Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bite'n to Bark'n

Bite’n to Bark’n

One day ya notice yo’re show’n signs of your age

ya notice some’n ya hope is just another life stage

More wrinkles than most would care try’n to count

What ya used to enjoy ride’n takes a while to mount

Ladies still look’n good and sexy in yo’re minds eye

What ya may say to’em puts some of’em wonder’n why

Some may even say come give my behind a love tap

And all you do is start think’n of take’n another nap

Most however look at ya in a slightly different way

What they may have slap’d ya for now you can say

They seem to know when ya reached an age for joke’n

Know’n there’s more squeal in ya than there is poke’n

This may make some fellas get a tad on the side of sad

The lucky ones have great memories that make’em glad

In remember’n the fun in how we could do it all night

And now we’re lucky if we can hopefully keep it upright

Seems like these days about the only thing we feel throb’n

is when we get to think’n some’n stole what we were rob’n

I can’t speak for every man whose lost the teeth in his bite

it shor didn’t stop us chew’n the desire for a sexual appetite

There’s some fun in how we find the way to grin and bare it

despite the fact there ain’t many ladies who wanna share it

It all comes down to what we had that once created a spark

Left us with a handful of wrinkles and all we can do is bark!

Jimmy May 10th 2012

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