Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The "ole course" of Saint Andrews

Amid all the less than desirable problems/issues we are dealing with in our daily lives, once again the British Open will be played this week in Scotland. Ah, the joys of golf and why I love it!

I love her, the ole course of St. Andrews, the lady of Kings!

She is the epitome of golf in the sense of man vs nature. She's not about length, albeit it helps on some of her holes but ya best weigh your odds in any attempt to venture your power over her prowess. She's raw, she's rare and she can make ya walk off any hole mutter'n to yourself as she appeared to be so easy. Often ya look at putts so far away from her hole with so many subtle breaks, the feeling in your hands/fingers can be as cold as the icy stare you give her.

She embraces you, teases you, taunts you, tempts you, entices you to come take her to her knees as she says show me what you have worthy of my rewards. She's going to make you wet, drench you at times then shine/smile just as quickly. You may lift her skirt in a slight breeze of desirable conditions but ya best beware as she can blow you away faster than you can realize how hard it is to possess her.

She is a trophy dressed in the beauty and wonder of natures desire. The dream of every golfer with the heart, soul and game to embrace her charms!

Yours truly of Scottish indecency,

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