Thursday, August 25, 2011

Soak it Up!

I'm happy to say we finally got some much needed rain here in my part of Texas.  Still need some more but we're shor nuff thankful for any we can get.  Felt so good in fact I (which seems to happen and I for the life of me don't know why) got this feeling to write a sorta poetic type song.  Course I can't sing a lick so I just put down the words and any of you can add your own tune!

Weather’s been hot and it’s dry as a bone
sorta gets me want’n maybe to stay at home
Bout the only thing outside that’s get’n wet
is come’n outta me and we can call it sweat
Soak it Up
Maybe say’n Honey I’m gonna stay inside
shor don’t need any honey do today outside
I don’t feel like chores golf or take’n a ride
Hug’n hold’n squeeze’n is more in my stride
Soak it Up
Few hours of bliss start’n with a long slow kiss
share’n some passion at times we seem to miss
remember our first taste of love was like a thirst
got so excited make’n love we both coulda burst
Soak it Up
This feel’n in each other’s arms can’t be wrong
what’s in our hearts like a good country song
So come’ere sugah angel my darl’n honey cup
We gonna lay back down and really Soak it UP!

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