Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Nation for all Seasons

United States of America

A Nation for all Seasons

As we look at our nation today a symbolism of seasons comes to mind

General Washington and his army defeated the British in Winter time

in the year of 1775 and our nation in 1776 was strong go’n into Spring

the Declaration of Independence that Summer the Liberty Bell did ring

In 1787 the Constitution was adopted & ratified for all to understand

now began one nation under God with liberty and justice for every man

The first 10 amendments as the Bill of Rights signed in the Fall of 1789

and the founders of our great nation knew it could stand the test of time!

Now as we are to enter the Fall of 2012 and another election is at hand

our nation in real dire straits & a President any good patriot can’t stand

put our country in enormous peril triple’n the debt just 1 of his mistakes

ways his administration is out to destroy our country in whatever it takes

No regard for our Found’n Fathers or Constitution as the law of the land

a bunch of outlaws march to a socialist drummer & he’s lead’n the band

It’s a sad state of affairs how we’ve allowed those in power to undermine

what we have enjoyed being Americans since 1775 and that Winter time

We can ill afford to allow in the Fall of this year to elect these same nuts

or Winter this time will be like watch’n the ashes of our nation turn to dust!

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