Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Lone Ranger

Since many have asked why I chose the "Lone Ranger" as an avatar I'll address it.
First and foremost our Great State of Texas is known as the "Lone Star State". In many ways now, due to the overall economic climate, Texas is one of the few States so far able
 to survive the onslaught of irresponsibility in government spending, budgeting and accountability. Our Governor Perry was the first to step up, at least in talking, and stand the wall against the federal government to fight for State Sovereignty and protection of States Rights to remind all Americans any powers/rights to govern is first from "we the people", then the State and then to federal government. This is why our Founding Fathers formed a Constitution and Bill of Rights that starts with "we the people". It is absolutely NOT in reverse order as so many on both sides of the aisle in our Nations Capitol have taken for granted and in the process undermined the foundation of our Nation.

Secondly, the "Lone Ranger" was anything but a racist. His sidekick and good friend was "Tonto" an American Indian. Together they rode and fought for the good and justice of all people. This entire issue of racism has been used and abused by those who make a living and in ways create their own wealth thru constantly stirring up the emotions and perceptions that work against their own race. We know a number of them by name and if they truly cared about their race they would do all they could to reinforce the self esteem, moral and family values which everyone needs to grow and prosper in our nation. Not one single race or origin, regardless of skin color, doesn't have very successful role models within our nation Americans may or may not have knowledge of but they are here for one reason, the freedoms to be the best you can be without limitations!

Lastly, I chose this avatar because in ways I am nostalgic and at times feel my voice, like so many others, is just one "Lone" voice amid a world wrought with chaos, confusion, frustration and exasperation. In the process of evolvement as a society we have lost an innocence, seen moral decay, witnessed countless displays of violence, hatred, desparation, corruption, greed and power. As Americans we have seen our flag desecrated, lives lost in tragic events, abuses of power and position.

Much of this we can blame on media influences, erosion of family values/unity or some other form of expression but it really comes down to YOU and ME. Each of us who have allowed or made choices to enjoy some of the benefits of the very freedoms we have as individuals. In so many ways our own prosperity allowed us more time to indulge ourselves in activities of self and instant gratification over time shared and being with those we love. Obsessive, compulsive behavior are the patterns which have formed the picture and problems we face as a Nation. Today we are fortunate so many are awakening and in the process of being mad at government are also showing strong signs of returning to the heart and soul of our Nation which is the heart and soul of every citizen in recognition of the future for our children and future generations.

God Bless America!

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