Monday, August 8, 2011

What was America!

There are a few old cowhands and cowboys still hang'n on in hopes and prayers somehow, someway can once again ride the range with the freedoms endowed by our founding fathers in form'n this great country. However like the great nations of American Indians, the corruption, power and greed in and thru our Nation's capitol have rip'd the heart out of everything so many died and fought for thru all these years to protect and defend it as a Constitutional Republic! God Bless what was AMERICA!

As you read this I invite ya to listen to this song

I believe those of you who have read what I‘ve written, listened to the songs I play on Twitter most mornings or the many emails shared with family, friends (some who I have met, know personally and many I have had the good fortune to meet and in some way come to know on this highway known as the internet) hopefully have surmised I have a deep faith in the good Lord, value friendship, try to keep an open mind but most importantly an open heart. I, not unlike many of you, joined with others who in some way appeared to be doing all they could to restore or resurrect everything good in being Americans. Accordingly, I’ve also watched and come to realize during the course of this nothing will change the face of government or those who profit and influence it. “We the people” have been hang’n on to the short end of a long rope known as government! I could go on and on in that aspect but I already have in a number of ways when you look back at what I’ve shared on here. I also have attempted, not just on here, in reach’n out to those who are in or close to government with some solutions that could and would work to get us out of this mess and at least head’n back in a positive, constructive and realistic direction. Obviously I wasn’t realistic in believing any of these people in government really cared, they don’t even when they try to appear they do. My mistake but not just mine, many have tried who carried the weight of far more influence in reaching the public eyes and ears. These were not just good people with opinions, they offered real, pragmatic solutions and some gave us the opportunity to support them. Such as Steve Forbes, Ross Perot and in some ways Ron Paul in the national spotlight.

By mistake I mean in the sense in many ways we are victims of our own desires, passions, concerns and interest. Each of us are in some ways in our own little world. Obviously some are more adept at reaching others whatever their motivation; albeit opinions, forming groups, sharing common interests, etc. What I find somewhat disdainful in ways is most of these need money in the form of donations or something to join’em but more importantly in so doing they require your name, address (at least email address), sometimes phone numbers, etc. Then it’s equally obvious as you start receiving emails from others you never heard of for the same reason..MONEY in selling or whatever way or purpose in giving your information to others! Now the fact is putting and sharing information on the internet takes time, not MONEY! To offset this, some of these groups say they are need’n it to support forms of legal action, support certain candidates, causes or maintain whatever it takes to keep get’n the message out. I don’t doubt there’s some sincerity in their respective purpose, however like politicians I get tired of hear‘n the same song and dance where I‘m pay‘n the price of admission. Now there are just as many of you who started a website, blog or whatever and either planned or succumbed to use it as a source of income in the process. I’m not talk’n about those who promote their own efforts in selling something they produced and developed in their way such as writers, artists, singers/songwriters or even those who help and support them as managers/friends in some form or other or those who work diligently to research, find and share information in a meaningful and viable way to help increase your awareness or understanding of some things the mainstream media are just simply not going to do or cover.

So much is happening in and around us in the world as we see it today it’s like the bad and the ugly are far and away outrunning the good. Emotions are running at an all time high and common sense tells ya some people will use’em and abuse’em. So, as in life it all comes down to CHOICES and what we ALLOW others to do to influence our ACTIONS! Therefore, this ole warhorse is say’n if it ain’t some’n positive with any form of becoming reality shuck it faster than a minnow can swim a dipper and that’s just what I’m doing!  If you're not awake already to the simple and absolute fact America ain’t what it used to be and how you survive it will be the next biggest test in the history of mankind on this earth then you’re sing’n Dixie as he died

Like I said at the start of this, this may well be another in the “last cowboy song”!

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