Saturday, October 16, 2010

There is no “We” in government!

Folks, there’s some’n “We” in and as Americans really need to understand, appreciate, recognize, which in so many ways every day in some way via media, social networks and other forms reach out to touch, influence and control us, and that is reality. The only real “We” is the “those, they and them” that are pulling the strings in, around and thru anything you and I see and think we know as government. The only thing “We” are is a nation of folks who have been bamboozled, bombarded, busted and bastardized into think’n and believe’n we make a difference!

Now what is it “We” really are or at least those of us who have served, loved, fought and valued what it means to be an American?  “We” are the spirit of America, the last dying breath of life left in the hearts, souls and minds in every thing we held and hold dear from our Constitution to the flag for which it stands as one nation under God. You and every God loving American are the only real “Stars” left as government has slowly but surely taken the "Stripes" out of “We the people” thru political party nonsense under the guise of "Red" and "Blue" and left our nation look’n like a ghost in "White"!

The one point I believe we can all agree, nothing is ever constant. Change and changes are facts in life. Obviously faces change and in the process can change the face in regard to the interest people, media, etc., to enjoy it. Government is business, whether you are part of it or just watch it.

Two important keys are performance and personalities which is the fuel that drives and motivates interest. I also believe we can agree competition is the spirit within, whether it's life, love, business, jobs or any other worthwhile enterprise. If everything in our lives were solely based on competition then we'd have a level playing field in which to compete, enjoy and reap the rewards in however it benefits us. That's one reason so many enjoy sports simply because those who compete are playing on the same field.

This unfortunately ain't the case in the world of reality in other things that can and do effect our lives in the never ending pursuit of happiness. What we see, hear and may think we know is often a distortion of reality thru the power of perception and image.
The Republic of Texas is shining bright in the sunlight of "truth"!
Note: The picture ya thought was real has just been digitized in the sanitizing and I ain't talk'n avatars!

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