Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our "Nation of Sheep"

What, in so many ways, amazes me in America is how so few have led so many in digging the proverbial hole to China.  Is it so surprising China is burying America in its own dirt and our own government gave'em the shovel to do it?

I'm not the only one who knows, sees, understands the depth in the reality either.  Americans are simply a "Nation of Sheep" who once had a government they believed to be a good shepherd guided by their belief in God, a Constitution and representing the values ingrained in a society built on individual freedoms.  Therefore, since old enough to vote, good Americans have unknowingly followed, allowed and elected a small group in Washington, D.C. to become the Wolves in Sheeps clothing.  These wolves have slowly but surely eaten the flesh and taken the lifes blood out of what was once the wool in the fabric of America.  That was the middle class American who supplied the wool in paying taxes, hard work, obeying the laws and believing the United States of America would remain the most dynamic, powerful force in the world because their right to vote could and would make a difference to always correct the course of government and governance.

What we see today is a segment in our country who are good people, believe they are good patriots and doing all they know how to once again restore America in "awakening" and recognizing if they can vote these "wolves" out of office America will survive even on its knees in any form of economic or real viability to support it.  These are the good "Sheep" still looking for a "Ram" of hope and change known as elections.  Like so many, I too, wish this was true but it's simply hanging onto a dream of what once was can be again in terms of the United States of America.  So they listen to Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin or whoever else they can relate to that shares this dream.  They organize into "Tea Parties", "Conservatives for America", "American Defenders" or whatever else spending their time, energy and money in donating to the cause for the depth of their concern.  In conjunction with these organizations, these good Americans are also doing all they can to support candidates with donations, public support or whatever way they can feel they are a real part in some way or form of significance.  At the same time many of these good folks not only moan, groan, gripe and complain about a variety of issues, problems or actions they see, know, feel as something or someone that is a major cause for concern in the what, how or who in the actions of government but they are just as often divided in what or who can solve or change it.  They watch the GOP/RNC then many of'em wonder what the heck are they doing so they are what they feel as the "independent" sheep in the herd of true patriots in Conservatism.

To any of these folks, I simply say you may be awake but you're still nothing more than a good sheep in one herd among other herds looking for the same good shepherd while you're all running around in circles under the guidance of different sheep dogs!

While these well intended good sheep are doing what they feel is the "fair and right" thing to do, another segment within our country is happily just going along in life as usual in a breeze of casual "who cares?".  These are more into what they enjoy and have fun in doing over getting involved or even knowing government exists much less care about who or what is the big deal with all this government/political stuff.  This is the generation of "immediate gratification" and lives in the joy of the moment with no idea Rome is burning!

Then we have the good "religious" sheep, those beautiful souls who have the faith, trust in the good Lord as the Shepherd who will take them to the "promised land".  I happen to be one of those souls too.  However I also believe the good Lord gave us the mind, body and soul to have faith and trust in him to provide a "life raft" to solutions when we are drowning in a sea of chaos and confusion.  Some say I'm an idealist, some feel I'm unrealistic and the truth is in ways we all are and I'm certainly no different than any of you.  I believe we are all in the "hands" of God within our imperfections.  I do know and believe the "laws" of  God are far more meaningful and fulfilling than any so called "laws" of mankind.

This is why I feel so strongly God in his infinite wisdom over mankind blessed Texans and in so doing blessed all God loving Americans with and thru a path back to the highway of life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness on earth in the form of the Republic of Texas as a sanctuary for all his people.  Nothing in life is easy but the decision you can make today to become or in becoming a citizen in the Republic of Texas is and always will be under and thru the grace of God!

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