influencing elections for his well groomed U. S. Senator from Illinois when the timing was right for a run at President.

George W. Bush - Never was a qualified man to be President, rode in on the coattails of his fathers power to discreetly and quietly influence those needed to get the support of moderates and conservatives in both parties. Cheney was chosen by ole man Bush to direct his son in all decisions and actions as President. The election results were disputed but ultimately upheld by the Supreme Court(guess who controlled them at that time). In appointing Henry Paulson as Treasury Secretary they failed to know, recognize or have ever acknowledged his ties to the Chinese. Also Paulson was a past director of Goldman Sachs. Tim Geithner was hand picked by Paulson to supposedly oversee, monitor and control as head of SEC any illegal or potentially liable activities in Wall Street firms and dealings. Tim Geithner also has direct family ties to the Chinese. In short, fox inside the hen house. AIG, Goldman Sachs..ties that bind! Both benefitted greatly due to lack of control, oversight and our money in the form of agreements and bailouts.

Bill Clinton - Between he and Hillary they have enjoyed the financial support of some very well situated Chinese businessmen. Not only to get elected but to perpetuate, knowingly or unknowingly, the real agenda of the Chinese governments desire to control the world economy. He beat ole man Bush not only running for President but in establishing a much stronger relationship for he and Hillary with the Chinese. Clinton is a consummate politician and Hillary is the brains in the power, leverage and control in that 2some.

Current situtation as some of us see it now:
The President, who I call OHbummer, was going far beyond the bounds of mutual interest to undermine the U.S. economy in so far as the goals of ole man Bush and his cronies. The election of Scott Brown was a blow to the run away train as forseen by OHbummer and his close associates and legislative allies. Ole man Bush seizes the opportunity to rein in OHbummer and quickly(conjecture with some supportive evidence, ole man Bush as head of the CIA had put Barry Soerto under "contract" as an agent of the CIA. From all appearances this wasn't done to actually use Soerto, as he was a teenager at the time, in any covert ops but as a form of help to Soerto's mother who had in years past developed a system for transfer'n funds(large sums of money) within the international bank wires without any party thereto being namely identified). Ole man Bush, in almost blizzard conditions and reliable sources say he was also suffer'n from a chest cold or congestion, goes to D.C. to meet with OHbummer in the White House accompanied only by his son Jeb Bush. No satisfactory report of what transpired in that meeting has ever been publicly disclosed other than it was a nice, friendly meeting. This just doesn't add up. I believe it was necessary and a perfect time for ole man Bush to put OHbummer on notice that Bush and his cronies pulled the strings and he best follow the agenda for what strings are pulled. A possible threat may well have been, if OHbummer didn't comply the coverup of his past as Barry Soerto would get more viable and credible in regard to his eligibility to even be President. Hence, the Bushes appear in various tv ads with Clinton and OHbummer promoting such things as helping Haiti and a few other photo ops for whatever purpose. The point being ole man Bush knows the Clintons are close to the Chinese at a time the Chinese have refused to purchase any more of our IOU's in the form of Treasury notes being printed as U.S. currency. Simply the Chinese have outsmarted, out flanked and publicly challenged any further appearance of cooperation in the world of economic finance in a manner consistent with the agenda of ole man Bush and his cronies for One World Government and currency.

Bottomline: Except for the Chinese, these administrations and the power behind them are all wanting the same thing. The Clintons are their best ally in maintaining any working relationship with China and even that is tenuous at best. In the meantime we see actions, events not just in the U.S. but worldwide to further confuse, divert and maintain the attention of media, the public at large with no regard for the lives being effected, killed or destroyed.

Time is anything but on our side and I hope I'm wrong but we as citizens of this great Nation are definitely under attack.

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