Sunday, January 16, 2011

A MISS in the KISS

I wrote another poem this morning, thought I'd share it in the dawning,  light of a new day, my heart in how it comes your way:

A Miss in the KISS
Somehow, someway within us, we’ve all shared this feeling
Missing some’n when ya get again, it sorta feels like stealing

Can be as beautiful as a smile, a touch, even a fleeting glance
What makes it special in our heart, it’s a prelude to romance

A feeling, a thought, something alive, you just can’t shake
Regardless of what your doing, within your heart it’s awake

In your heart there’s this awesome feeling, like some power
Embracing you, a feeling inside, every second in each hour

A throbbing deep inside your heart, something you’re missing
Telling you what you really miss, you would find in KISSing

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