Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day of RAGE!

Folks, maybe you haven't heard about this Day of Rage that's supposedly gonna take place on March 2nd here in the good ole USofA.  Now most of you are witness'n what's happen'n in Egypt now and all the rebellion going on within the masses to change their leadership in government.  There are a number of thoughts, opinions, etc. as to what, who and how this is now take'n place and the potential dangers for Israel as it's the only non Muslim country in the region.  Also, many rightfully question the actions of some in our State department and
the numerous times our so called President has openly expressed sympathy for the Muslim world.

As we all somewhat know, historically the middle east has been a powder keg look'n for a way to explode for as long as I can remember.  Some feel the various factions of religiously guided motivations within the Arab world have more hate for each other than they do Israel or the U.S.  These factions became more recognized during the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.  So understandably some would feel there is a long and deep seated hatred between them.  Egypt and Iran, being they are 2 of the largest and strategically located countries in the middle east, have in the past been considered as allies to U.S. interests and kept hostilities somewhat under control between the Arab nations and Israel.  When the Shah of Iran was ousted this changed dramatically and Egypt became a very significant key to help maintain some degree of stabilization to protect Israel and U.S. interests.

Most of us have some recognition as to the importance of the Suez Canal to the economic well being of the oil producing countries in the middle east.  The Arabian Gulf ports have for years been of vital importance for exploration, production, transportation and distribution within the oil industry and global economies.  For years the major oil companies were the controlling factor thru their influence within our government, OPEC and to a greater degree some control over other nations who were dependent on the middle east for their need and supply of oil.  This dependence has been a key motivator and reason behind many actions of our government and others in what we've witnessed and to a degree what we are witnessing now with one obvious exception.  That being within our own State department and White House!

So what is going on here?  Who, What's behind all this chaos and WHY?
What I'm about to submit to you is based on many aspects of what I stated in the above evaluation and history behind what many of us have known and seen thru out events in the middle east and within our own government.  First and foremost, for any who truly want to open their eyes, hearts and minds, you must recognize the USofA as we have known it is no longer the strongest player or appearance thereof in the global scale of economies.  If you don't recognize that you might as well stop reading any further!

The WHO: The answer to this is a mixed bag of powers that are in a continuing struggle to control the world economy, financially, physically and otherwise.  To many who believe this to be the ideal solution for a New World Order it's right up their alley.  To those of us who enjoy our individual freedoms and rights therein, it's not good.  To put it short and simple, in many ways it's US against all of those behind these efforts and they are the who, for whatever reason, that choose to be a part of it for their own personal gain.

The WHAT: That's what leads us to the WHY, just as it did with the WHO.  In order to succeed these folks must, first and foremost, undermine the power and will of "We the PEOPLE" as citizens of the USofA in every way possible and that has been going on for quite a long time within what we call our government.  So this obviously takes us to another question and that's HOW?

The answer is very much like what's going on in Egypt but for a somewhat different reason and motivation.  They must create chaos, which is why this man named OHbummer was put in the highest seat of power without the scrutiny of mainstream media normally associated with any election.  All the powers behind the scenes wanted this man to do exactly what he is doing, create as much dissention, chaos and disregard for anything remotely in the best interests of any and all patriotic souls in our country.  Among our patriotic conservative citizens, did it ever occur to you why mainstream media was so rough on George W. Bush and that, just maybe, was actually for a reason to help OHbummer get elected.  In fact was it the motivation and intent of what they wanted you to believe was in part the misguided directions in the RNC and GOP along with the many organizations and associations to OHbummer, such as ACORN to influence the outcome?  Two sides of 2 political parties being controlled for the same result by and thru the same powers who are very adeptly orchestrating these events to create such chaos and confusion within our country that it will ultimately decide the fate of every citizen known as an American.

Deception in perception and it's exactly why this DAY of RAGE is being orchestrated by these same powers and in happening will lead to an ultimate and complete control over every living soul.  In the process you will be led to believe it is the only option left to you, your loved ones and any form of survival in your job, occupation or work place and your home life.

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