Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Heart of a Warrior

Today as we received word about the death of these fine young men of U.S. Navy SEAL team 6, my thoughts always go out to them, those they love, their friends, brothers'n'arms as they do whenever I hear about these young warriors.  As a veteran I salute, honor and bow my head in prayer that they'll forever be remembered.  In so doing and subsquent to my prayer today I wrote this poem.  I'll now share it and in some way hopefully it will ease some of the pain in the hearts of those they loved.  God rest their wonderful souls!

Heart of a Warrior
So far away from home in distant and often desolate lands
our young men fight for freedoms with blood stained hands
with heavy hearts embrace brothers who die in their arms
the reality of war in the action and way of so many harms
the call of duty, honor and country ring loudly in their ears
willingness to fight and die maturity far beyond their years

Shouldering the burden of any moment they too may fall
they fly the flag of freedom while standing tall at the wall
the depth of purpose as warriors they must and do sustain
for it is their bravery for those they love care for to remain
safe at home alive in the freedoms some take for granted
not realizing the seeds of war are only as good as planted

Like so many before them they know they have to fight
in the shadow of darkness or in the broadness of daylight
All at some time will say or ask What are we doing here?
yet they know they must not yield to any thoughts of fear
No conscious thoughts of heroism ever cross their mind
you do what you do and hope even pray it ain’t your time!

None return without the horror of memories and some scars
the hidden tears of doubts and fears are a true reality of wars
some ache in some way it’s like a fire that has to stay burned
engulfed with feel’n for war they have to find a way to return
others seem to cope with what they did and happy to survive
in time it becomes a distant drum in the beat I’m still alive!

Let’s pray for all our fine young men who have passed away
These brave souls rest in peace with God forever and a day
Always let’s never forget each name though carved in stone
will live forever in the hearts and minds of those left at home
hopefully you come to know their smiles were heaven sent
these wonderful short lives weren’t wasted at any expense!

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