Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's November 3rd, now What?

I've refrained from write'n till after the elections for a number of reasons as more attention was being given to elections and I, like so many others, wanted to see what changes might take place in terms of faces and the face of government.  Now that elections are over..I'm going to give my thoughts, feelings and what I sense in true reality amid a number of yet to unfold situations and circumstances.  In doing so, I'll address the United States then the State of Texas:

First, on a national and Federal government level.  Although many States went Red in terms of the U.S. House of Representatives, Governors and some local elections by not unseating Harry Reid and in not taking control of the U.S. Senate, we still have a major problem in any way to undo all the damage this administration has wrought on the United States of America.  Any talk of compromise now is totally diametrical to stop'n the madness and dysfunction in what would have to be very real and significant changes in the system and course of government.  What I do sense is a lot of "wanna be's" stuck in the middle of "it's our way or no way" in terms of the GOP/RNC old line power of persuasion for party over all else.

What is of a greater concern is what we don't yet know in events, actions of a lame duck of legislators in terms of this administration under a President with total disregard for the United States or any citizen therein and hell bent on breaking any ability of substance for the United States to function with any real economic viability.  What we do know and have witnessed is they will NOT in any shape, form or fashion in play by the rules and within the bounds of our Constitution.  Anyway ya slice, dice or cut it, the United States is broke and politics and politicians are the reason the system is broken.  It's either all out war with absolutely no compromise or it's just a temporary appearing bandaide on a wound that is bleeding the heart out of what was once a great nation.

By all out war, I mean dissolve the Federal Reserve, Internal Revenue Service and every other costly and dysfunctional department within government, not just overturning Obamacare or attempts at balancing a budget that's so out of control in spending it takes hardline cutting, not balancing.  Amid all this, every corrupt act from election fraud to those still in office needs to be addressed and get'em out of government asap.  Go on offense and attack every action this administration has taken from Supreme Court appointments, Czars, China, Russia, Iran, Brazil or any other country who has somehow managed to grab our money, assets or whatever else and send every "illegal alien" back to where they came from ..NOW!!  Immediately attack the Department of Justice and kick Eric Holder so far out of office he can't find the United States much less spell it!  Tell Robert Gates to grab the reins, clean house of top brass who are incompetent and costing us more in their own selfish greed and politics over doing their jobs!  Get our military men and women who stand the wall in harms way the respect, help and leadership they need to accomplish something meaningful and purposeful for military reasons to protect our Nation over political power playing or bring'em home!  The very first order of business is go meet that nitwit of a so called President and tell him to sit down, shut up and he ain't traveling outside of the White House at our expense and if we can't impeach ya we're darn shor gonna make your life as miserable as you've made ours!!  Then quickly introduce some legislation to put in term limits, put every legislator, government employee on the same terms and benefits all Americans are on, make any legislation or amendment absolutely in compliance with the U.S. Constitution as it was originally written and not the interpretation of some so called Judge who has no idea what it means in terms of intent.

In now listening to this nitwit of a President speak after the elections, his BS is just the same ole, same ole, he couldn't tell the truth in terms of knowledge, leadership, compromise, negotiation or transparency.  Anyone that buys his BS again is only blinded by their own need for government to sustain their life, survival or existence.  Appears he isn't changing just politicizing.  So for now I'll stop as it looks like all out war and what and where the fight is will unfold within the next few weeks and the picture ain't gonna be pretty but it's going to be chaotic in more ways than I even care to imagine much less assume.

I'll address Texas, Texians and Texans within a few days, so stay tuned!  God bless us, we're certainly needing it!

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