Friday, January 29, 2010

Power of Progressives

Most know a renewed label has been used as a form of perception in regard to political ideology and it’s known as “PROGRESSIVES”. Throughout the history of our Nation Progressives have maintained a consistent message and platform toward a planned purpose and goal. This plan is simply for
 our Nation to evolve into and under ONE WORLD Governing Body. I’m not going to regress into the numerous events which bear this out as there are a number of Patriotic Americans who also recognize the writing on the wall.

Recently we all have seen a television commercial wherein former Presidents Bush and Clinton are together to raise support for the Haitians subsequent to the earthquake. At first blush I thought this interesting that Bush would come to Washington, D.C. and meet with Obama and Clinton after a year of Bush bashing by this administration and his Congressional cronies. After all Bush isn’t the brightest bulb on the planet so I felt it was probably due to his being misguided by close advisers as it was while he was President. What it did show to the American public was more a joining of hands between Clinton and Bush. While all this was taking place another situation appears to becoming much more than just an issue for Obama. His birth certificate validity is now heating up and many of the Jurisdictional barriers are being removed to allow for this to proceed thru our system of Jurisprudence in spite of countless attempts to stop this process. Even Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General, may not be able to control this process as was the hope and plan. The Attorney General cannot block court proceedings on the State level or the legal motions to put it into the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court.

So I began to once again ask myself a lot of WHY’s, WHO’s and WHAT’s leading me to this scenario:

One way or the other I now feel Obama’s days in office are coming to an end and possibly before the Nov. 2010 elections. One possibility is his birth certificate issue.
Obama’s election is rendered un-Constitutional by ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court on the basis of a qualified citizen to hold the office of President. As Speaker of the House of Representatives at the time and during the Obama candidacy Nancy Pelosi’s duty is to sign off on the validity of any Presidential candidates qualifications. Therefore she would be considered as a “co-conspirator” in the aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling. If this happens and it is somehow decided Biden can remain the interim President then that would be very effective because he would quickly move to a moderate political position. If it is decided Biden cannot hold the Vice Presidents seat and therefore become the interim President then the next in line would be our current Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton.
Either way, they would both move to a government of moderation which in many ways would appeal to a lot of Democrats and most Republicans especially in light of the many left wing, big spending agendas of Obama. I do feel we would still see a lot of the current Congress being ousted for either being Rinos(Republican seats) or voting for all these insane Bills the Obama administration has been pushing so there goes a large number of Democratic seats being replaced by more Independent or Moderate candidates.
This would very much defuse the anger of most Americans toward Washington, D.C. as they would feel more comfortable the State of our Nation appears to be back on track at least in a political sense. Now the public begins another wait and see or commonly referred to as a “grace period” to allow this newly formed Congress with a new interim President to show some real leadership and action. The publics attention is drawn to who will now become President thru a Special Election and the media as usual concentrates on any number of possible candidates from both sides of the aisle. As this process is going on our country is still in a mess with massive debt, interest rates begin to rise with so much currency in circulation and economists supported by media are talking hyperinflation is coming at a rapid rate. Our financial infrastructure of banks, companies in key industries are still facing major problems as is Wall Street. Now the question becomes clear to all Americans paying attention something has to be done. However, this time the Powers that be are now in full control to begin pulling the strings of the puppets in our U.S. government and they very well know the mood of “WE THE PEOPLE”. Our country has the “Tea Partiers”, Conservatives, Moderates, a few Liberals sitting a bit more quietly but still around. So the question becomes how do they do this?

Let’s start with the Presidential State of the Union address. Once again he gave a lot of lip service in a form of countering the defensive position he and his Democratic cohorts have been in since the special election of Scott Brown as the new U.S. Senator from what has historically been one of the foremost “blue” States in our country, Massachusetts. However in his rhetoric this time he slammed the U.S. Supreme Court and the last time any President did that was Franklin D. Roosevelt in his economic recovery plan which was ruled at the time un-Constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. I strongly believe this will hasten the process of his Birth Certificate issue coming before the U.S. Supreme Court. Another interesting note was the absence of Hillary Clinton at this State of the Union address as she was conveniently out of the country doing her Sec. of State duties. This simply didn’t put her in a position to clap and cheer along with her fellow Democrats for her Commander in Chief which will be a very handy tool in her repertoire in the coming months. Now the stage is set for some real misdirection to the masses(American people, foreign governments, world financial markets) in re-establishing the control necessary to move the Progressive agenda forward at even a quicker pace.

What actions/perceptions can be used to further the agenda for ONE WORLD ORDER of GOVERNMENT?
1. Commence an orchestrated number of events/circumstances designed to soothe the public to regain the control and trust of the people by addressing and taking the political actions appearing to respond to the “Will of the People”.
2. Recognition by the President and Legislative leadership the country is overburdened with debt, waste and badly needs to begin addressing these issues.
Reduce government spending starting immediately with cuts in these Departments of government. Department of Energy, EPA, HUD and others that don’t have a negative impact on people, business and the economy. The Czars are long gone too.
3. Pass legislation for HealthCare but it is bi-partisan and realistically addresses the concerns of all American citizens as affordable and cost effective.
4. After considerable public massaging, pass legislation to abolish the IRS and begin a “fair tax” on specified goods and services. This promotes goodwill in all aspects of business, jobs, economic recovery, etc.
5. The President recognizes we still have massive debt but so do all the worlds governments even after all these actions of our government. Hence begins a campaign of perception to the reality of the situation out to the American people. This message addresses foreign governments, foreign and domestic businesses and the entire worlds financial structure. Hyperinflation is beginning to drive up interest rates, economic indicators are all showing signs of out of control inflation driving costs up and up. Now the fingers are pointed at the Federal Reserve for un-audited and non regulated control of printing currency in an over abundant manner without any basis for value. Ron Paul and the Tea Partiers are finally getting their wish. Next question, how and what happens now to our currency?
Who prints the money, on what basis is it printed, what about all the currency currently in circulation throughout our country and the world?
6. President attends an international meeting of every major countries leaders designed to address the root of problems associated with all currencies in world markets and societies.
7. Problem solved, A NEW WORLD ORDER for a global paperless society wherein every citizen, business and government will have checks and balances to provide not only your source and place of value but totally eliminate wars, drug lords and every aspect associated with transfer of value in an illicit manner. In so doing all debts of government are herein dissolved and all world currencies will be null and void. But then you ask, wait, how bout ME, John Q. Public what or how do I get what value I have in U.S. dollars and any debts I currently owe?
8. Our President announces in an address to every citizen, business, bank. We are now under a new beginning, one world undivided with one global value for all monetary transactions. Each of you will turn in your paper currency and be issued a credit in an amount relative to our new value basis and your debts will be reduced in accordance with the new value base. Otherwise it’s business as usual so enjoy your life, work and the future for you and your children in a world where crime doesn’t pay and world peace is a reality.

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