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Part 2 - This mess called our U.S. government in Perspective

Part 2 - This mess called our U.S. government in Perspective

Now as I stated previously, what is it about the New World Order that so many seem to buy into it and in doing so many actions we see thru and in our government must be a form of control for some reason beyond normal or acceptable circumstances for “we the people” to understand or comprehend.  We do know now it does appear this "debt crisis" and the actions of Congress to keep government funded at least past 2012 will be a reality.

Can or could there be a connection between something so drastic as to change the makeup of the entire world, not only economically but physically? Is there some form of inevitability that is requiring and in many ways demanding changes in governance be made to and within our society, not just as Americans but the entire social structure of our planet? The question then becomes, are all these people in, of and thru government whether in the public eye or behind the scenes as idiotic as they appear? Could there possibly be something so catastrophic that it’s not us they fear?

I have always believed to keep an open mind you must keep an open heart as well and in so doing you can achieve a balance of mind, body, heart and soul. In our world as we see and know it today that’s not an easy task. So many events, issues, circumstances, that can and do create an aura of uncertainty, doubt, confusion and to some degree chaos. Let’s dispense with any thoughts of who’s profiting or getting some form of self benefit and lay them aside for a moment and look at a much broader picture. That requires a different “Perspective” and in many ways provides a balance of mind and heart and refraining from being any form of Judgmental. To err is human, to understand and forgive is the word of God. As I also stated earlier, I do not give any credibility to the environmental concerns as expounded by Al Gore, et al in the sense they were presented. I do however, like most of you, absolutely care about our environment and the protection of our natural resources for the health and well being of our children and future generations.

Now if you’ll watch this video in it’s entirety we’ll continue to connect some dots in every possible way to maximize our efforts and minimize our confusion in the process.  Also bear in mind the IRAS(InfraRed Astronomical Satellite) was first launched in January, 1983 but it's real capability in this context was in all probability better understood and the information passed to and thru certain U.S. government agencies, Cabinet members and the President in 1992 that Planet X was a very real probability and concern.  Who was President in and prior to 1992, George H. W. Bush and the Presidential candidates that year were none other than Bill Clinton and Ross Perot.  Would it then be fair to assume a possible change of direction in the hearts and minds of proponents for a New World Order to a somewhat different agenda in the form of survival and control.  Subsequently a much stronger need to spend money, stimulate the economy while simultaneously pouring unknown amounts of money into construction and updating facilities such as shown in this video.  So pay attention as you watch this and absorb what may well be something so enormously dangerous it has changed the course of history and the actions of our government and leadership.
Let’s assume the “aftermath” of this event is accurate and if you happened to notice in the video this Planet X - Nibiru is a form of 2nd Sun that will change the entire global makeup of our planet in a sort of flyby which will shift to some degree the axis of Earth. Belief in the aftermath therefore would explain a number of actions we are witnessing today and contained in the video, not just in government but elsewhere. Some of these can be followed by and thru this gentleman who has for some time now been monitoring global activities

His concentration began as primarily on HAARP(this is a government facility located in Alaska that's somewhat secretive as to it's purpose but you can easily research it and recognize a large number of antenna type structures that presumably can manipulate/stimulate weather patterns and be target specific in so doing) as it relates to these events and occurrences, however could HAARP also be a form of distraction or even a possible means in a form of counteraction to be used subsequent to the aftermath? Whatever the motivation and purpose HAARP's activities have been questioned by some governments such as Japan, China and Russia which would lead us to feel it’s not in any form a coordinated effort for survival in the aftermath of the flyby of Planet X - Nibiru between these countries.

Most importantly is how do each of us increase the awareness of those we love, care and are concerned for and in every way or means possible make any and every preparation possible to survive regardless of what or who is the cause. In short, where, how and what is our primary concern? Only you can answer that so let’s attempt to address certain priorities on the assumption and in the reality of all that’s currently effecting us in one form or another.

To do this let’s first look at what changes in land mass will or can occur thru and due to these eventualities whether in terms of one or a combination.

Obviously if you currently live or have relatives, friends, businesses, property within those areas that will no longer be land but water then you best consider and prepare to move and the sooner the better. That should be your highest priority!

My next blog will be directed primarily to Texans also toward awareness to prepare as best we can for these occurrences and some others currently effecting our daily lives in decisions amid all we are seeing, hearing and otherwise being provided for contemplation and consideration. In closing this segment, ask yourself these questions:

How much of this is contained in the word of God in both Old and New Testaments in some way?

Can I sit back, ignore the fact so much is changing in our world both economically and physically and hope it’s not going to effect me, my life, those I care for and it will all go away?

Are all these so called natural disasters, floods, droughts, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes just a cycle in the history of mankind?


Why is our government and political leadership so bound and determined to kick this can of insurmountable debt, spending and the many problems associated with it down the road to at least 2012 or beyond?

Can I afford to remain optimistic or complacent, happy that nothing short of death is going to change my mind or anything else I enjoy?

Can I afford to remain cautiously optimistic, somewhat in tune and test these so called realities?

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