Monday, May 28, 2012

TAPS and the lone bugler

Taps and the lone bugler

Every time I hear “taps” played, it touches me in so many ways

The lone bugler at the end of the day or a fallen soldiers grave

A call say’n rest you warrior I’m watch’n over you from above

whether the heat of battle or sacrifice you will know God’s love

Each note to give you peace, touch your heart & rest your mind

in what you have and will face as death any place and any time!

Jimmy on Memorial Day, 2012

Lord of our lives, our hope in death, we cannot listen to Taps without our souls stirring. Its plaintive notes are a prayer in music–of hope, of peace, of grief, of rest… Prepare us too, Lord, for our final bugle call when you summon us home! When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound and death will be no more.
-From the invocation delivered by Chaplain (Colonel) Edward Brogan (USAF, Ret.) at the Taps Exhibit Opening Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, 28 May 1999

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