Tuesday, February 8, 2011

TEXAS, is it in the WALK or the TALK?

Today we Texans heard our Governor Perry deliver his State of the State address in our State Capitol.  There is no doubt our Governor is talk'n the TALK in take'n it to the many abuses of power being mandated out of Washington D.C. in an effort to undermine and destroy Texas along with other States.  However I, for one, have more than a few questions when it comes down to other so called Conservative Texans,
either in current or former political significance, public influence are acknowledging and alligning with our Governor in whatever fashion?

One family in particular is suspiciously quiet and there are far too many Patriotic and Conservative Texans willing to accept or believe it in terms of protocol, reflective of respect for the highest office in our land or at least in being a family of class that wouldn't stoop to that level of normality or commonality.  The question then becomes is that the real reason behind the Bush family in why they aren't more adamant consider'n all the blame OHbummer and so many others in media and the political arena put on them and this mess every Patriotic American is face'n within the actions of gov't?  If you happen to recall even Barbara Bush was far less than complimentary in regard to Sarah Palin being in politics in a public network interview.  Couple this with how the Bushes embrace former President Clinton and what I still believe to be the most telling event.  The unofficial trip to Washington D.C. by ole George H.W. Bush and his son, Jeb, to make a seemingly impromptu visit to the White House in meeting OHbummer very shortly after the Scott Brown election in Massachusettes.  This trip was made when there were blizzard conditions in Washington D.C. and not one reason given for it other than a friendly meeting of which the purpose has never been disclosed publicly.  The next question then lies in how much behind the scenes influence the Bush family has on our Texas governor, State and U.S. legislators?

Now OHbummer is propose'n to bailout these broke State gov'ts with Billions of dollars to pay for "jobless benefits".  This along with a new revelation in mandate'n our public schools to teach Arabic is past the border of ridiculous to an outright form of bribery to put more controls of the Federal gov't in their economic hold on States, maintain and hopefully increase their voter base.  A mule with blinders on can see thru these actions, not to mention the many other actions being taken by and thru Departments of the U.S. gov't such as EPA, Homeland Security, Dept of Energy, Drug and Food Administration, Justice Department and the list goes on and on and on.  Kay Bailey Hutchinson and John Cornyn say they are work'n in our best interest yet for some reason beyond any faint resemblance to reality believe a "balanced budget" will accomplish something.  HELLO WORLD, how can any balanced budget catch up to the amount of interest we are incurring, much less pay off the debt?  Just look'n at the U.S. Debt Clock can make you spin faster than a Texas tornado!

So, who is doing the Walk behind the Talk and if there hasn't been enough actions in and of the U.S. gov't to incite even the most mild mannered Patriotic Conservative, there has to be more to it than meets the eye.  One thing is certain, even if you're still want'n to believe or accept the Bushes at face value, our Nation is broke and in not too many months every person in this country is going to WAKE UP and realize what we have felt in Patriotism is nothing more than rhetoric in the sheets of history.  We've all been led like sheep to the slaughter house of freedom, even TEXANS, and we just sat on our lazy, disbelieve'n behind while they kicked our butt in every value we held dear!


  1. Hey Jimmy, totally agree with your assessment here, our Country has ben lead by elitist who's view is one world government, don't listen to the talk, watch the actions of our so called leaders. Bush more progressive than constitutional, my gosh look at the Patriot Act & what that mess has spawned. I've no doubt he's patriotic to the military & I appreciate that & I like how he handled the aftermath of 9/11, till the new laws passed meant to thwart our enemies eroded our freedoms. Rick Perry, I like him, he's a man's man, not afraid to speak out & talk the talk, when in campaign mode. But I'm watching him, I haven't forgot how he thought he could mandate inoculations of our young girls or the mexican corridor. Kay Bailey-she's gone, she's always been a rino/moderate at heart, got to keep her feet to the fire, & turn up the heat on important issues to make her listen. John Cornyn, I like him & then he says or does something that makes me think he lives in New York City. His stance with log cabin republicans come to mind, plus the fact that he did not stand behind many Tea Party candidates when I think Senate support early on could have made a huge difference. The fact is Jimmy, they are scared, their nice little you scratch mine & I'll scratch yours has been rocked. They are going to pretend to go along & throw us just enough of a bone, so they can get what they want: re-election & power. The sheep will calm down & back to business as usual. November was a start, that's all-we are going to have to roll the house & senate, governors, mayors, city councils ask the way down the line. Like pigs to the trough they don't like their meal interrupted. The fight for our County has just begun and it's up to people like us to keep the fires of freedom alive, & move America back to the Right. Patriot Act coming back up for renewal, has anybody in the position to do something about it said anything? I haven't heard it, that's nuts. I am new at this twitter, social media & other stuff, I've worked with computers since DOS, but always as work for our business, accounting, photography & such, so I can do nearly anything tech savvy as need be but twitter, blog all that other stuff not real bright. But I've always been political and kept up with what happened up in lala land
    & like many others my outrage at the ruin, these buffoons weredoing to or Country could no longer be contained, then it happened Silent No More, instead of gripping around the kitchen table its time to take it to the streets, they've had a lot of practice but we are right. I do see this as a good vs evil perspective & we have to climb the hill (or get out of the ditch) to enjoy the view. But we have no choice because this IS the beacon in a world of darkness and is our time, we've been chosen & we owe it to all that have gave all before us to give it our best shot. Ok, feel better now, I'm ranted out, sorry for going on for so long, but damn it felt good! Didn't know you had a blog (that's what this is right?), great stuff. Enjoyed Rhonda (I'm posting as anonymous because I don't have any of those profiles that I know of)

  2. Rhonda, you're as you say rant, was very well stated. In time all things become more apparent and it will with those herein mentioned. I also apologize for not responding sooner. God bless ya and thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!