Sunday, March 11, 2012

Reality of Debt, Elections and WE the FOLKS

There's only a psychological thread keeping any fiat money(paper currency) afloat. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize how the FedRes, World Bank and the powers that be have effectively taken control of the world economy and the people therein. Debt is only worth as much as the debtor and when the debt is in the form of a Federal Reserve note (subtly changed years ago as a U.S. Treasury obligation) obviously it means just that..the FedRes is responsible for
the value of every dollar of paper currency issued or promised. The idea that this is the United States of America's debt is purely academic as it is NOT Constitutional nor is the FedRes! The real crutch of it is the American people have become so dependent on government they have no choice but accept their fate and keep hoping things will change. Ah HELLO, faces change but your government remains the same one that has herded you methodically into submission!

There are and have been innumerable revelations in regard to the actions of our government and those within to the point that any sane, responsible American that can read realizes we've been duped!  We have had some very good, strong, patriotic Americans doing every thing in their power to awaken our awareness of just how duped we are..from Breitbart to American Insider and some truly great researchers in connecting so many dots it's no longer a question or doubt!  One major problem remains..far too many truly feel and are working diligently on the hope Presidential/Congressional elections will change the course of Washington D.C.!

Folks, more than anything in this world I wish that were true..also I fully realize we've let government go and dig us this hole so deep the reality of it is just so great it scares the socks off anyone remotely thinking there's a solution outside this box of "party politics".  Sure we have Tea Party, tons of good conservative patriotic Americans who are a part of this or that for whoever they feel isn't sticking it up our perverbial behinds with a lot of rhetoric and hot air.  Not one person on this planet can in the depth of their mind, heart and soul justify this course of action as a real solution.  The real truth and reality is not easy to accept and it will take tremendous sacrifice in/of our quality of life to change the course of history.  Are we up to it?  Obviously NOT to any real degree of commitment!  Whatever your stage in it young, middle age or in your twilight years..if you truly think I'm wrong keep smiling because you can't handle the wrinkles I'm throwing at ya!!

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