Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year to ALL!

Happy New Year to All:

May your blessings be many, your troubles be few
as forever we wave our flag of Red, White and Blue

May you ride like the wind on the saddle of Love
in all we've been given from the good Lord above

May you help those who are living in hunger, strife
That they too may come to have know a better life

May you have happiness, laughter, joy each day
embracing those in love and care your special way

May you walk tall and straight, your words be true
so others can trust, embrace, share in all you do

May your pursuits be unlimited, knowing no bounds
respectful, honorable in what and who it surrounds

So as we close year 2010, open our hearts to 2011
Thankful and blessed by so much many have given

I pass along to you my friend in my poetic prayer
that you and yours have all the best this New Year!

My Family to Yours,

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