Tuesday, August 3, 2010

enlightenment to a “real” truth

As we've seen with the Arizona immigration law's demise this week, the debate over a state's sovereignty is very much alive today. For quite a number of years many in Texas and elsewhere have questioned, studied, researched for a legally recognized and Constitutional basis in an effort
 to stop, thwart, dispute government actions such as laws,statutes,rights and infringements over their sovereignty.
Several years ago, I started to research this idea due to my frustration, confusion, perplexity, complexity, personal experience in the history and current environment within our nation caused by the growth/size, power/control, ineptness, inability, corruption, greed, misdirection, misrepresentation of government over “we the people”.
I began a process in and of obtaining, researching, studying, evaluating and joining the efforts to strengthen local control via state government. To research the idea of returning to a constitutional republic based on state sovereignty, I decided it was important to take a contrarian view. I've been careful to not be swayed by my passion, desire, hope and prayer, but rather keep an objective perspective to what our local and state governments face today. Keep in mind that our Founding Fathers never envisioned the top-down centralized federal control we see today. States granted powers to federal government, not the other way around. This was a key force behind our American founding, in response to the tyranny of the very centralized and very tax-hungry British Empire.
Like so many who value what our nation stood for, I've been saddened and deeply disappointed by the consensus created from both parties within the corridors of Washington DC. Today the nation is a mere shadow of the one which was created by the many who over and thru the years died/fought to preserve, defend, protect the very foundation in the freedoms and rights we hold dear/cherish in our heart/soul in and thru the Constitution of the United States of America. I've spent time, as you have, as we've hoped, prayed, wished, desired and wanted to believe “we the people” in someway and somehow could right the wrongs, change the direction and get back on track in an effort to clean up this mess we call our government. As the false left-right paradigm is washed away with millions of campaign dollars, we see elected representatives in Washington have become dangerously disconnected from the people they are supposed to serve.
Today, even as I sit writing this, we are allowing it to get worse while waiting for elections where we are to choose between two race horses who happen to be ridden by the same jockey and running for the same owner. The current presidential administration in every way, manner, shape and form has been moving at warp speed to further the plan for globalization, which requires our nation to be buried in a coffin of economic collapse, social unrest and division. We see our branches of government and the system of checks and balances overrun by politically motivated agendas to either stay in office or satisfy their own personal greed, funded by faceless forces of financial trickery, resulting in legalized corruption on a scale never seen on our shores.
I’m also fully aware so many of you are inundated with emails, comments, causes, issues, problems, concerns, opinions in and on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc. It’s so overwhelming, you start to believe/feel/act as if “so what?” is the only response! The public has been coaxed and coerced into a feeling of helplessness, and therefore kept reluctant from taking any real, effective action. That's why we today see a sophisticated effort to mold and merge movements like the "Tea Parties" into mainstream Republican corners. The reality is that the Tea Party movement and others like it are a symptom of the failures of the entire two-party system, which has been captured financially by a single global cartel made up of financial elites who are hell bent on destroying the United States and folding it into a global framework. As a veteran, I hardly recognize the nation I grew up in.
As someone who lived through other political meltdowns such as the loss of JFK, or the Watergate Scandal, I can safely say today we see more anger, more injustice, more incompetence, more stupidity, more greed and corruption in government than ever before. However the public's anger is being intentionally misdirected. The very people who should be UNITED in the same cause and concern are kept bickering over media distractions, social issues continually fueling the fire of diversion and division. We suffer from a natural human reaction, as we are overloaded with the information, demands/efforts/motivations of so many groups, organizations wanting/needing power and money it becomes a “road/path to nowhere”. Without a common sense of mission, the nation falls into a cavern of chaos with no light in the tunnel of frustration.
Right now, today I’m writing this in the same way someone would send a message in a bottle. If you've had/taken the time to read, understand, appreciate and most importantly believe what is stated herein to be true, let me know. Do you feel like I do? There is more we can do than sit around, wishing and waiting. It’s truly a case of opening your mind, heart and soul to believe, commit to a plan of action with purpose, integrity. What we can do to bring about a peaceful and effective change in course. It's not too late to turn the ship around. If such a plan existed would you be interested in discussing the implementation? If so respond accordingly as I and others make every effort to ease any doubts, fears and concerns in the viability and validity in our mission of mutual interest in restoring our Constitutional rights and freedoms.

Note: We are not asking for money, buy a book, cd, or merchandise to promote this effort. What we do need is the “power of we the people”.
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. " - Edmund Burke (1729-1797).

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