Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Day to Moms!

Have a blessed Mothers Day!
So as you read the words within this poem as they rhyme
Listen to this song Moms are "angels" in our heart & mind
There’s nothing more precious, caring, loving than Moms
They kiss ya, hug ya, squeeze ya, change ya in their arms
They mold you in ways sometimes ya may not understand
But if it’s in being a boy it’s how they will make you a man
Mothers were once just like others we know as a little girl
Bear’n a bless’n in a burden bring’n a child into this world
So on this Mothers Day there’s one thing we share and see
Without our Moms how would we ever have a family tree!
Jimmy May 12th, 2012


  1. Well said Jimmy & Happy MOther's Day to you & yours. xOx

  2. Thank you for sharing with us!!!
    Happy Mother's Day to all the GG-moms, G-moms, moms and soon to be new moms!!!

  3. Jimmy: I can't remember a Mothers Day quite like this, because of you. Thank you, Jimmy