Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year or is IT?

Happy New Year
Or is IT?
As we say goodbye to 2010, most are happy it’s come to an end
The Congress was worse than ever, sorry Bills their endeavor
The national debt still roaring, actually it’s more like soaring
The Tea Party really came to life, amid all the anger and strife
Obama, Pelosi and Reid, spending our money at record speed
China on top of world domination, to most that’s Obamanation
Silver, copper, platinum, gold, folks desire’n to have and hold
Conspiracy theories are a target, seems gov’t is the real culprit
Corruption, power and greed, New World Order planted the seed
Constitution look’n like a ghost, folks hope’n it’s not soon toast
Unemployment is higher than a kite, not much future in sight
No jobs, no future, no money, what was steak looks like baloney
Some are thinking the only solution just might be a revolution
In so many ways sorta sad, once a great nation can turn so bad
Guns and ammo the call of the day, locked and loaded as we say
So as we say hello to 2011, most are praying to God in heaven
Some thought vote’n would change the face of a gov’t in disgrace
All it did is speed up the will of those nuts sit’n on top Capitol hill
What’s the answer to all this mess, America being put to the test
How so few control lives of many, fat & happy get’n darn skinny
Texas with a governor FedUP, most us wonder’n where he’ll flop
Other States are so broke, look’n like bicycles without any spokes
Far too much wheel’n and deal’n, most of it is nothing but steal’n
What are we gonna tell our chile’n, if we all sit back and be will’n
allowing our great nation to die, eat’n the last of Mom’s apple pie
We need folks with true grit, who’ll give gov’t a eye full of spit
Say enough is enough, best stop now or we’re gonna show ya how
The spirit we hold dear is alive & free, we don’t give up our liberty
Men fought and died defend’n our flag, a lesson to any scalliwag
To those fine folks in our military, you too must be awful weary
of a Commander’n’Chief with no love of our Nation in his belief
one thing is very clear, United We Stand can mean a good YEAR!


  1. A lot of truth in that piece Jimmy! Have a Yappy Hew Near!